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  1. I reinstalled tweak scale and the same issue is there, I also reinstalled b9 part switch and that same issue is there, does anyone know how to fix it??
  2. use one of the small heat shields at the front of the nose and off set it and turn it so its not a brick
  3. This is tooo good, but I need jnsq right???
  4. thanks for making me life better!
  5. it works with real plume and that stuff?
  6. When I look at the ksc from orbit there is the ugly patch where it is like the textures are not correct. Can you fix that??
  7. First (not) Great mod, this was EXACTLY what I wanted last week when my north kerbin kerbal empire put a gun boat 500 meters off the island runway and it shot down all my planes trying to get there since Vall Kerman was trapped there since she is stationed in a fighter/bomber jet on the island runway and I cant extract her from there and all tries to take out the commie kerbal (NKKE) gun boat but it gun downed all of the planes flying there, but after a few jets died I totally just found out that half of the torpedoes on the gun boat are the wrong side and wont be able to detact, so my plan is to send SIX Subs to take out the commie boat and allow vall to come home so she can go to the bathroom. Anyway all hail the KSC (Kerbal Science Country) now which kerbal shoul I put on the sixth boat????