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  1. For the longest of times I thought I bought the KSP game and the making history expansion together (which btw, isnt possible cause it wasnt out yet back then) and I always wondered what mods people where using for certain boosters or other things. Never really could find it but also didnt wanna bother anyone so I didnt ask. Then breaking grounds came out, bought it and had extra stuff. I was happy. Then a few days ago (about 5 years after first buy) I notice that it has info on Breaking Grounds in the main menu. >>Hmm.jpg W h e r e is the Making history info? I goto steam, I dont have it. I never had it lmao. Im so dense. Anyway I found this really funny so I had to share it. Im really enjoying all the new items I have now so it all ended happily ever after
  2. So after a break from KSP I decided to launch the game once more. I saw an update, installed it and opened the game. Excited as I was for a possible fix for the deployed science message spam I read the patch note. I couldnt click it away. I couldnt scroll. Anything. So I alt-f4'd out of it and restarted KSP. This time the resolution was 1/4th of my screen but it worked. Read the patch, set the settings to full screen and yay, I can play (maybe finally land that asteroid). To my big suprise, I dont have any savefiles anymore. None. 500 hours of hard work, gone. Now what? Is there a way I can get this back? Or am I doomed to start over once more?
  3. So I was doing it right in the beginning lol, although I put more antennas on for symmetrical purposes. Man. Thanks for the info.
  4. I was thinking this too. All my first missions were single flight (manned and unmanned) runs cause I was too stubborn to go into orbit first haha. Now that I do though life is so much easier. But for real, Ive landed on, and returned from The Mun, Minmus, Duna and Eve in a single flight. But with Eve I got stuck in high kerbal orbit on return and had to refuel. So, I dunno.
  5. I was gonna say the same, then I remembered the difference between cargo bay and service bay. Try putting 2 servcebays around it. Place science Jr. first and then the service base over the Jr.
  6. It cant be dying. I havent even visitedall the planets yet. Only have till next April to actually do everything. *shrugs*
  7. Well Ive launched 64 satellites this morning (32, at once and did 2 flights) to kindof recreate Starlink. Right now Im trying to land a class C asteroid but 4 hours in and Ive only got it in 80km orbit of kerbin lmao. An asteroid does not slow down much that I can tell you
  8. Im currently trying to land on Duna for the first time. I gambled it had an atmosphere (forgot to actually look it up lol) and eventhough it did I learned it was a very low atmosphere the hard way. So second try is on its way as we speak.
  9. The biggest lesson KSP has taught me is that I need to rethink everything I do. My vision isnt always the best way. Adapt and improve. Keep trying and eventually Ill succeed. I started my second playthrough a few weeks ago and remembering the intens struggle I had half a year ago I now coast through the first part of the game quite nicely. This means I actually learned stuff. Thank you KSP.
  10. So Ive been looking around in KSP and here to find a way to turn off the messages from deployed science cause its getting out of control. I am halfway a Duna mission and I got 1047 messages saying I got 0.001 science. I am pretty ocd so it needs to go. Lmao Anyone that can tell me how? Im probably blind and not seeing the obvious so if this is the case I apologise in advance
  11. I'd give it an 8/10. It was quite steep but really rewarding at the same time. Not impossible but sometimes it requires a lot of trial and error, rethinking and reinventing yourself. I can see why some people might not like that. I mean I once went to my moms birthday and I sat there cranky staring at the floor. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her about me trying to dock for the first time and trying ot for 7 hours straight and failing miserably. It was all I could think about. But its inspiring too. And gave me some insight in where my strengths and weaknesses are in general.
  12. From this: folds to this omg Im so happy. No more clunky landing pods that are unstable and weird. huraaaaaay EDIT: I had to re-do the foldable engine thing because weight (obviously) is a thing. I found out the fuel pipes extend with the folding engines so I used the largest alligator hinge and actually landed successfully on the moon. This was amazing.
  13. Omg everything including the landing gear thats twice as wide as the lander fits inside the fairing. Im so happy right now
  14. I was just about to mention this. Pistons go through objects. It seems impossible to attach something to it. Sad cause that was the part I was looking forward too the most.
  15. I tried to dock with debris once cause I wasnt paying attention. But it never flew into me. Yet. Except for close quarters jettisoning/then rotating into it ofc.
  16. Getting away from the Mun and Minus requires far less fuel than getting away from Kerbin because the gravitational pull is way lower and they have no atmosphere. My tip is to keep 1 set of fuel tanks and engine(s) just for getting back and try to land that on the Mun with the landing gear. This secures a safe way back. Or at least thats how I did it.
  17. It would be nice if we got added plantbased experiments like China is planning on the moon (a small 50x50cm greenhouse with small plants in it) or foldable and deployable builings which can fit in a service bay the size of the largest tuel tank. Or a 3d printer as experimental tech. All with the idea of colonizing other planets with kerbals. Isnt that far of a stretch is it?
  18. Good stories. They are all similar to mine thank God haha. Today I tried a new docking mission to expand another low orbit station (around 100k km) which went to fast at my first attempt (cause I did it wrong) and launched an actual high orbit station just to practice docking. Only to then find out to height doesnt really matter lol. Anyway, I failed again. At 30m away from the station I noticed I used a clamp jr on the station and I have a clamp sr on my ship. I tried to dock a few times and it didnt work. *googling intensifies* oh, they dont dock together.. great.. xD. Back to the drawing board. [snip]
  19. I had to look up what it is, I guess that answers the question haha.
  20. This is actually good advice. Im going to try that out. Thanks! And yes, I also did 3 or 4 ragequits haha. So I guess Im not slow then. Good to know ^^ And it has indeed ben by far the most challenging thing Ive done.
  21. I landed on the moon and flew back for the first time with a set of tourists and tons of science. I also performed my first docking procedure succesfully. 10/10
  22. So I was wondering how much Im still a noob or not compared to the other people on this forum. Today I finally docked my first space station expansion (called The Expension Pack) after a trillion attempts. Well actually it was about 30. It took me an entire day to figure out how it works, how I must manoeuvre in orbit, how to get close and how to freaking dock cause thats a whole nother ballpark lol. I never used RCS for anything for instance and I placed my thrusters in such a way that by pushing up it went down and right and vice versa in all directions. This posed a challenge. But since I saved halfway through the manoeuvre I couldnt go back and change it. I saw the station fly by, fly into the expansion, I pushed it away so many times. Decoupled my final rockets too late and it crashed into me when the magnets worked etc etc. Finally, I did it. YHUS. It made me very happy but at the same time it made me wonder how bad I actually did. So my question is: how long did it take you guys to perform your very first docking procedure?
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