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    What did you do in KSP today?

    Last night's mission for me was to try and get a ISRU rover inside a mk3 cargo bay and drive it out. Spoiler: I failed! Simply put I couldn't separate it into 2 craft, so attempts to move the rover, moved the carrier plane as well. I think what was wrong was because it wasn't coupled to the parent craft, it couldn't decouple. Therefore KSP never realised it was really 2 craft. Well it's possible as well that autostruts could be misbehaving, but I think I had managed to switch that off! Still it was fun to try and get this to work.
  2. Chris Hopkins

    Joysticks are AWESOME for KSP!

    Has anyone got the xbox360 pad working under Linux - I have been trying on and off for a couple of months, but while Linux can detect the pad, ksp doesn't seem to want to use it. Alternatively if someone has a suggestion for another good joystick that'll work under Linux with KSP I'm happy to invest...
  3. Chris Hopkins

    The inspiration for the Kerbal race

    I had a running theory that Kerbals were a subterranean race which explained the dearth of surface features on Kerbin, their flat heads (minimises height for the tunnels), massive eyes and general comfort at being alone in a space capsule for decades at a time. The green I supposed was similar to the peacock's colourful plumage. Kerbals would be adapted to be really sensitive to the green of food underground* in limited light and therefore were naturally attracted to that colour. * so the theory here carried on that as a mole like race that had taken to agriculture underground their natural diet was tubors, and that a hint of green was a sign of a healthy tubor. I clearly thought about this far too much** ** This theory then goes on to speculate about how they're secretly a hyper advanced race with replicator style fabrication technology and KSP is actually a game they let young kerbals play to educate and motivate them in the ways of science. That's how science from a munar soil sample can teach them how to build better rocket engines: they already knew how to build them, they just "unlocked" them for the child that proved themselves worthy. This head-cannon goes on, but I'll stop now...
  4. Chris Hopkins

    Your first time docking

    Really you managed that? I consider myself quite good these days at intercept and docking; but I went back to that tutorial a week or so ago and while the docking part was fine, I found the intercept part of it (if you followed the instructions they gave) pretty much impossible. The inability in the tutorial though to quicksave didn't help the docking mind, I hadn't realised how much I occasionally rely on it :-)
  5. Chris Hopkins

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    Thanks everyone, I had a chance to experiment with this over the weekend. Success! Except now the plane re-enters the atmosphere backwards because I got carried away with engine placement and my COM when the fuel tanks are almost empty is now behind the COL. It's okay I *think* I know how to fix this. :-)
  6. Chris Hopkins

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my larger spaceplanes getting wings that are big enough using stock parts. Checking out the designs on KerbalX i see a lot of people crack this by variations on the theme of using two delta wings to form a square. Several of these form a large flat expanse, then it's more delta wings to make one huge wing. Alternatively the wing connectors can be used to similar effect. So far so good. However the problem I hit with this technique is the classic "a part can only have two connections"*. Therefore my wings have near zero rigidity and I end up using struts to shore the whole thing up. It works, but it's messy. Is there a trick I'm missing? I look at other's designs and they don't have this mess of struts but when I try and copy their designs I get the parts phasing through each other (Yes I know collision detection doesn't function between parts on the same craft so there is no rigidity gained from overlapping the parts). Is there some cunning way to bond parts together other than using a strut? *actually I hit several other issues including the part placer doing anything other that putting it where I want, and attaching in any rotation but the one that makes sense, but that's what the move/rotate tools are for :-) Thanks
  7. Chris Hopkins

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    Thanks everyone for this amazing help. Lots for me to digest and experiment with here so I'll look forwards to having a play next chance I get. Really blown away, thank you.
  8. Chris Hopkins

    Large Spaceplane Wings

    Yeah I keep hearing about them, but without context I've no idea what they are. I'd searched but nothing really enlightening on there. I'll see if I can find them next chance I get to play. Thanks
  9. Chris Hopkins

    Can you help with my addiction...

    Hi All, As a new forum user I believe I should introduce myself before doing any other posting. I've been playing the game for about a year or so now, getting there, more of a sandbox user at the moment than a career mode person, but that's just a lack of time more than anything else. I'd been avoiding joining a forum as I didn't want to feed the addiction that this game has become, but there comes a time when perhaps you just have to embrace it! :-) I have a bit of a spaceplane addiction, and a love of orbital tugs. Just getting into ISRU at the moment. Still to venture outside of the Kerbin system, there's so much to do with experimenting with and building up my orbital infrastructure! (although I have a Duna and Jul mission both prepped ready to go as soon as the launch window comes up).
  10. Chris Hopkins

    Can you help with my addiction...

    Thanks all. I'll post some designs next week - I'm a bit too busy with work at the moment to get any time to spend on this, but briefly: I have a couple of designs of tugs that are basically 50% rcs (either mono or lfox) and 50% reaction wheel. A claw at one end, a docking port at the other and they're really handy for anything that's construction/docking related. This saves most of my payloads from needing any rcs on at all (for the big stuff I might scatter some rcs thrusters around but no need for monoprop tanks). I've another couple of tug designs that are basically a nerva with fuel tanks and a claw/docking port that is tend to use for refuelling/transfer obit injection (I leave the final correction to the engine on the craft that has just enough fuel for the insertion/circularisation/landing burn). This is really handy because you only worry about the payload, and the launch. I even had a couple of missions where I messed up the launch, was in a sub-orbital trajectory, but had a tug close enough to get in, refuel and save the day. That was fun! Finally I have a few puller tug designs that I use for my fleets. My Jul mission I'm currently building up is a puller tug with 28 Nervas (at the moment, if I get time I can upgrade it with at least another 24). It's a modular system where I can just dock an extra thrust module on (each module having 4 nukes). The plan is I'll be able to move the thrust units between missions. e.g. borrow a couple of units from my Jul mission to go and do an asteroid interception, then return them before the launch window opens. The scaffolding that these big tugs use are all a pain to launch, but once they're up with a little bit of spaceplane refueling (or refueling them from any spare left in the tanks from the payload's launch) they really do save me a lot of payload. I end up never really needing an upper stage. It's also an architecture where if I just fancy flying a launch but don't have a design ready I can just launch another tug into a different obit, or do a spaceplane refuel or whatever. Anyway, back to work!
  11. Chris Hopkins

    A few jet part suggestions

    I do like the Goliath for my Pegasus style launchers, but that isn't really an effective launch method for me for the un-modded game. Other than that I've never found a use for the Goliath, its fuel efficiency is insane, but its the rapier has comparable thrust across higher speeds. So I'm intrigued what you're building that a larger version of the Goliath would be useful for in the unmodded game. Do you take it to orbit? In my fantasy Laythe has enough landmass and biomes to make a non orbit capable science plane worthwhile, (I'm thinking mk3 with deployable rover, science front end and isru powered by 8 Goliaths in a dream role for them) but that's not the game we have...