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  1. I would say Kerbalism. It looks amazing, but its complexity is scaring me a bit. Incomplete compatibility with Nertea's nuclear reactors and other mods in general is also worrying me.
  2. Very interesting feature ! What is happening to ksp 1 is trully impressive ... Out of curiosity, considering Blackrat helped, does it share some code with the new ocean waves showcased in scatterer dev thread ?
  3. I am not the most talkative person on the forum, but I had to write something there. Scatterer is one of those mods that looks almost as "standard" as stock now (in a good way ), and it does a lot to make the game beautiful. What you have done there is outstanding ! I always liked the godrays (the old ones), so I really like seeing them improved. The waves ... I did not know about your prototype, I did not even thought it could be possible. Very curious to see how seaplanes will handle it Every one of these features taken alone is a big achievement, so the whole thing ... Impressive work
  4. This picture should answer your question Nertea's near future construction it is ! The tank here is a big one, those ports are not as small as the picture may let you think.
  5. I verry much like this update content so far, although being able to transfer fuel between 2 crafts with a KAS-like pipe would also be amazing ! Being able to strut asteroids might make moving them around a bit less kraken-appetizing I Also like the mission idea. Missions are a part of the game that can be improved a lot by making things more dynamic (chained missions instead of having to build new crafts every time when an already deployed one could do the job).
  6. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I had exactly the same problem and I think I have gone a bit further in understanding what is happening. Google brought me in this thread, so it might help others I have a station with 3 connected asteroids. One of the biggest class (F I think) and 2 others a lot smaller. All of them have been drilled at least a bit before addition to the station, none of them was however empty. Initially, drilling was working fine. I am pretty sure (not 100% though) that the only drills I activated were the one "into" the biggest rock. A bit later,
  7. I discovered something today. If you have multiple asteroids connected together (same ship) and are drilling, your drill does not necessary take ressources from the rock it is "physically" into. It looks like it can decide to extract ore from a rock connected to the other end of the station. Problem is when your drill refuse to work because one of the small decoration asteroid is empty Decoration asteroid might looks like a strange idea, but some mod contracts require to do stations with multiple rocks. I'd be curious to know if someone else have experienced this.
  8. Today, I made some progress on the construction of Starzino, the most expensive casino around Kerbin. I already had some loaded asteroid-carriers on parking orbits around Kerbin, the difficult task is to now assemble it. Docking procedure with ~400 parts around is always a pleasure (especially considering my proc is not exactly a beast). Some pictures (every non-stock part here must be Nertea's work) : 3 claws to get a strong basement. Not easy to get them all attached, but with free pivot and some thrust it worked. The visible solar panel belongs to the carrier that captured this big ro
  9. One of the mod I consider the most usefull (even for otherwise stock game) is kerbal alarm clock. It is really hard to manage more than one mission at once without it. I hope something similar will be stock for KSP2. I agree with the OP for some more mods that seem simple enough to be embedded into stock. Those mods do not add (much) complexity and can improve the experience for anyone : Scansat is really usefull. It is also an excellent reason of launching into polar orbits. However, by showing the biomes it removes a bit of the exploration fun to turn it into a race, roaming all b
  10. Good news ! Maybe I am extrapolating a bit too much, but considering Bepi Colombo is relying on a lot on gravitionnal assists, I can imagine ingame tool for predicting them ? There are some more details on the ESA website : http://www.esa.int/About_Us/Partnerships/Kerbal_includes_Ariane_5_and_real_ESA_missions_for_gamers
  11. I had a similar kraken attack some times ago. It appeared after separation from a station, and the decoupling was the trigger. Alway fun to let the game make its own designs
  12. @SpacePixel I finished Deserts of Kharak not so long ago, that music is so good, excellent use there (and I love that VTOL too !)
  13. Today, I have escaped Eve surface. My exploration quadcopter managed to reach an altitude of 20km on electric props alone before dropping its rotor and going full rocket. It still was not easy, and half my RCS fuel was necessary to achieve orbit. I guess my ascent trajectory was far from ideal. My kerbals are going to spend a bit of time in their capsule while the mothership is refuelling on Gilly. Then they will probably head home with tons of science ! This architecture was quite effective, but the tower like form factor makes landing hard, and splashing impossible. Those props are from NFA,
  14. I'm doing some biome hopping with a weird quadcopter/ascent rocket hybrid on eve. Landing stability is not very good with this form factor. But I like this first Eve adventure. Cruise is slow but steady. I also landed an isru rover near the equator for future visits
  15. I played with a big rock. Since I made the capture inside Kerbin SOI, I had to be patient to give it a correct orbit. The Mun helped me for a plane change. I also used some aerobraking, costing me this mover ship (unmanned, thanksfully) ... I had to send a new one. Orbit is still not definitive, but this will be the first piece of a refuelling station / casino. 3 other asteroids are also in tow of other movers, but this is the only BIG one. My first eve mission is also arriving. The first ship (an ISRU rover) also did an aerobraking manoeuver. I had to reload after forgetting to put
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