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  1. Are you using Paralax 2.0? Switch to the last version rss doesn't support it yet.
  2. Agreed, mechjeb also does 50/50 burn start time. Simple explanation without going into vectors is you need to start the burn halfway before the total length of the burn to balance out your change in direction with your change in speed to end the burn at the right direction and speed.
  3. Aerobee had a solid first stage derived from wac corporal. If you're recreating this make sure to ignite the second stage before the solid stage burns out (tank ulage)
  4. Looks great! Only suggestion I have is to include procedural parts and fairings. The simplicity of design and lower part count for tanks is something you don't appreciate until you go back to a game without them.
  5. It will automatically dump, same for wastewater and waste. Logic being they just vent it to space
  6. Mechjeb has a settings menu that let's you chose which corner of the screen to put the drop down menu
  7. .3m/s is also the standard release velocity for docking ports when the release force is set to zero so makes sense
  8. Ah, much nicer! Deleted the scatterer config and it's back to normal Thank you!
  9. This is with a TUFX profile. I like it, gives it a "we're in the VERY early stages of colonizing/terraforming this planet.
  10. For anyone looking for a more challenging and surprisingly realistic setup for this pack, Rescale 10x and smurff. Nearly same orbital speed as earth and a quick satellite rocket capable of geostationary resulted in a payload to low orbit ratio of 4% (real earth is 5%)
  11. Reporting this pack works with rescale just need to include KSC Switcher to put the space center back on the ground for high scales.
  12. Advanced Jet Engine would be be worth looking at
  13. For anyone in my situation of wanting realism but kerbalized food for thought: 35 F1 engines flew 42 J2 engines flew Largest pressure vessel (2,827m^3) Heaviest tracked vehicle 14,200 tons Leading me to be ok with a very large rocket (700 tons to orbit?)
  14. Hmm... I see Spider Man about to be eaten by Ba'al not sure what that says about me...
  15. Anyone else getting a NaN errors for sspx 3 meter parts? [ERR 20:25:33.616] RF: CalculateTankBoiloff found NaN part.temperature on sspx-core-1875-1 (Part) [ERR 20:25:33.617] RF: CalculateTankBoiloff found NaN part.temperature on sspx-inflatable-centrifuge-125-2 (Part) [ERR 20:25:33.642] RF: CalculateTankBoiloff found NaN part.temperature on sspx-core-1875-1 (Part) [ERR 20:25:33.642] RF: CalculateTankBoiloff found NaN part.temperature on sspx-inflatable-centrifuge-125-2 (Part)
  16. Sorry, thought it would be that easy. Looks like you have to identify the module as well @PART[engine] { @Module[ModuleEngine*] { ignitions = how many } }
  17. Sure, just write an mm patch and edit the ignitions Example: @PART[engine] { @ignitions = how many }
  18. Should be no problem to use this in JNSQ. They're both the same scale so numbers should match up and editing out the real fuels shouldn't effect the kerbalism fuel cell. RR really just makes isru more realistic due to placement of resources on bodies.
  19. For anyone using this in a realism type setup, here's a patch for you. **This is my personal setup for KSRSS with Real Fuels and Kerbalism** *Only applies to main shuttle body* Adjust values to your preference/setup @PART[OV] { @rescaleFactor = 2.5 @mass *= 2 } @PART[OV]:FOR[RealFuels] { !RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] {} MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 4000 type = ServiceModule } } @PART[OV]:NEEDS[ProfileDefault]:FOR[KerbalismDefault] { !MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter] {} !RESOURCE[ElectricCharge] {} MODULE { name = ProcessController resource = _FuelCell title = H2+O2 fuel cell capacity = 0.66 //1 valve_i = 1 } MODULE { name = Configure title = Fuel Cell slots = 1 SETUP { name = Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell desc = Burns <b>Hydrogen</b> gas and <b>Oxygen</b> gas, producing <b>Water</b> as a by-product. MODULE { type = ProcessController id_field = resource id_value = _FuelCell } } }
  20. For anyone playing KSRSS a quick mm patch of @rescaleFactor = 2 and @mass * = 3 feels more realistic to me. Let me know if you come up with better numbers. For clarity I'm only using crewed capsules, with procedural tanks and sstu engines with this real fuels patch
  21. For anyone pairing this with procedural parts and/or fairings. Closest TU color I've come to for tantares green is (R: 108 G: 132 B: 91) specular and metallic at 0 with Detail set to 500
  22. 4.0 is in the works, maybe 75% of main work is done per github RemoteTech is not recommended with Kerbalism, I'd suggest Real Antennas
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