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  1. Hey, I don't know why but the NFLV engines don't really make any sound, just a deep rumble but nothing else. I checked the settings and all of the volume sliders are all up.
  2. It may be a bit soon and I know you have regards to make stuff for starship but could you make a tanker pod for gojira mk4.
  3. Its pretty simple, the gravity is weaker thus less deltav it takes to change your orbit. Also you're orbit distance isn't as long as Kerbin so your orbital velocity is less and that means the less you need to slow down. But what do you mean by aerobrake because you need an atmosphere for that.
  4. Maybe a planet like a super eve or Venus where it’s really hot so you can only stay on the surface for two minutes before you’re craft melts but the Rick Astley and teleportation parts are kinda childish
  5. They probably aren't but are bussard ramjets possible with the scoop part.
  6. Caves and cliffs are pretty hard to make in games as most video game terrain can be simplified as a warped cloth but that cloth can't really go inwards or open up.
  7. Mechjeb, Real rockets have guidance systems.
  8. So @damonvv bit of an issue, The Gojira test pod RCS does not work because It is only set as liquid fuel + oxidiser and there is no way to change it (B9 partswitcher).
  9. I use a suite of Nertea mods so I like to use realistic Atlas V and SLS type rockets with cryogenic upper stages. I don't really like to leave Kerbin's SOI so I mostly place fancy Scansat satellites.
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