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  1. It’s fairly straight forward: 1) Choose an IDE of your choice. Personally I use Visual Studio 2019. 2) Open the Project in your IDE and add references (point to KSPs and Unity assemblies) 3) Depending on how old the mod is you’re trying to recompile, you have keep in mind that there were API changes throughout version, so you may have to adjust or change some parts of the code. 4) Hit the Build Button. For more detailed instructions read through this post:
  2. The wearable props are locked behind 1.11. They require the updated inventory system that came out with 1.11. The EVA & IVA suits will work with 1.10. For everything below you need to use TextureReplacer and manually have to flip the textures vertically. (Out of some reason, stock flips the textures after being applied to the kerbal material, which TextureReplacer doesn’t do.)
  3. This is truly incredible, as always this is exceptional work, looks damn beautiful! Congrats on release! <3
  4. It’s definitely possible, as a starting point you might wanna have a look at the. EditorPartList and PartCategorizer classes. Both seem to go into the direction of part sorting.
  5. There are three ways major ways to create a UI. First being the legacy IMGUI system, which is a fully code approach for creating UIs. It’s pretty easy to get into, but the performance is really bad compared to other approaches. (As it’s redrawn every frame) Don’t use it for really large complex UIs with a lot of objects. Then there’s the uGUI system (unity prefabs). This means creating the UI in unity, exporting it as a AssetBundle and hooking it up via code. Has much better performance and is really customizable. Tho, It’s harder to get into. There’s also ways to do uGUIs but with
  6. Yes, this is a bug that has been around since KSP 1.0.2, sadly. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/13199
  7. manNode.nodeRotation.eulerAngles is a rotation, not a direction. Use manNode.GetBurnVector(vessel.orbit); Vector3.Angle is an absolute value, but you can calculate the polarity by using the cross product of both vectors and invert the angle if y is negative Vector3 currentOrientation = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.ReferenceTransform.up; //up is foward Vector3 targetOrientation = manNode.GetBurnVector(vessel.orbit); float angle = Vector3.Angle(currentOrientation, targetOrientation); Vector3 polarity = Vector3.Cross(currentOrientation, targetOrientation); if (polarity.y < 0) angl
  8. Do you need them separated in pitch, yaw, roll? If not you can simply use Vector3.Angle: Vector3 currentOrientation = vessel.referenceTransform.up //up is foward Vector3 targetOrientation //your desired direction float angle = Vector3.Angle(currentOrientation, targetOrientation) If you want to know how much your translating (or rotating) in each direction you can use vessel.angularVelocity
  9. You don't need any Unity version to programm KSP Mods. You just need an IDE where you can write your code and compile it. (I personally use Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, but you can use any IDE that suits your needs). If you really need to do stuff in Unity (which is rare), use Unity 2019.2.2f1 See this thread for more information.
  10. All modders out here do this stuff for free, they don’t get paid and completely do this in their free time. Your statement above is just frustrating for the people behind it (or rather dunbaratu, he’s the only developer left). They put hours and days into project just to provide us with free updates. kOS is a huge mod/repository trying to maintain it alone is very hard to do, so please don’t post such comments. Instead we should all thank dunbaratu for all his work on kOS. Just yesterday he released a huge update. And then if you aren’t happy with a mod, provide and post comments that can
  11. @Mossconfig, Yes this is mainly balanced for 1.0x up to 2.7x (JNSQ). Everything above (6.4x or 10x) will be really hard and maybe even impossible. If you are using Real Solar System, there’s only Realism Overhaul. RO does a bit more (ie part scaling) but in its core it holds all the RealFuels configs.
  12. Uuuh, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this already pickup shortly before this? I think you both missed each other by only 6 hours
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