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  1. Yeah I realize how HUGE that quote is now... and thanks for telling me about the functioning flares!
  2. Will full Scatterer support be coming soon? Or at least a patch to delete the broken Mesbin Scatterer?(Scatterer thinks Mesbin is Kerbin so you see a weird blue ball inside of Mesbin while orbiting)
  3. Mangu

    Galaxies Unbound Series

    Oh boy! It’s back! I can’t wait for voon to come back in the stock overhaul!
  4. Oooh! That is some serious eye candy! I’m absolutely gonna try this out with Kerbol origins and outer planets installed!
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! I am definitely going to play this pack in career soon!
  6. Thank you very much! I am definitely going to start a full career mode playthrough soon!
  7. @GregroxMun A small Problem... I cannot timewarp at all in the soi of bravo. I have no idea why...
  8. @GregroxMun I just got a contract to mine 600 units of ore on statmun which has no ore - it would be great if you could fix statmun’s contracts to not ever include ore as a requirement. Thanks!