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  1. Germany stopped mining black cool some years ago since it's not economical any more.
  2. Well you can run ISRU unmanned it just takes awfully long. However you don't have to take life support or things like this (if you play with LS mods, I do) in account so I would say the negative sides outweight the negatives. Plus the fact that an unmanned mission will need a lot less weight (at least if you don't want to use the chair for kerbals) and you can easily build a lander which will be enough for Pol, Bop and Val. So unmanned Jool5 will still be a challenge but still a lot easier than manned.
  3. If you have the Claw you could build a rescue vessel for docking and transferring the Crew. Otherwise your battery plan should work too if you have an engineer for EVA construction
  4. Even If they use Unity 2021 LTS (might be true if they got early access and the information that it would be LTS soon) this doesn't need to mean that this will mean graphics/clouds etc like in the other referenced games/demos. Obviously this doesn't say it won't include them too. Of course this argument works in both directions. Personally I think that the most likely reason for the delays is that they had problems with implementing their intended main goals for KSP2 and quality assurance (aka testing and bug fixing). Since they had multiple delays I don't think it's likely that they implementend stuff like in the demos when they still had other work to do. But we can't be sure: Of course the other reason for the delay might be that they wanted to use the shiny new features and needed the time. Since none of the developers will talk about it (they want to keep their job and propably signed NDAs on their first day on the project) we won't know before the actual release of KSP2. Either way: This demos actually don't proof anything.
  5. But why? I started again after a break and just wanted to slap me for don't playing so long. Can't you try to join some online communitys/classes/workshops. There are a lot for dulcimer so I would except that there is a lot for fiddle/violins too. To bad I live in Germany so I always sleep when the online events start
  6. Well the implementation is actually not a full blown simulation but the use of precalculated data because you would need high performance (like used in clusters in big data centers for scientific purposes) systems for a real simulation. Which is fine for it's intended use case: Teaching how to do atmosphere science with MPAS (the software to do the simulations): https://www.kerbalwxproject.space/presentations The developer also has an image of the server to do the calculations: It took around six hours: https://www.kerbalwxproject.space/background Please note, that this is just for Kerbin: For every other body with weather it must be done too! So this kind of simulation is obviouvsly not possible in realtime. But let's say we stick with precalculated data just doing visuals: With the detail you envision (by comparing to other games with different goals/gameplay) they will need appropriate hardware. Which will propably be not what every potential customer have. Not to be misunderstood: This is NOT intended as a bashing against KWP. I think it's a great project and can't image how much work it needed to get it running plus the writing and publishing the papers based on it. The developer has been invited to scientific conferences because of it and quite rightly and highly deservedly so. So: Big kudos and respect to cmet24! But: It's just not a good base to talk about the idea of weather in KSP2
  7. KWP is a great project but it's NOT a simulation like the one you are talking about. First: It uses precalculated data (depending on the used data for one or ten years). Seconds: It doesn't contain a visual representation (e.G. effects of weather on buildings, mud after rain storms etc). As said in it's description: Of course but one can guess: What's more likely? That the developers will develop a new future they never mentioned before in the remaining time till release or the final quality assurance/bugfixing/implementation of the essential gameplay? Due to my own experience in a large software project (which had way more developers than KSP2) I expect the latter. Do you have a good argument why the first one is more plausible and why it's weather instead of some other cool feature they never talked before? Well I'm not everybody then since as I said in another thread (I think I even got some likes) I prefer a finished game still playable on older machines to further delays and a game which only runs on high end gaming rigs. I also thinks that any weather effect just make sense if it's realistic enough to make game play more interesting without getting too complex (in terms of gameplay and needed hardware). Tbh I'm quite sceptical about "earlier renders" or other footage as a proof. It might have been a kind of concept study which was later thrown away (e.G because it turned out that weather/storm/different visual weather effects are to complex with the given time constraints so the focus shifted to things which were considered to be more important). And a lot of planet mods for KSP1 not to forget Jool or Eve have a thick atmosphere too. But we don't have visisble weather effects in KSP1 (not even with the weather mod!).
