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  1. alright, i'll try and get it working on my 0.27 /1.11 lmp server and report my findings
  2. does the multiplayer version of this mod only work with lmp 0.25 and ksp 1.9 or would it work with 1.11?
  3. i sent an application, i just want to join this to get squad vehicles username is 'thahek'
  4. Well, yes some may prefer the more "realistic" part style of ReStock, this is a preference. Anyway, a hollow/no boatail variant with the turbopump exhaust at the top would look like it could delete any small nation from face of Kerbin.
  5. Given how this engine is a BE-4 of sorts, i would expect to have all the turbopumps and piping and then a boatail variant to add on. However, I see none of this. Compared to the new Skipper and old Mainsail, this looks awful. C’mon guys. (in my opinion)
  6. No. Not at all. That's saying that a company should do everything for free, not pay its workers, have awful working conditions, no benefits, or anything of the like. If you mean that early adopters not getting charged, it is a different company with no affiliation to Squad. For no reason should they give away a product that they have been working on for over a year to someone who got the game early.
  7. anna oop sksksksk no decouplers ignore the jump cuts it all makes sense and no cheats 100% stock thank you mhmm and who needs to make a plane
  8. Wen trying to open the files i get "database error" on the host site. Hmmph.
  9. So, after this, will we have another 1946 competition or a 1950s-1960s or just a good ol' waiting period for us to enjoy? or maybe a WWI comp that'd be neat
  10. Fly Safe... And if you ship aint flying safe, try switching SCE to Auxiliary
  11. Also, the flying tank properties of my TH-C was unintentional, however, the turning properties and survival length reflect that well.
  12. I will claim the KSRO instead of KNSA.
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