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  1. KingKerb

    New space center facility?

    I don't know, maybe budget and loans?
  2. What new facilities do you think should be added to the KSC. I personally want a finances building.
  3. Thanks, It was starting to get annoying having 2 of the same thread
  4. KingKerb

    Legacy Flags 0.01

    Have you grown tired of the stock flags? If so, then Legacy Flags is for you! Legacy Flags adds in to the game 4 new flags (there will be more soon), all of which took a full 5-10 minutes to make. Download in the link below! DL instructions: 1. Open Link 2. Download the folder "Flags" 3. Extract contents of "Flags" folder into your Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder 4. Open Ksp and enjoy! P.S. No pics because I dont have anything to host photos
  5. Same, although I would be okay if there was a setting to toggle the life support.
  6. I didn't think about that. Seems interesting, though
  7. I know this is early, but what feature do you want for 1.8.
  8. KingKerb

    I'm new to the forums

  9. Does this work for 1.7? I have BDAc and I want to update to 1.7, but I don't know if BDAc will still work. Also, none of the guns are working for me, so I'm wondering if it's a bug or if I just installed it wrong. Thanks
  10. Just wondering, when will you update for 1.7?
  11. I'd like to know if, after you update to 1.6.1, could you update to 1.7?
  12. KingKerb

    I'm new to the forums

    Hello! I am new to the forums! I would like to know how to post a DL link, as I am trying to release a mod I have been working on lately. Any help is appreciated.