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  1. Thanks. I got the Analogue Comtrol Continued mod, so hopefully that will help me control planes better.
  2. I’ve been trying to fly an around the KSC but cannot keep the on a steady flight path no mater what-can someone please give some advice?
  3. A totally aircraft game with more airfields to fly to would be nice.
  4. AFAIK, a blimp filled with breathing gas would float in the Venus atmosphere.
  5. It should be possible to make using Breaking Ground, but I remember reading that KSP’s aerodynamic model isn’t smart enough for them to make a non-aesthetic difference.
  6. On my first Kerbin-orbital flight, while my ship was reentering, I had to open a door for somebody and forgot to deploy the parachute. Jeb impacted the sea at a very high speed.
  7. I always liked IVA better because most of the gauges looked just like that-like gauges in an airplane, not weird counters like the normal speed/altitude read outs. I also use the aero data from Alt-F12 because it feels like I’m reading FDR data.
  8. I don’t know if it uses a like does, or if that would be an improvement, or how to code this.
  9. Burn prograde at periapsis and until it matches the apoapsis
  10. I wonder if it was a reference to
  11. Thanks! I recommend that everyone on here should watch ASAP.
  12. I saw that as soon as I saw the photos Recomended to use joystick!-just like a cyclic control
  13. I’m confused-I thought bird insect-style flight was the only way. Could you please explain?
  14. I concur-cylindrical fuselages make it hard to make :
  15. That great, except when you only need to launch one or the other..