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  1. Hello, would you mind clarifying what you mean by "assembling" the telescope for STS-3 please ? I'm looking into the mission but I'm not sure what you mean
  2. I was just wondering : do I have to complete the "missions" part to get the design points, or is it separate ? And can I grab the badge or must I complete the whole challenge ?
  3. Hi, I've now designed and tested the remaining vehicles, which are Altair, the Munar outpost, Mars Direct, the Duna outpost and the rovers. Here is the gallery for the testing of these vehicles : They were all designed to meet the challenge requirements, and the testing was aimed at demonstrating their ability to perform according to their desired capabilities for missions later on. I'll just give a bit of context to the screenshots : The Altair is launched on top of an unmodified Ares V (only the fairing is widened so nothing sticks out) and arrives in orbit with the EDS with a lot of fuel remaining. After docking with the Orion Block 2, the EDS can put them into a Munar trajectory, and the orbit insertion burn is performed by the Altair (which I forgot to screenshot). They then decouple, the Altair lands and the rovers attached to the top and side of the spacecraft are deployed using RCS. Second stage of Altair ascends to LMO, and docks with Orion for crew transfer. Burn back to Kerbin, decouple, enter atmosphere, land, tadaa ! I then sent the Munar outpost (yes, after the crew left, because it was easier to perform one mission at a time, and that the point here was just to demonstrate its capability). It is also launched on top of an unmodified Ares V, reaches LKO with EDS full, burns to the Mun and the EDS helps with a lot of the slowing down during descent (even though the Outpost can land on its own, I did it this way just to have a lot of spare deltaV to "hop" to the rest of the base. Now for Duna. The Mars Direct is also launched on top of an unmodified Ares V (I launched it with the crew but it is possible to have it dock with Orion by installing a docking port on the bottom part of the pressurised rover). Classic launch to Duna. Nothing original either with the descent, and rovers are the same as the ones sent to the Mun, and are deployed in the same way. Classic getting back to Kerbin, decoupling, reentering atmosphere, and landing. Same as for the Mun, the outpost is sent separately from an Ares V. Only difference is the presence of parachutes to save deltaV.
  4. Ok thanks for all the info
  5. Did you use a lighting mod for those screenshots ? The way the rocket parts are illuminated looks different
  6. So, I've designed all the required vehicles for the challenge, but for now I've only tested Orion, and Ares I & V, so here is a gallery presenting them and demonstrating their capabilities according to the design requirements : All the explanations and pictures are in there. I believe the vehicles follow all the design rules, but tell me if I did something wrong or something is missing. I'll now be testing Altair and Mars Direct, so they'll be coming soon. Anyway the challenge is great fun, glad you created it
  7. I've just got a few questions : - Do I have to demonstrate the ability of the spacecraft to reach certain destinations (eg. show that I can get Altair to the Mun, Orion to LKO etc.) ? - About getting the EDS to LKO without using any of its fuel, does that mean that I should get the second stage of my Ares V to LKO using only the first stage and SRBs ? or is it about getting another stage 2 on top of the stage 2 to LKO ?
  8. Ok thanks for the info @Death Engineering
  9. Hello, Just wondering if this post still alive or if there is a more recent one ? Found it very interesting so decided to make some spacecraft corresponding to the requirement, and it's a load of fun ! Anyway please let me know
  10. Mopoii

    Lander challenge

    What are the ranking criteria?
  11. Yes, I do have Restock+ parts on that shuttle : the main tank nosecone and probably those 2 SRBs.
  12. Mopoii

    Air speed record

    So, if I summarise, the challenge is about building a craft that has to be able to take off and land by it's own, without decouplers, while trying to reach maximum speed at an altitude where jet engines work (so <15km). Tell me if I'm wrong But are you allowed to use rocket engines or is it jet only ? That would make a big difference. And do you include Rapiers ? If so, both modes or only air breathing ?
  13. Thank you for complementing I actually got the idea of jet engines from a Google image of the Buran shuttle which said it could've used jet engines. Thought the idea was cool so I decided to implement it. Sadly I don't have access to my computer atm, but the only parts mod I used is Restock+ (which is where the main tank nosecone, booster nosecones and maybe even the boosters themselves come from ; basically slightly expanded Stock). The rest of my mods are visual and utility, such as KER, EVE, Scatterer, Restock etc.
  14. Mopoii

    Duna InSight Challenge

    It's a visual mod called Restock which improves old textures of stock parts, really great mod btw