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  1. Congrats man, it’s super late so I will be the first to download tomorrow
  2. probably EVE, iirc scatterer just adds that planetary haze and some other visual stuff whereas EVE adds clouds and particle effects
  3. The specific formula to find the number of guns required is: ((L x D) + W / G) / <a^t
  4. you know, I have that same issue with Planetside Explorations
  5. Well currently Venus is semi protected by an ionized layer of gas, I don’t think that would work well with the thick atmosphere stripped
  6. I'll take "What is a lie?" for 800 points, Alex
  7. I think he's just joking around, anyways if he was serious there isn't any way the US gov will hand him uranium. Spacex has decent reputation but it's not a heritage company. I also don't trust him with that stuff either, his design and testing philosophy is kinda reckless. Also this could be posted in the science and spaceflight section.
  8. As many as you'd like, but I really doubt that he calculated the spin rate and how much gravity it would produce. You are more than welcome to calculate it yourself though. A rough guess for the diameter is somewhere around 50m. My rough calculations give me around 4.2 rotations per minute to provide about 1g.
  9. Disastrous is a gross exaggeration, other than the software glitch it hit all of it's benchmarks and was able to land perfectly.
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