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  1. I’ve recently began a career mode on 1.12.2 on Jool! In my headcanon the Kerbals are living on a superorganism somehow.. I’ve setup explodium light breathing engines to appear in the tech tree early instead of the normal explodium engines, so planes can be built to fly in Jool’s atmosphere. I might stream later, made it out of the atmosphere but orbit is gonna need some serious innovation, 10km/s of high twr thrust is gonna be fun.
  2. We are going to make a new thread to the new GitHub some point soon. It’ll probably be very similar to the original and the download will be too.
  3. I will be. The fork will be posted on here soon enough. A small team has formed on the kopernicus server and is at work upgrading, optimizing, and adding to this mod. We wish to honor TheProtagonists original wishes in his roadmap on GitHub, which we will be following closely.
  4. Same! Didn't have it before though, github may have been hacked...
  5. Sounds like you accidentally deleted squad or squad is broken, not this mod.
  6. The file is broken, says it is invalid when i attempt to open the zip.
  7. What have I done... Also, Kormin and Tide are looking AMAZING! Can't wait!
  8. I don't want to sound like a nag, but can we expect part 2 in a time span of like, two weeks? Or will it be done when its done? Also, HYPE!
  9. nice! I thought it would have more g's, but that makes sense because its made of water.
  10. I believe he meant the second to last water-world (i'm curious too, looks like a challenge!)
  11. Dang! This isn't getting enough love, I just found this and it looks amazing!
  12. Whoa... This is awesome!! Can't wait for this to come out!
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