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  1. Do you think wet workshops would be cool to make bases and space stations out of fuel tanks. Like Skylab
  2. I think he meant LEGO instruction manual
  3. Anything god, god, allah, any Hindu gods, and the kraken
  4. You no you can change it’s position in ksp1
  5. Yeah I agree but they now said the game is going to be released next year cause the devs think it is too big
  6. I think we all want to play as soon as possible no matter how big the kraken infestation is. Petition
  7. let's hope to god that is the case.
  8. on the new ksp2 video all of the in-game footage still said pre alpha so it could be a bit of a wait
  9. with the need to transfer materials and fuel across ships from colonies it would be handy to have a KAS like system rather than using docking ports each time.
  10. I was rewatching the trailer and I noticed the orion drive ship's cargo pods were the same as the cargo pods on the duna rover. Maybe you can move these containers and attach them to your craft outside of the game, and also a purpose for moving cargo.
  11. they say unchanged but, in actuality the whole system is being rebuilt from scratch just the planets will remain the same.
  12. I would like to see an in game modhub where you can browse and download crafts and mods in game.