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  1. well Im excited of ksp 2 but what of squad as they were not shown of ksp2 and I worry But wouldn't it be hard to implement that for Xbox? because they need to do something for both PC and Xbox fans
  2. I'm excited of ksp 2 but I have some troubles as of multiplayer for ksp on Xbox as it probably won't run smoothly or ksp 2 having issue with crossplay of Xbox and Pc as there are things to hope for those things may be too high like a plane flying in the sky
  3. man wish I had a computer for ksp so I could have some mods but at least I can play ksp on my Xbox
  4. Yes but it's for 2020 and I like important things to do in Kerbal space program Buddy boi
  5. we need wether like some rain and some city with Kerbals yessss We need waves and wether pls
  6. Yes but what about the ppl who play Xbox?
  7. This needs a thanks for your time and effort in to seeing this Potato soup sounds good to me I like it
  8. Yes I agree with you because clouds and ooo and there should be wether if we're adding clouds and also parts to make a wether station ooh I love it
  9. what if we had two Xbox ones and want to play together or if there is a DLC that is like a world war one or two that weaponizes ksp kind of like a mod but I can't get mods on Xbox so that and think of the cool stuff Jeb could do with all of his foolery and pranks so lets see what people say about this Potato soup sounds good to me I like that
  10. I see well at least I can make a submarine
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