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  1. I tried several of the stock ships including the Science Jr and Kerbal X and some of my own designs that I know works every time. And the same thing happens in 1.7.0, I start to drift and lose control. I was planning looking into the Aerodynamics settings as well once I get time. I have no idea what could of changed between 1.6 and 1.7
  2. I reinstalled Kerbal Space Program in 1.7.0 and ran stock game, and tested a stock ship and the same thing keeps happening. the ship gets around 3500-5000 meters and starts to drift off and I lose complete control. So I reinstalled Kerbal Space Program again but this time I ran 1.6.1 with the same ship and flew without any error.
  3. I have noticed since the update to 1.7.0 that my designs and stock ships, at every launch with SAS engaged around 3500-5000 meters that the ship starts drift left or right off course and becomes uncontrollable. it doesn't matter if I change the fuel flow or make it not top heavy, I get the same results every time. and these designs I have used for the last couple of years and they worked without error. is anyone else having this problem?