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  1. What, are the proposed system requirements for PC, I am running an i7 8th gen on my computer, will it run?
  2. I am using the 1.61 version of scatterer, I would use something later but I cant find any other newer versions.
  3. I have an issue where when scatterer is installed it changes the sky and water to white, when I remove the mod the water goes back to normal. module manager is up to date.
  4. hey how do I get these engines to burn liquid hydrogen instead of liquid fuel and how do I get methalox
  5. this mod is working fine in 1.7 but, now craft manager isn't showing any craft but, the default craft loading page shows that they are there. My VAB and SPH files have craft in them but craft manager isn't able to switch to KerbalX mode or show the craft. It says there are zero craft.
  6. What do I do to the .cfg file if I only want a few of the squad textures like the terrier engine but keep the restock textures for the swivel and the reliant engines.
  7. So I set up a restock whitelist file to bring back some of the original Squad textures but, it isn't working. I put links below to the restock file and what my whitelist file looks like.
  8. If you dont mind can you provide a blank whitelist file in the next version of restock because I'm trying to make one but it is ignoring it and still loads the models
  9. how can you create a whitelist file it isn't that clear in the GitHub wiki