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  1. Which one of you is Star Theory? I need to interrogate you.
  2. Wait are you star theory and you are giving us a teaser?
  3. I think the only procedural parts we need are wings, heatshields and better fairings.
  4. I probably wouldn't play it if it is just another ""Indie"" game that is abandoned after its release and never updated.
  5. That would really cool to have in ksp but, it seems hard to implement it in game. Props for watching Kursesgat
  6. The are fundamentally the same but the difference is that fusion drives are realistic and Epstein drives are just have a magical amount of isp.
  7. Hey everyone I am new to the forum but, can we keep our focus on the new propulsion systems coming to ksp2 not a debate if metallic hydrogen is probable or not.
  8. Come on Star Theory it has been 3 months.