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  1. Probably around 300-400, but most of those hours where I left it on overnight because I forgot to turn it off. It is probably only 100-200 active hours.
  2. Well if you want to reaserch more you should attempt to replicate it with and without mods. Actually, where is the deepest point?
  3. That’s what I wondered. Without something extra I don’t think ksp messes with controls. I instantly thought of mods because that doesn’t seem like stock ksp but it could be.
  4. It’s not been 3 years... right? It’s only 2021 right?
  5. They should not add any real game changing updates, but smaller ones like bug fixes and new parts would be cool. I think the newest update really scared a few people with the amount of bugs added.
  6. I launch mine as a rocket because I’m lazy. That would be cool if you could use parachutes as thrust.
  7. Ksp really doesn’t do well with water. I’m hopping that ksp 2 will improve on it. Most of my submarines consist of an ore tank, a command pod, and way too many parachutes.
  8. That makes sence. I play Minecraft more tbh, so I normally just mess around in ksp.
  9. 16 gigs? You must have so many mods. I have 8 gigs and I rarely fully utilize Them.
  10. @ColdJi can’t see the picture (school managed device), I was asking if you had any realism mods.
  11. @ColdJ I figured it out on 1.11.2. You just have to have the ionosphere measure deployable thing to counteract the weight of not having the parachute or jet pack. it works really well, but even with .001 extra tons, the seafoor sloping makes you swim and slows you down. Over the weekend I’m planning on walking from the launch pad to the island runway.
  12. i did some math and added the mass of the jetpack and the parachute to the belt.
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