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  1. What have I done... Also, Kormin and Tide are looking AMAZING! Can't wait!
  2. I don't want to sound like a nag, but can we expect part 2 in a time span of like, two weeks? Or will it be done when its done? Also, HYPE!
  3. nice! I thought it would have more g's, but that makes sense because its made of water.
  4. I believe he meant the second to last water-world (i'm curious too, looks like a challenge!)
  5. Dang! This isn't getting enough love, I just found this and it looks amazing!
  6. Alright! That’s cool, just wanted to know if there were planned releases.
  7. Quick question, what is the planned release date for part 2 and part 3? I am really enjoying the mod so far but would love to know when it will expand
  8. Small issue... using kittopiatech, i am unable to export eve... any help? Edit: can’t with laythe either... maybe something to do with oceans?
  9. Yeah I realize how HUGE that quote is now... and thanks for telling me about the functioning flares!
  10. Will full Scatterer support be coming soon? Or at least a patch to delete the broken Mesbin Scatterer?(Scatterer thinks Mesbin is Kerbin so you see a weird blue ball inside of Mesbin while orbiting)
  11. Oh boy! It’s back! I can’t wait for voon to come back in the stock overhaul!
  12. Oooh! That is some serious eye candy! I’m absolutely gonna try this out with Kerbol origins and outer planets installed!