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  1. Stupid me, looks like I should play stock more ! Thanks for continuing this mod. I think I would never play with electric engines without it.
  2. I've met 2 problems with this mod : When I use lose-less physical warp during docking maneuvers, the ships appear to move relatively to each other (target ship appears to shift to another point in space, at a distance that does not evolve over time but depends on the warp level). However, it is not impactfull since stopping time warp sends the ships back to the position they were before. --> considering the lack of impact and the fact my install is not the cleanest ever, I don't want to bother LGG with that. In the past, I've had ship orbits evolve over time (phantom forces during warp). I don't remember what was causing it (maybe not even this mod) but it was just a bad install. Could you give some more details about your problem ? Any log info ?
  3. Capacitors act like batteries (they store EC and can be discharged / recharged). They have greater capacities for a same volume or weight, but you have to manualy trigger them. Once you start discharging one, you can't stop it (and you may lose EC if nothing is using it and your classic battery storage is full). They are usefull for application needing a lot of EC over a small duration. The best exemple : ion drives (and other electric motors). It allows a ship equipped with limited power generation (like small solar panels) to make a burn long enough for escaping a body.
  4. Well, capacitors are still very good for even several minute burns. And for the plasma engines, either you bring nuclear power or you take enough capacitors and some solar panels. Ideally both I'm using them on a lot of ships, from small probes to SSTO spaceplanes (with plasma engines instead of nukes). Micro-management is not that complex thanks to the capacitors panel. Combined with the betterTimeWarp mod, it makes electric engines very nice to use compared to stock. Thanks for that Nertea ! And for the very nice looking solar panels. And all the other mods !
  5. I agree too with the general feeling : the idea is nice, but the implementation into the landscape could definitely be smoother. Right know it looks very similar to the anomalies we already have in game, but more out of place beacause it is intended as natural stuff. I just hope the terrain features shown untill now are not the "best" ones, that should push people to buy the game because of amazing screenshots Just an idea : i guess it is not coded the same way as the scatter objects. However SVT made scatter objects solid, so wouldn't it be possible to get some solid scatter objects around the anomaly ? They could even look almost the same, forcing the player to search in a crystel forest for the "anomaly" one (maybe with special tools / anomaly detector). It could even profit from a local special ground texture to help blending with the surroundings. However I don't know how hard to make it would be. I guess it is too late for this DLC, but I like the idea of aeras that you would want to explore in a rover.
  6. Are you sure your FAR and B9 proc wing versions are the last ones ? I had the same problem when I updated to 1.7 but it was rapidly corrected in new mod versions. The problem has already been discussed in the previous page. To be sure, you can press F12 and look if you have blue lift arrows coming from your wings in flight. If you don't, well, check you are using the last versions.
  7. I just refreshed my save to 1.7 and redownloaded every mods I'm using. I had this "J" key problem because I had not reinstalled the extra texture pack (folder "GameData_AlternativeTexture"). My problem was a bit different though, since it appeared when I was trying to reopen planes I had designed on my old 1.5 install which was using the extra textures. But maybe it can help someone ...