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  1. Try to get the most science possible out of the seismometer added in with breaking ground.
  2. No rocket engines are loading in the VAB and the parachutes don't have any staging for them. . I installed realism overhaul and its dependencies, uninstalled SMURFF, and started a new savegame, but it still isn't working. What am I doing wrong? I think I know how to solve the parachute problem, but will ro work without realchute?
  3. Ok, I was expecting it to not be compatible with SMURFF, but I wasn't sure.
  4. Can you install this in the middle of a savegame, and is this compatible with SMURFF?
  5. Planning on adding a new planet for 0.1
  6. I'm trying to make a planet mod but I don't know how to make planets. What are some good tutorials on how to make a Kopernicus planet?
  7. That would be awesome, but it would have to be very expensive in career mode (1,500,000 funds?), and require at least tens of thousands of science to research. Otherwise, it would be too OP in career/science mode.