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  1. To deploy stuff you have to use the action groups. You enable them by updating your construction building (I think), there are the basic action groups and the advanced one. With the basic you can already deploy panels and stuff. During the rocket assembling you'll see the action groups window just beside the "crew" and "building" tabs. You just have to choose an action group option (lights, for example) to add your panels and etc. Then the next time you turn on your lights, the panels will be deployed as well.
  2. My game is crashing during atmospheric reentry and also during ascension, both on Kerbin. This is a big letdown and is ruining any playability.. There are others who are having the same problems and I hope this to be solved as soon as possible. The blue screen error name is CE-34878-0. I'm playing on PS4 Pro; radial mode.
  3. I'm also having the same issue during atmospheric reentry, at the exact moment as my landing gears starts to heat up. Playing on PS4 Pro. Any news on this bug fix?