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  1. Communitron is moar what I was thinking, also, it doesn't have to be Kerbal scale. Fly it to the Mun!
  2. You still stuck? Because I could help... IF YOU NEED IT WINK, WINK. ALL YA NEED TO DO IS ASK.
  3. Happy Star Wars day! my challange is going to be themed like the movies so if you haven’t seen them, this ‘shallange’ may not be for you. bronze: build an X-Wing Silver:build a TIE fighter gold: Build the millennium falcon! Iridium: build a lightsaber! if you are crazy enough to do this, good luck, fly safe! -Orion
  4. (idea incoming!) Alright! KSP Shallangé: part two: the second half of the second part! Welcome everybody! (the two people that have acknowledged my existence here)* My second KSP shallangé for this week is here: Gene Kerman is in a panic. the KSC is low on money. They only have a few, cheap engines around for a Mun mission... Bronze: Fly to the Mun and back with only Terriers, Poodles, NERVs, and ONE and only one Atmosphere opt. engine Silver: Fly to the Mun with all previous restrictions, but bring a rover with seats for the whole crew! Gold: NO atmospher
  5. I like the way you think, my friend.... *idea gererates*
  6. I did this because beginners need challenges that they can do without going to Eeloo, exiting the galaxy, and returning. Please let me know if you want a harder challenge.
  7. Welcome to the second KSP challange! the challange for this Saturday is as follows: Bronze: Go to the Mun Silver: Go to the Mun, and then go to Minmus Gold: do it without refueling or using ISRUs Good luck, fly safe!
  8. Here’s the challange: build a base on the Mun, and put a space station into orbit around the Mun. Scoring: Score levels Basic Build a Mun base in only one launch, and have nothing fancy max of 3 Kerbals orbiting station is basic, and one piece. Rather Basic Multiple launches, but base components aren’t docked max of 5 Kerbals Station is max of 3 launches. Good Base is multiple pieces, and they’re
  9. I mean, from Moho to Eeloo? (I would allow cheating yourself to Moho/Eeloo.)
  10. Thanks! I think I’ll announce whoever got the most gold awards at the end of each month! As I write this, I’m launching a Tesla Roadster into space, but Now I’ll try to build a submar-replane-rocket. also, did you build the craft on your profile picture? I love building miniature stuff.
  11. I’ve never tried but, can anyone make a rover that can JUMP THE DRES CANYON? I’m new here, so I’ll consider it another challenge. Please try at home, and send me videos. Even if you fail. I like explosions.
  12. From here on, I think I’ll make KSP challenges every Saturday. this week’s challenge: build a seaplane, BUT, it also is a submarine! Bronze: make a seaplane Silver: make a submarine seaplane gold: on Laythe. Good luck, Fly safe!
  13. I would say they are the same. I mean, Matt does a series where he rescues Kerbals, and Scott always says “fly safe”
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