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  1. so helpful instead ov making janky fuel transfer rovers or wierd docking ports
  2. Nate Simpson has nothing to do with the og KSP
  3. Try the airplane autopilot mod, it adds fly by wire so it keeps the attitude and smoothed out controls
  4. Why do you need an abort system exactly. Things don’t really malfunction in KSP or is it for “realism” What about something like this form the proposed 2nd gen space shuttle.
  5. the mk 2 spaceplane cockpit is a great lifting body, meaning it can "glide" on its own without any large wings. I use a hidden decoupler behind a mk2 cockpit with canards on the cockpit to act like a escape shuttle that can reenter and land on its own. parachutes help with landing.
  6. I'm sorry but I'm having a tough time with the github instructions. So what do I do from step one to ingame to get this to work?
  7. That would just be stupidly boring so probably not you could probably take control of any kerbal on Eva though
  8. the newer games like KSP are all using procedural parts what let the player make anything they want without being limited by a few different sizes or lengths. even KSP's old dev Felipe Falanghe's new game balsa flight sim is using procedural parts
  9. by the time they release it i'll be a senior and have to focus on more important things