  8. I think the problem is not whether your ideas are interesting (they are) but whether they are realistic and might be implemented. To be honest: I'm quite sceptical in this regard. In a former job I worked in a software project for a car manufacturer (no not the software behind Dieselgate ). Although I wasn't a developer (I was a part of the infrastructure guys and gals to provide the developers with the tools to actually be able to do their job) I got some insights how software development projects might have problems (and they have always problems). For example the developers struggled a lot to get the software stable (you don't want a crash in your navigation system during a long journey) thus they coudn't focus on the cool new features which were also planned. So it was decided by the management of our company and the customers management that not necessary features woudn't be included but be implemented in later Updates. This was done after several project delays and still with that we struggled to finish without further delays and implement at least some of the planned new features. So: What do we know about KSP2 development? Not a lot since (like every company Intercept and TakeTwo keep their mouth shut about their problems) but the project was delayed several times. So based on my experiences I would except that they also decided to just implement the thinks which are considered as essential for the project. A full blown weather simulation propably isn't part even if it was considered at the beginning of the project. If it wasn't considered before it's unlikely that they will develop it in the remaining time to the release next year. Most likely they will focus on bug fixing/testing/other quality assurance and finishing the essential game. Everything else woudn't be in the interest of the investors (aka TakeTwo) since they want to get their return of investment. More delays means a later and (with bad luck less due do the current economic situation) cashflow. Thus: Don't expect that any shiny ideas which were not planned right from the beginning or suggested before the first delays will be present in the games stock version. What I can imagine: Depending on the sales some of these non-essential things (e.G. Weather simulation) might be part of a DLC if they think there is an audience for it. Since the community here is quite devided on this idea I'm not even sure that this will be happening (again due to economic reasons not because people hate weather simulations). But it's more likely than your ideal weather simulation as part of KSP2s stock. Sorry for playing cassandra, this is NOT mean't as a personal insult or something like this. I'm just sceptical and doubt that the team will be able to implement your ideas in the remaining time till release. DLCs or updates are another beast though
  9. You are missing a ore container. Maybe this is the problem? You also seem to missing radiators which will lead to a shutdown of the drills/ISRU. You might want to have look on this old (but still mostly valid) tutorial on mining: Two caveats though: 1. The images in the forum post are missing, but there is a link to the steam thread which still has the images and screenshots. 2. It uses solar panels as radiators, this woudn't work today. You will need real radiators and depending on the type you might need to attach them directly to the ISRU/drills to make them work. So best experiment on kerbin or with HyperEdit/Cheat Menu ->Set Orbit to get an idea what's working and what's not.
  10. Even this would be quite complex to be simulated. Propably not so complex as the simulations for actual weather reports (which are made with super computers to simulate the weather for the next days and still have errors) but still complex enough to hit the performance. And KSP2 isn't supposed to run just on the newest and fastest gaming rig but on older pcs too. Not every potato which was supported by KSP1 but I would expect that it it system requirements to be near the typical new PC on the original release date (2-3 years ago). Why? Because it wouldn't make sense from a economical point of view: The investors want to sell as many copys as possible. Thus creating a epic game which can just be played by gamers with access to the newest and most expensive gaming rig, wouldn't make sense. One might argue that the KSP weather mod don't seems to have performance issues (never played it bust just read this: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/199347-18x-111x-kerbal-weather-project-kwp-v100/page/3/ ) but it's running with precalculated data If I unterstand everything correctly. And it's not even doing visual effects (like snow, lightings, clouds etc pp). So: It might be possible that a kind of easy weather model be included. It might even be fun/ good enough for playing (I mean KSP1s atmosphere model is kind of dumb but for most people (people without FAR) it meant years of entertainment). But it propably won't be the detailed, complex, fancy simulation you love to see. Just my two cents, Jost.
  11. Hate to be that guy but I actually would prefer no wind at all. As Linuxgurugamer pointed out simulations comes with a cost. Since I play this game mostly for the fireworks (aka I don't build and fly planes a lot and I don't enjoy them very much. Building, launching and flying moar boosters in contrary: Count me in!) I would hate to get a slower game for some (imho) not needed feature. On the other hand I can admit that some simulations might be interesting even for me aka to build VEGA-style Eve Balloon for planets/moons with an atmosphere. But to make it fun the simulation needs to be complex enough, that the result of each mission doesn't gets to predictable. Which would mean: A more complex simulation, meaning worse performance. So while this sounds like a awesome idea with a lot of potential for epic missions I fear the potential negative effects outweight the positive ones. If you disagree (since you prefer spaceplanes or for whatever reason else) that's fine. Different kerbals have different tastes Just my two cents
  12. Another option would be grabbing Jeb's pod with the claw, then transfer Jeb to the rescue ship with Transfer crew https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Advanced_Grabbing_Unit
  13. I'm playing accoustic guitar and mountain dulcimer since two years. It's far from virtuous but quite decent. I also started mandolin lessons three months ago but up to now I managed just one children song on it.
  14. Everywhere in the stock system: And some places of the OuterPlanetMod and MinnorPlanet mods
  15. The image for the badge doesn't seem to work any more. Is there a way to get it for a kind of mirror of it?
  16. Well a community manager needs to communicate not just with the community but the developers/project managers etc as well. So I would assume, that any (former or now) community manager actually has a lot more insight how software development works than some guy/girl in a forum thread. I myself didn't worked as community manager or software developer in video games ever. But I was part of a team responsible for the infrastructure in a large software project for a car manafacturer. We had a lot more developers than the KSP2 team, non the less a lot of features were removed (after approval from our customer) and datelines shifted because it turned out, that things are not so easy as they seemed. Were our customer happy about it? No. Were our managment happy? No (since we would only get payed by the customer after the released of the product aka the first cars were deployed with our baby on it). Did we manage to finally finish the project and deliver a working software to the customer? Yes, we did. Any in later releases the removed features were to be added via updates (At least this was the idea when I left. I left before Covid though so I don't know how the pandemic situation made things worse. I would at least accept some problems since part of our infrastructure relied on a local network for performance. However: Since I know the abilities of my former coworkers I assume that they managed to deliver the planned additional features, propably with pandemic induces delays.) We didn't had to argue with angry gamers though, which was propably a big advantage. Angry customers and their project managers are worse enough So sorry to disagree with you: Due to my own experiences (although with different software than games) I think the arguments of RayneCloud are actually more convincing than your complaints about some conspiracy.
