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  1. Yes. Often time the devs just copy paste the configs of one part into the other to quickly add it into game.
  2. Maybe a lesson to NASA that commercializing the most important piece of lunar architecture wasn’t a great idea
  3. So I have the mod and config pack installed and bang.. no sounds at all from the game. Is there a proper way to install the configs? I am so excited by the development but waiting to use the mod is killing me I do believe I've had this issue before with plume mods conflicting. I have these mods installed: Waterfall Waterfall Restock Realplume Reaplume stock
  4. Similar to what has been discussed for the past few pages this mod is abandoned
  5. So EVE’s volumetric clouds are quickly developing. How are you going to integrate them?
  6. To add on to this the module from Angel-125 has its own part so you could just grab that and clip it into your craft
  7. Angel-125’s new mod has a module that can recharge craft with deployable generators. I wonder if the BDB devs could integrate that.
  8. Could we also get a version of the Delta IV fairing without the payload adapter, the bare ring is nice for kit bashing.
  9. Try mechjeb PVG. Margins for that vehicle are also very tight already, I often finish my orbit insertion with the Gemini OMS.
  10. It's reddit and discord, all I can say is that stuff like that happen to everyone and you just let it be. At least on this forum everyone is pretty much supportive and there aren't any mob mentalities. If you stop here then you let those freaks win, just keep on pushing and show them that your could care less about what they say.
  11. That sounds awesome!! The grass textures in the ocean has been bugging me for a while lol
  12. Will the ground textures get some love. KSRSS earth is looking a bit aged great work!
  13. Would it be possible to get TU configs for the Auxiliary Propulsion Systems? Not a big deal but extra shiny is always appreciated
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