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  1. Nice work! How do you fly the shuttles into orbit, and how do you land them? How do you determine when to begin the de-orbit burn?
  2. Honestly, the helicopter blade parts should make a whop-whop-whop noise when they turn-slight annoyed that they don’t.
  3. I personally believe the NTSB theory, I was just was curious about the physics.
  4. I’m not sure how much the CofG moved. I know the plane was climbing, so it would been trimmed to climb and would have had a high power setting, but how much, or if the explosion moved the flight/power plant control cables, I don’t know.
  5. In the case of TWA Flight 800, after the nose separated, the rest of the plane began to climb. This makes sense, as there would’ve be a rearward shift of the center of mass, and the plane was already trimmed to climb, with a high throttle setting. But how come the plane didn’t pitch up so far that it stalled?
  6. Real flying wings use spoilers-because of the relatively short fuselage, a very large tailing and rudder would be needed, eliminating the drag/RCS reduction. You might as well use a normal plane.
  7. Thanks-I know that some flying wings use dihedral to increase roll stability, but I don’t know if KSP simulates this. I also don’t know if it simulates different angles of incidence generating different amounts of lift, allowing one one to both lift the plane and go it pitch stability. Further, would a plane without full yaw stability/control suffered severe Dutch roll?
  8. Is it possible to use wing panels to construct a larger, airfoil-shaped wing with air intakes imbedded in it to make something like this: Also, I know that for pitch/roll control, IRL flying wing use elevons, which is possible by assigning control surfaces to handle both movements. Flying wings also have rudders which consist of two identical flaps on each wingtip that open outwards up and down from the tip, only one side at once for yaw, and both for air brakes. While air brakes are useful in KSP, as long as the plane is stable in yaw, it wouldn’t need yaw controls because it can roll to turn, and KSP doesn’t model engine failures or crosswinds. Would a flying wing with just elevens work?
  9. Thanks. I got the Analogue Comtrol Continued mod, so hopefully that will help me control planes better.
  10. I’ve been trying to fly an around the KSC but cannot keep the on a steady flight path no mater what-can someone please give some advice?
  11. A totally aircraft game with more airfields to fly to would be nice.
  12. AFAIK, a blimp filled with breathing gas would float in the Venus atmosphere.
  13. It should be possible to make using Breaking Ground, but I remember reading that KSP’s aerodynamic model isn’t smart enough for them to make a non-aesthetic difference.
  14. On my first Kerbin-orbital flight, while my ship was reentering, I had to open a door for somebody and forgot to deploy the parachute. Jeb impacted the sea at a very high speed.