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  1. Awesome! Will it be possible to repair solar panels?
  2. Here's how I would change the Kerbol system (Bold is new objects, Italics is moons, Underline and Italics is submoons): In general: Stock EVE and scatterer, colliders for surface scatter, caves, new skybox with mostly black and few stars. Kerbol: I would lower Kerbol's radius to a more realistic value, while increasing it's gravity in order to keep it's mass the same, as well as renaming it to Kerbol. Ablate: 360 kilometers in radius, tidally locked. The side facing Kerbol would have an ocean of lava, while the side facing away would have a massive ice cap. The lava side woul
  3. I'm currently having an issue with kittopia where clicking 'Rebuild ScaledSpace Mesh' does nothing and 'Rebuild ScaledSpace Textures' freezes at 0.00%. How do I fix this?
  4. Just wondering, could you make Duna the same size as it is in stock or smaller. Right now, it's even bigger than Rhode, which realistically shouldn't be the case.
  5. I spent 30 minutes trying to execute Jeb for crashing a plane. I actually killed him after about 10 minutes by putting him in a command chair behind a rocket engine, but decided that wasn't exciting enough. I also left a Val and Bob on EVA for 2 [real] years. Also, before I knew about probe cores, I made a missile and put a command pod with Jeb inside on it. Jeb survived, but probably got a concussion. Finally, I stress tested Kerbals with a Mass Relay, with the tests having a 50% fatality rate.
  6. Ok, I'll just build a flag out of radiators and land that instead
  7. I can't wait! Too bad my computer probably couldn't handle the amount of radiators needed to not explode after 0.2 seconds
  8. If I'm correct, landing on Duna actually takes less ∆V than landing on Minmus, though returning takes more fuel.
  9. I would say that Minmus should stay mostly the same, but with a radius of about 90 km and a surface gravity of 0.06 g. However, I'd love a moon in an eccentric 60,000-80,000 km orbit at >45­° inclination and smaller than Gilly. It would certainly be a challenge to reach, but not ridiculously challenging.
  10. The Main Menu buttons aren't working. When I mouse over them they light up, but clicking them does nothing. I have already tried re-installing, but it still isn't working.
  11. Is there any ore on Gateway's surface scatter? If so, could It be mined by a small drill. Also, is there any land on gateway that isn't like the surface scatter?
  12. It works, but the space center is flooding in the space center view. And EVE clouds aren't appearing. And the sunflares for Destiny and Fate are covering up the screen whenever I turn the camera in their direction or focus on them, including in-flight view, and Kerbol's sunflare covers up the view in the tracking station whenever I focus on it or look in it's direction. On a side note, how much ΔV is required for an SSTO from Gateway's surface to Proxim's Surface?
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