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  1. @Mossconfig, Yes this is mainly balanced for 1.0x up to 2.7x (JNSQ). Everything above (6.4x or 10x) will be really hard and maybe even impossible. If you are using Real Solar System, there’s only Realism Overhaul. RO does a bit more (ie part scaling) but in its core it holds all the RealFuels configs.
  2. Uuuh, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this already pickup shortly before this?
  3. The answer to both of your question is no. (Theoretically and technically 2. would decrease loading times, as KSP wouldn't have to parse the CFG anymore, but it's its so small it won't be noticeable or even really measurable). Despite the CFG being disabled KSP still loads all models files. So you would have to change the model files extensions to somewhat else that isn't known to KSP (e.g model.mu.disabled)
  4. There are currently four somewhat maintained Procedural Wings forks (that I know of) JR's Fork, Rafterman's Fork, CarnationRED's Fork and tetraflon's Fork. Keep in mind both CarnationRED's and tetraflon's Fork have a hard dependency on FAR.
  5. @OwariTY, not an error, that’s how it works. Let me explain: Pressure-fed is often misunderstood, pressure-fed means that you won't need any turbo pump machinery. (pumps , pre-burner etc..) Ullage is the concept of having to settle the fuel at the aft bulkhead. That means the pressurant gas could theoretically also settle on the aft bulkhead (microgravity, everything floats everywhere), so when you open the valves (activate your engines) you're now pushing the pressurant out (instead of your propellant), so you'll have to make sure only fuel is sitting on the aft bulkhead.
  6. I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but if you're searching for the altitude above sea level than @peteletroll is right: If you're looking for the altitude above ground then you're probably looking for something like this: double altitudeAboveTerrain = vessel.altitude - vessel.pqsAltitude; (vessel.pqsAltitude returns the height of the terrain below the current vessel position)
  7. Hey all, as a non american I didn't thought this was a big issue at first, still I've come to the conclusion I'd rather rename this mod to something more suitable. I really hope I didn't offend anyone here. Apologies. In addition to a name change I've added support for ResearchBodies. Only planets that are discovered are now displayed now in the dropdown menu. Also thanks to @HebaruSan, this is now available on CKAN. v1.3.0 * Change name to Kerbalism Companion Calculator (KCC) * ResearchBodies support * Indexed on CKAN IMPORTANT: Please make sure to delete the old files first, with th
  8. Yes. Procedural Parts, Fairings and B9 Procedural Wings do not depend on RO, there just maintained by the KSP-RO Team. Keep in mind that avionics is a feature of RP-1 not of any Proc Parts mod.
  9. @zeant93, you seam to have installed a old version of RealFuels-Stock (pre-v4.0). This is not how the current folder structure looks like. RealFuels RealFuels-Stockalike RealPlume RealPlume-RFStockalike RealPlume-Stock Also please read following note from the OP:
  10. Hi @zeant93 would you be so kind and post your KSP.log? (located in the KSP main directory)
  11. If you need a list of all BUILTIN Textures, the Kerbal Konstruct wiki has you covered: https://github.com/GER-Space/Kerbal-Konstructs/wiki/Builtin-Textures-for-KSP-1.8. If you're searching for specific ones, Kittopia Tech configs on export should also list them
  12. Got around switching from the old onGUI/GUILayout system to a complete new Unity UI. Kerbalism Kompanion Kalkulator v1.2.0 * Unity UI Overhaul * Add version file Small QoL improvments like a real dropdown menu and including/exclude specific antenna types. Also, thanks to Nertea for providing this amazing sprite sheet.
  13. New Release: v1.1.0 * Obey "All SAS Modes on all probes" in difficulty settings * Replace stock SAS module readout * Unset SDA mode on SAS disable * Change MM pass to LAST Until now SDA had a own readout , but I've found a way to include those readouts into the already existent stock SAS module. See below: As usual, available on SpaceDock, Github & CKAN.
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