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  1. I've actually done this before in my Sandbox world. As everything is already designed, it should only be a matter of doing the mission and taking screenshots
  2. You're quite right, some screenshots are missing. Imgur has been kinda been bugging out on me lately so that's probably why they disappeared and why the reentry picture ended up at the 2nd spot. So here's the end of STS-3 : (should be showing as a link, but at least on my side the URL works) Nope, no reaction wheels, but I can tell you, they can be pretty awful to use in some cases. Should've really looked into better balancing the RCS. Concerning the "parachute shuttle", I've come up with something, but I've still got to overcome terrible instability, caused by all the wing parts used to get the shape right. But if I can fix it, and if I'm allowed to use it, it would be quite fun and very different from most designs !
  3. All my settings also reset every time I restart the game. However, I have noticed better frames and fewer freezes since 1.8
  4. First off, replies : That's right, here's a quick look (the full abort is in the gallery at the end) : Yeah sorry I forgot to screenshot that. I decided to go for an elliptical orbit (what I called KTO [for Keostationary Transfer Orbit] in the gallery), as that's what most rockets seem to go for, and it was safer for the Kerbals to get back down in case of emergency. I had made sure the satellites had plenty of monoprop to reach the desired circular orbit, and allow for corrections if necessary (which in the end proved useful !). You're right. It's particularly visible at launch, and in this one it was quite clear. I believe this is due to the boosters not being as powerful as they should be, but I don't think it's very problematic, as we can easily correct this by pitching up. It's true I wasn't very careful on that one. The correction is shown is the gallery at the end. Now on to STS-3. Again, I used the Shuttle II, as I'm quite fond of it since the start. However, I am also looking into other systems, such as horizontal launch on a larger "carrier" shuttle (such as this one :, or an orbiter sitting on top of a more "standard" rocket, and having much smaller wings & relying on parachutes for landing (like this design I found : I'm unsure if the latter still qualifies as a shuttle according to the challenge's definition though. Here is the full mission gallery for STS-3, the abort test, and the corrected comsat orbits : I'll try to be more complete when posting mission reports in the future. I've already completed STS-4 when writing this, so I can't do anything for that one, but the following missions I'll be more careful about. The whole engineering process is great fun, hope to do a fair bit as I'm on holiday atm
  5. Here is my mods list : As you can see, no parts mods, just visual, audio or info mods. Restock does allow for different visual part variants, which is why you probably didn't recognise the Terrier engines that serve as OMS engines (the pods themselves are made of 3 NCS Adapters and 1 Aerodynamic Nose Cone each). As for the bottom of the external tank, it's a 5m fairing (which makes it very un-aerodynamic amongst other things).
  6. Hi again, Here is my STS-2a mission, for which I decided to use the Shuttle Evolution Block II The main tank is the same as the original Space Shuttle, but the wings and control surfaces are changed. Concerning propulsion, the OMS pods are reduced in size, and the two boosters are liquid-fuelled, allowing for overall better efficiency. It's mainly based on this image, and yes, it does have an abort system. Here is the full mission gallery :
  7. Hello all, This is the second time I participate in this challenge, but last time was long ago and I consider I have somewhat improved since then. So here is my second entry for STS-1a. For this mission, I decided to go for the Space Transportation System, which I don't find is the most effective or interesting, but it had to be used at some point. Here's the mission recap : Glad to have another go at this, more is coming very soon
  8. I've looked in C:\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data , where I seem to understand the output_log.txt file should be, however it doesn't seem to be there. First time I do this sry
  9. Hi everyone, I installed JNSQ for the first time when its latest release came out, and I'm really enjoying it. However, a recurring problem is kind of ruining my experience a bit : about a third of the time I Revert to Launch or to VAB/SPH, the game crashes. I have no idea why. Is there a simple fix ? Should I provide crash logs ? Is it a known bug ? Thanks in advance
  10. Right, I'll edit the config then, thanks for your insight
  11. I'm not sure allowing cheats makes the challenge very interesting … just go Ignore Max Temperature and Hack Gravity and it's over
  12. Hello all ! Here is my entry : I tried to make the craft as close to reality as possible. I spent many hours in the VAB and trying to find blueprints & schematics, but that's just what I love ! Here is the GSLV ready for takeoff This is the mission's payload (orbiter & lander) For the rest, check out the mission gallery : You mentioned a drill in the challenge guidelines, however, I couldn't find any reference to a drill being part of the mission. Instead, I put a Surface Scanning Module on the rover, and a Thermometer and a Seismic Accelerometer on the lander to simulate the mission's main science instruments, hope you don't mind It was a great project and I'm glad you put this challenge up, wonderful way to fill in my holidays
  13. Hi @linuxgurugamer(I think you're the one to ask here) For some engines, the mods works great, and I absolutely love it ! However, for other engines like the Vector and Rhino, the light seems far too bright and the general result is very contrasted (for example, I get close-to-white spots [that the engine plume is directly shining at] and the rest doesn't seem lit up at all [that should I believe have some kind of emissive lighting]). Is this just a config fix or is it more complex ? Thanks in advance
  14. Glad this came back up ! I'll participate as soon as I get back from holiday