  17. Feel free to "borrow" ideas from my Evepollo mission: https://imgur.com/gallery/ZACFq6J I would never managed it without the help from this community so you might consider some of the advice I got: Note, that the mission profile changed for Kerpollo (just Val on the lander instead of three kerbals)
  18. For my Kerpollo it was the other way round, I did Eeloo before Moho although the though of sending my Kerbals to this remote ice ball without direct communication cringed me out. Actually I wanted to go for Moho but in the end I didn't manage a transfer without loosing too much delta-v. Regarding ISRU: Steam has a tutorial (with images) from 2015: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=437378871 Although some things changed (today solar panels doesn't help with heat dissipation you need ratiators) and some parts are not really needed (aka the rover) it's a great help to get a first idea. The tutorial was also posted to this forum (images are broken) the discussion was big help for me too: Good luck with Eve and the no contracts challenge. Happy rocketing
  19. I feel your pain. I felt similiar when I tried to do my first manned Eve return (in this challenge). Since this forum was a big help I would like to help you too. Care to share your craft file? Since you are a quite good (going to Moho and back without ISRU needs serious skills) player I think, that there can't be something wrong with your design decisions. If you like I can have a look and might give some hints what can be improved. Regarding ISRU: Imho it's doesn't make things more difficult but a lot easier. A Jool 5 however might not be the first mission to learn it though. So I would suggest to experiment in a sandbox or another Science game (with hacked science points so you hage the same tech tree like in your Kerpollo game). Design a ISRU-Lander then go to Minmus, then to the mun. Next to Duna and Ike. If you manage to build a lander who works on every of these bodys it's quite likely that it'l work for a Jool 5 too. You can test it by cheating the lander in the orbit of each Jool moon and trying to land and return. I woudn't use ISRU for Laythe (nothing beats planes there) and for Tylo a dedicated lander might be smarter. Some foods for thought: In a normal career game I never ever use the smaller ISRUs drills and refiner, since they have less efficency and everything takes longer. I play with Life support mode so I don't have the time. Kerpollo is different: It doesn't matter how long the mining takes, as long as you have ore. So: Use just the big drills (the lighter ones are only working on areas with big ore quantities) and the small ISRU refiner (weights a lot less->More delta-v). At Jool you can't power everything with solar power so take some fuel cell arrays. Since you can mine for fuel you can create a kind of perpetum mobile. You will need a RTG or small solar device to get the mining rig running when you are out of EC. In regarding to heat mangment: The wiki has some infos, I tend to just use the biggest ones: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Thermal_Control_System_(large) But If you need to save weight you can also use the medium panels, you will just have to work out where to place it since it needs to be near the devices in neat of a cool breeze: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Radiator_Panel_(large) I know that this might be a litte overwhelming but for me ISRU was one of the most straight forward things I did in Kerbal ever. One caveat for Kerpollo though: In normal missions I plan to land several times to fill my fuel tanks up to the brim. In Kerpollo this is forbidden by the challenge rules so you need to be careful in mission planning. And: Using a probe sat for discovering the regions with ore is allowed but you need to deattach the satelite before starting the landings. Best deal for the sat is a light probe powered by an ion engine. Since solar power is limited at jool and RTGs don't generate much EC/s t o start with your engine won't have it's full thrust. But it's enogh and that's all, that matters. Manoeuvers will need a little bit longer but it's bearable. For some inspiration here is the album of my Kerpollo Jool5: https://imgur.com/gallery/CG093Wr There is a lot of room to improvement, since I brought science equipment (tbh not needed if your tech tree is already full), used the larger ISRU, I brought more kerbals than needed (so the mothership can be a lot lighter) and didn't had a taximodule. But maybe you get some ideas, best wishes, Jost.
  20. If you are not using any mods for adding radiation I would use nervs for efficiency. If you use a mod with added radiation you could shield the shuttle so they are not an issue.
  21. Nope I don't plan this. I' mostly playing with OPM. Used to play with MPE too, but since it's broken at the moment I don't use it. And none of them has multiple stars. . Thanks for the answer Will try saving the craft tomorow and report whether it works as expected
  22. I got an error "Unknown part KopernicusSolarPanel" on existing craft files in the VAB after updating with CKAN so I went back to the previous version.
  23. According to following thread some planets which uses Gilly as template don't work until changing the template to Minmus thus changing the apearance of them (last pages should have it):
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