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  1. Made a few modifications with cryo engines, procedural parts, and b9p procedural wings. Thank you for making this such a flexible and perfect sized space plane core! More specifically I'm betting with FAR and Deadly Reentry that in JNSQ it's going to be much harder to stop it from blowing up due to overheating on reentry
  2. Wonderful work! Love the modularity and style of the models! Also, this mod DOES work with FAR and Deadly Reentry. Stable control during decent and it just barely didn't blow up! Although a scaled game may require alterations
  3. Stock settings menu when you create a save, option for "persistent loadout"
  4. If you can dream it, you can build it in KSP
  5. Been having fun flying on Frontier! So far, max altitude for air breathing engines seems to be 19km and the max speed I've hit with a standard plane at that altitude is 2.466km/s Definitely a blast!
  6. I'll stick with plain 1.10 since this is the latest fully stable release and just mod in features that the devs no longer have the resources to properly implement.
  7. My two cents on general design Booster type engines could have a max burn time of 220 seconds Hydrolox type engines could be 8.5 minutes Any monoprop engine could have unlimited ignitions and no max burn time for simplicity and flexibility of design Glad to see you taking this on!
  8. Brain: I should build a space shuttle to deliver stuff to my base on the moon! Me: Oh, I may have gone a little Kerbal with this design...
  9. Setting up a surface station on minimus (2.5x) Got the station ready to produce rocket parts, now to send the drilling rig!
  10. A suggestion, since some radiation shields comprise fuel/water/oxygen tanks does it make sense for this to be able to be filled with something after deployment?
  11. For a science only playthrough I'd suggest cheating 999 science points and cranking up the fund return for missions
  12. For anyone building a com network stationary orbit altitude for Frontier is 9,689 km
  13. Playing this with Angelcan Progression, only been around Scar and Frontier, I really like that the planets have been tuned to account for the engines being overpowered in a stock install
  14. Realistic Restock and Procedural Tanks Just updated, procedural parts is still a dependency but Restock plus isn't so long as you have making history installed (Technically neither is Restock but highly recommended because it's beautiful). I love procedural tanks since they simplify design and declutter my fuel tank menu but also wanted to tweak things since stock is overpowered.
  15. No idea how to disable it but the time between needing to rest can be extended by assigning Kerbals to training under the rp0 menu button
  16. Restock plus is a dependency for now, I could work on making the straight restock engines fit. I was just inspired that the restock plus engine galleon really resembles the F1
  17. RRPT is a set of MM configs to tweak Restock(ed) engines and Procedural Parts tanks to allow more real(ish) rockets. Basic goal, real(ish) rocket sizes and percentage payload to low kerbin orbit. RRPT https://spacedock.info/mod/2874/RRPT https://github.com/dgxt002/RRPT DEPENDENCIES: Note: Restock Plus is only needed if you don't have Making History installed Restock/Restock+ Procedural Parts https://github.com/KSP-RO/ProceduralParts Early work: tweaked "mixed" procedural liquid tank volume to require more realistic tank size restock/stock engines tweaked for more realistic isp values and thrust "schnauzer" / "Wolfhound"--> AJ10-137 "caravel" / "Skiff" --> J2 "galleon" / "Mastedon" --> F1 "spark" --> LM propulsion License: MIT
  18. I did remove the city lights folder to eliminate strobing ground effect from overlapping configs, but otherwise this plus Parallax looks fantastic!
  19. Can confirm that this plus Paralax stock textures is excellent!
  20. Thank you, that did the trick. Trying to avoid ckan since putting together a modbashed ksp right now is challenging with mods targeting three different version.
  21. Log file after new release, main menu is unresponsive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EFdgdaaVixgLP6jbMV8VQeBlVafwQlqU/view?usp=sharing
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