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  1. Holy cow, you've successfully modeled the gravdrag system that Larry Niven used in his stories. I'm definitely using your FTL system over the others that are available.
  2. I was going through my persistent file trying to test the limits of this mod by manually increasing the R&D level for a given part (exponential science growth gets hard to meet, you see). I noticed that doing so had no effect on parts in game, despite their entries in persistent retaining the edited values. Is there a separate checksum file where these (real) values are kept that is overriding the changes to persistent? Or is there just a hard limit on improvement for ALL the options, and not just mass (which tops out in game at 9)?
  3. Oh oh oh, I understand now. If any of those mods affects a part, it can't be guaranteed that yours will also affect them, thanks. Well, dang. Then again, maybe I won't need TweakScale if I have yours (I mainly use it for extra oomph with regard to tanks and engines)... EDIT: Yep, don't need TS anymore. I have torchships.
  4. This mod is only applying to modded parts (and only some) for me, not for any of the stock parts and particularly not for any fuel tanks or engines. Does this have to do with CKAN or load order or something?
  5. I love this mod for the fact that it's based on original designer notes for the game, and thus "fits" the existing style. I was wondering (I'm sure it has been asked somewhere within 21 pages) if there are any plans to expand it to include the whole of NS's original plan (listed here), specifically the binary system and the extra number of tinier moons. I guess the rest of the post is already implemented by the mod or got used officially under new names.
  6. Terribly sorry if this has been asked in the past (perhaps I've even asked it), but going to SpaceDock I see plenty of mods that are both updated to 1.7.1 (or any given version) and which state that they are available on CKAN. When I go to CKAN, some are there, and some are missing (and have never been there for any previous version). Does SpaceDock require multiple CKAN repositories selected? Is there a CKAN-side cache somewhere that is broken (and has been for a while) and thus doesn't update to show the availability of these mods? Or do some of the mods on SpaceDock which claim CKAN support
  7. Oh great, thanks. I'll wait for that since I want CKAN to manage everything I have.
  8. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask or if it has already been answered, but is there something preventing MM from being updated to 1.7? It's not showing up as such on CKAN and I can't find a manual version anywhere else. Thanks.
  9. Ah, I see. That's probably it. I'll wait for MM, then. If that doesn't do it I'll ask again or try something else. CKAN is just too good to go back to hand-installing.
  10. I'm sure this has been answered a hundred times already, but as the forum search is broken and I'm not going through two threads of a hundred pages each, I'll ask again. Why is CKAN not displaying available updates correctly? Newest version of both CKAN and KSP. The mods in question are updated to the newest version of KSP and VISIBLE in CKAN already. It just refuses to allow me to install them, even though the version numbers match. They don't show up in the "compatible" list, which is stuck at 125 mods for 1.7. Is this a CKAN problem, a back-end archive problem, or my problem? Thanks.
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