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  1. I want more parts in the size zero class, such as SRBs and better engines. And a RL-10 lookalike.
  2. Don't worry, just send it to consume it very slowly. Waiter, there's a Delta III in my soup!
  3. humans are simply dumb and individuals are incredibly smart thats how ksp was made
  4. Quite neat. I think that a SSTO encounter would be cool.
  5. one of my favorite pictures specifically for cults
  6. I like the way this is turning out! Nice!
  7. kerbal rockets must be named "untitled space craft" obviously
  8. Humans should be considered smart, however, they have done some pretty dumb things. cough india shooting a satellite cough. So, would that make humans smart, or idiotic. Think hard about it.
  9. Thank you for informing me of KerbalX. I will check it out.
  10. Hello! I bought KSP on new years and just joined the forums. I will most likely be posting for help, and showcasing my craft. Anyone who responds to this topic deserves a welcoming wave. beacause why not.