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  1. Not referencing your work (you've done a beautiful job) but hot dang is that one ugly looking satellite.
  2. I haven’t seen any progress made by Axiom. All I see know are some fancy renders commissioned by some dude and an artist with big ambitions.
  3. Is there parallax support? Is there parallax support?
  4. If you go onto the GitHub page you’ll see a drop down menu that says master, click this and then you’ll see Apoll Saturn Revamp. Hit that and then download as usual.
  5. same here. most BO stuff is just speculation
  6. I always thought New Armstrong was supposed to be a fully reusable vehicle, I have a feeling that Jarvis is de facto NA.
  7. Thank you for being one of the only ones not just pointlessly dumping on blue origin or what they are doing. Lets just appreciate that space tourism is pretty awesome. Maybe not as exciting as full blown space missions but it's a start. These people are having the times of their lives and are living out childhood dreams, props to that and let's stay positive.
  8. They really need to start from ground zero. Get their priorities in line and focus down. This whole new shepherd space tourist crap is just fogging up their actual ambitions and responsibilities. Either be a space tourist company or actually make rockets, doesn't seem like they can do both.
  9. 1. The equipment would probably be installed by crews sent on dedicated landers and 2. Skylab wasn’t really a wet worship, Skylab was 95% assembled on the ground.
  10. This looks like an early texture job, looks amazing already but those small details are sure to come. or not
  11. Rope? I mean really any tensile material works, just depends on the parameters. Would you mind going into more depth about load and such.
  12. Oh my god that’s so incredible!!! I’ve never seen a rocket umbilical arm before!!!! How innovative!
  13. You mean the necessary ullage motors that push the rocket away from the spent S-IC and more importantly settle the propellant so the engines can fire.
  14. From what I've seen the art style for KSP2 is just as varied as KSP's. This also isn't a KSP2 thread so I'll leave it to that.
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