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  1. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Yes, but I think every system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many people like PC and many like a gaming console. Its completely depends upon individual experience.
  3. GeraldineRankin

    My Best Mission

    I would like to take this as inspiration that it can heal someone's pain. Yes, games have that much benefits also.
  4. GeraldineRankin

    How do I change music in the game files?

    If you are playing your games on the console then you can easily download digital contents like songs, movies from the respective store and listen to them.
  5. Hey, guys, I am new over here. I had started but got stuck where to start? Well just for the curiosity what games are everybody playing over here?
  6. GeraldineRankin

    How do I deploy stuff?

    Which game are you currently playing?