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  1. There's probably not a single mod thread on the forums where someone doesn't say that about the particular mod being discussed. They all can't be in the game, actually I'm quite thankful they aren't. :) Back when this one worked I self-restricted its use, only structural and tanks; and tanks only when as the main part of a subsection of structure. I used it only for creating frames that connected to each other. The lifting portion of the vessel never got welds as it was shed away during ascent and gave you a nice kablooey on a crash. One time early in using it I welded 99% of a vesse
  2. "Good" is relative but 200+ parts plus the # of parts on your visiting vessel will usually result in poopy performance due to it calculating all the phZzzz... This mod used to be a godsend but ever since it's basically been left for vaporware, other mods it used have evolved to the point where you can't use it as-is. Lisias for all his good intent hasn't officially picked this up and has a bunch of other things to do so it's the waiting game or someone goes and learns up what you need to learn to rewrite this thing. I don't play this enough anymore to go and learn the things and Lisias' f
  3. Take the time required to get a solid release. My posts were virtual elbows hoping to nudge this project back awake as it's a top 3 must-have from my point of view. I didn't follow up on your replies because when someone says " I'm already overwhelmed" and you can already see they're doing a bunch of things I let them be. I did peek at this way back when it first broke to see if it was something I could "jimmie" on my own for myself and saw the MM issue but it also revealed to me that knowing c# isn't enough, I don't know Unity, I don't know the innards of KSP, I also don't know the innar
  4. This has always been a "must have" mod for me, having the ability to construct a general air(space)frame IMO has the game play better rather than the basic "LEGO" approach of 2000 parts of which 1700 are purely frame but still generating game lag. It also drastically enhances complex scenarios with multiple vessels and stations which would otherwise be unplayable. I'm very glad that someone still has interest in keeping this going while confused how this aspect keeps getting overlooked as a native feature of the game, in any case I've been monitoring this thread for a few months no
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