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  1. Is it possible to apply a "Impact effect' that shows up at the impact point of the plume on an object (like another rocket or the ground) that changes according to the distance with thrustTransform? right now the plume just go through whatever is on the way and looked unrealistic
  2. One big advantage of Waterfall is able to add controllers, linked to throttles and stuff, as well as effects related it. Using a seperate model, it is no more than a static panel, and I'm unable to do anything with it.
  3. Anyways, just by adding a cube in Unity editor and a part tool module, and export it, I was able to get it to show up as a functional effect, the settings are listed below. At this stage, I know that exporting an "empty" as a parent of a dozen distinct meshes isn't going to work. I thought I had figured it out, and I tried to join the 12 panels together with a torus, with identical settings directly on the mesh of the radiator that I want to make an effect out of, but it did not work. It showed up, but it isn't functional. Initially, I thought too complicated a shape might not work, an
  4. yeah Anyways, I got it to show up here, but I am unable to add it as an effect, no matter which shader I choose. When I was able to add it by choosing another model and add, both will show up. However for the radiator one, I was unable to do any further operation, while the console is spammed by reference null exceptions.
  5. I recently started making an engine, the AM radiant drive version 2 for Interstellar, which will be based on Waterfall effects. It is supposed to look something like this. The Waterfall templates worked fantastically, Able to produce any sort of beams and plumes from seemingly a few parameters. A big laser pointer for example.However, since it seems like some sort particle system within a mesh, I suppose I can add my own mesh as well? After all, this engine is designed to come with a blue-hot plasma radiator to take care of it's heat problems, something looks like this. So I im
  6. Not much activities lately. Is this much hyped mod halted? FreeThinker (KSPIE administrator) said yesturday :"regarding Universal Fleet Solution, I kind of feared this would happen as most single developer ambitious project tend stall when not releasing anything for a long time. Developers tend to lose interest over times, burnup or get significant changes in their real life." Lets hope Kerwis is a strong team, and this situation doesn't happen.
  7. There is a certain problem with this in 1.11... In career, you need to hire the kerbals to go on a trip with you, even if they are not slave labour, that costs a tremendous amount of funds, far more than the craft itself...when you hire 20 kerbals, it already costs 400k for each of them... since kerbals now do add mass when seated, I presumably that counts right?
  8. Neat and integrated, huge amount of contents, but doesn't need a PhD to work with either (like a certain interstellar technology mod)
  9. Very nice, I have learned a lot from you. I know the parameters are far more complexed than this, but I can’t think more parameters that are significant to me... after all I know the basics of astronomy, but I don’t know anything regarding planet generation besides it’s a great way to save storage...
  10. I proposed the world of KSP2 is the galaxy that kerbals find themselves in, that besides Kerbol and maybe other star systems within a 10 lightyear distance have their own model and textures, thousands more will be generated by a few lines of codes suggesting the type of the star, its coordinates relative to Kerbol, and information regarding planets. Including planet types, surface features, their orbit and moons. Each system should need a few KB to describe, these celestial bodies will only be generated when observed. With this kind of compactness, I envisioned the thousands of solar systems
  11. There is a way, the static frame of reference (time measured at space center) will be synced, however the ships will experience relativistic effects...
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