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  1. Would it be possible for Starship's control surfaces to be dynamic, they move a little bit but not by much and the aft fins don't move at all. It would be nice for the fins to dynamically change position to keep the thing stable while in flight.
  2. I figured it out, I’ve know learned I need to let it glide for a while as a supersonic grain tank before flipping.
  3. Well your plans sound awesome, Congrats on beating covid and welcome back
  4. @StarCrusher96You are a wizard. Also is your stuff like black hole accretion disks and rings 2 dimensional or do they have 3 dimensional bulk?
  5. the igniting hypergols can keep you warm and give you horrible diseases!!!
  6. Somehow it works alot better, dunno if its some wierd placebo but I can actually perform a bellyflop and land sn8
  7. I use the included trusses and use a decoupler with the decoupler force set to zero and then I use the shuttle's rcs to back away.
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