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  1. With BDB changing a lot of hypergolic engines to use aerozine50/n204 you could add support for that. Monoprop is still used for RCS but it adds another fuel type for hypergolic engines.
  2. It sadly wasn’t. When designing this vehicle Boeing was looking to develop a cheap, big rocket that would complete its job in the simplest manner.
  3. 1. Separate part so we can kitbash a bit or something 2. I’d go with a pretty hefty crew size. Maybe 16 or 20. This thing is 150 feet tall anyways. both dependencies sounds good to me
  4. Okay great but this is literally a heat shield surrounded by miniature engines. No aerospike nozzle, no plug, just a simple slightly convex heatshield with a ring of nozzles. The only other example I can think of is Roton’s engine situation.
  5. I mean it's literally a ring of engines around a standard heat shield
  6. I think it is more of a ring of small engines around a heatshield than an aerospike.
  7. The simple statement, Mars Sucks. It just does, no way to make it habitable and it will probably end up killing any colonists. How about we spend those billions on ways. to make Earth and Human society more sustainable. Funding to clean energy ways to reduce waste Educating and promoting contraception so we can go back to a sustainable population Hell, maybe even looking into ways we can export heavy industry off planet But selling the idea of "making life multiplane blah blah blah" is just a quick snake oil pitch.
  8. This is really exciting to see that Terran 1 has decent margins for improvement. This rocket really can be a modern Delta II replacement, a payload class that has been unfulfilled for a while.
  9. I finally can find all of the Gemini parts. but someone with modding experience explain why Gemini and Leo really jacks up the search bar
  10. Great to see your getting back into the swing of modding
  11. Man these are sick. Love the tiny engines. Would it ever be possible to get stand alone monoprop engines. There are tons in the mod but they are all connected to an integrated fuel tank or some jazz.
  12. I used the strawman fairing and an Atlas 1.25m interstage packed with a bunch of avionics. @Jcking @Entr8899 I don’t think there is a SCORE part?
  13. You could but I’m not assuming tugs existed also a little dramatization for how ridiculous AES was
  14. are you using SRBWE? If so it isn't compatible with the latest waterfall update right now
  15. That’s a known issue. The small one is sorta working but colliders are still being worked on
  16. Invader made the new one. He made the apollo side but I think he forgot to make the Soyuz side. It’s in BDB
  17. So I usually call customer support to fix that but I have a simple workaround to save you some time . Start by unplugging the appliance and make sure that no electricity is flowing into it, id hate for you to get electrocuted lol Then take your tape off all of the openings to seal it and drop it into a bucket of mineral oil. A 5 gallon Home Depot bucket is best. Close the bucket and violently shake for exactly 26.45 seconds. Any longer and it will combust and any shorter the process will fail. After I’d normally proceed with a couple cold ones to relax but that’s up to you repeat step 2 again get a Bluetooth speaker and listen to Beethoven’s 9th in D minor. Make sure it’s a Bluetooth speaker so you penetrate the appliance in Blue waves. But make sure you don’t come close to the speaker or it will fry you. After all of this your system should be working great
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