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  1. But doesn't living on mars for eternity as a eunuch sound fun? Especially when your habitat is a clump of dragon capsules.
  2. It was initially Musk's "Mars rocket" hence red dragon. At first it needed to be proven safe so it was only flown as the cargo version till now. From the start it always had propulsive landing in mind but never actually executed till the red dragon plans.
  3. At what stage will spacex for real build starship? Like actually build the thing.
  4. Going faster than 50 is a godsend in the states.
  5. Debatably, the asymmetric booster gives it some cool points.
  6. But isn’t this like an Alcubierre drive where you essentially “surf” a warp in space time, in this case your craft is perpetually falling forward. And there wouldn’t be any acceleration because only space time moves, you don’t.
  7. Something like this would be FTL, so whatever max speed would be would be faster than light.
  8. Again, SpaceX isn't competitors with any of those stated companies and those stated companies don't compete with SpaceX.
  9. But SpaceX does mostly commercial launches while the others are contractors for space agencies and militaries. So hopefully spacex launched more than them. A fair comparison would be between SpaceX and Rocketlab.
  10. It looks like they are keeping the old part style, what’s cool I guess but means I’ll have to wait for mods like this.
  11. Well the tanks are spherical so they can’t also double as the hull like most rockets do and the hull also provides aerodynamics and structural integrity.
  12. Dumb question but couldn't the RCS provide some umph to help deorbit?
  13. well, be my guest to live in a cave your whole life. @tater , SN15 was amazing, and it looked like they really got it down after all of those test runs but another failure could just show that SN15's success was just a fluke. So hopefully this flight works to show the feasibility of their grain tank.
  14. Hopefully this doesn't mean the dev team was dropped by the producers again!
  15. Now we get to see if Starship actually works or if it was just a fluke.
  16. I love them too, ugly but cool. They just don't look like any other rockets so I was wondering if their was a clear choice in the design.
  17. So could someone please explain to me why Russian rockets just look wierd. All other rockets look rockety but Russian rockets are just, um ugly.
  18. My answers have been sorta answered!
  19. Hrmm, barbarella was amazing, don’t talk bad about it. Especially the title scene.
  20. It’s mostly just the physics rather than the graphics. KSP is also rather unoptimized. A lot of players just tone down the graphics to compensate.
  21. the screen shots are very pixelated, it looks like your turned anti aliasing completely off.
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