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  1. Go to the RealFuels folder, open the RealSettings.cfg and set simulateUllage to false.
  2. Both are on GitHub: RSS 18.1.2 & RSS Textures 18.2
  3. 1.10 will not have any significant performance updates. But to answer your question, I’m pretty sure there will be an upgrade to 1.10 sometime. Just give them time. It will be ready when it’s ready, for now stick to 1.8.1.
  4. There is/was just a Taerobee config in the RealPlume folder, but nothing in RealFuels folders, it was probably just buried in another config. I didn’t searched for it yet, to exclude it from that. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.
  5. Yes, this is my goal. Right now it's a bit of a mess, some parts are some not. I already have a rough idea where approximately all parts should be placed, so that they can be better played with stock scale, but also be played with 2.5x - 3.2x without any drawbacks.
  6. As @woeller said BDB isn't implemented and supported by this mod yet, the configs that BDB provides are way outdated and will throw B9PartSwitchError messages on startup. Updating the BDB configs and implementing them into RealFuels-Stock is on my ToDo List, but not top priority. Yes, Engines will weight less with RealFuels-Stock installed, as soon as you set useRealisticMass to false, a multiplier will just get added and it will not return to it's stock value. As i said a post earlier i'm currently rebalancing a lot of stuff (this is top priority for now) to get away from this useRealisticMass Setting.
  7. Yes, this was an issue on my side here, fixed in the master branch on GitHub & will be included in the next release. Thank you for reporting. I'm doing some rebalancing lately to better account for stock scale users. I don't want to be dependent on the useRealisticMass Setting in RealFuels anymore, so expect some update soon on this.
  8. RealFuels has an additional plugin (TestFlightRF.dll) that only gets loaded if you have TestFlight (A mod that adds random engine failures, which is highly optional. It's not a dependency) installed, hence you get that log message that says that this .dll isn't going to be loaded. It's more of a "notification" than an error. So, yeah you can also ignore that.
  9. No, you can ignore that, RealFuels isn't recompiled against 1.9.1, but that doesn't matter, works fine in without any issues in 1.9.1. Gonna add that to the OP for clarity, thanks!
  10. Glad i could help. RealPlume-Stock "conflicts" with RealFuels-Stock, since I have already integrated all plumes directly into this Config Mod here. Many Engines here have different Fuel Configs (e.g Kero/LOx or LH2/LOx) and with so plumes should look different according to their fuel, RealPlume-Stock doesn't account for that, so had to do my own here. Besides, i would also like to mention that Zorg was a great help on these plumes.
  11. To install RealFuels-Stock through CKAN you will just have to select "RealFuels-Stock" not "RealFuels" nor "RealFuels: Stockalike RF Configs" in CKAN. (See Screenshot below) All other dependencies (SolverEngines, RF, CRP) are installed automatically too.
  12. Just released a new Update with some new Part Mods. v4.2.0 New: * KK SpaceX Pack * Mk33 Pack * Provenance Aerospace Updated: * NearFutureSpacecraft: Integrated Fuel Tanks for OE-25 Engine * Squad: Add new KS-25 Engine Config Variant Misc: * Deleted No-RealPlume-Installed Patch (As suspected there were some issues with it) Can be downloaded on GitHub, SpaceDock & CKAN I'm also pretty close to finish SSTULabs Configs (still needs a lot of balancing) and also had my first look at updating the BDB RF Configs for BDB v1.7.0
  13. Thank you, help is always appreciated. Haven't had a look at those BDB Configs in detail, but I know that you're getting a B9PartSwitch Error on Startup, is this what you're referring to? If so the fix would be "relative easy". BDB uses a own way of changing Engine Configs, using B9PartSwitch. The old BDB Config changes the ModuleEnginesFX to ModuleEnginesRF @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesRF } (just like every other RealFuels Engine) which is not a problem, but in this case its "conflicts" with the B9PartSwitch Engine Config Switcher. (It searches for ModuleEnginesFX in the BDB Config but can't find it because it was replaced by ModuleEnginesRF earlier, that's why you're getting these errors). The good thing here is that we actually don't need B9PartSwitch, RealFuels has an own way of switching Engine Configs (ModuleEnginesConfig), so we can't just delete that B9PartSwitch Module Node: !MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch] {} Awesome, these look really good and I really agree on 1. & 2. but not that much on 3: In the Late Game the Pug is actually still a pretty good engine, that can be still used on smaller sats or stages, but I think it would render this engine useless if there's now way of having a bigger tank than these integrated 200l. Besides that if you know how, you can submit a PR on GitHub if you want to. transfer is a part of RESOURCE_DEFINITION, not sure about resourceTransferMode. I'll have a look tomorrow, if you're still interested.
  14. After a small two months break from my career, i delivered 93kg of Communication Equipment into a ~5.000.000km x 900.000km Orbit at 43° Inclination today. [RSS/RO/RP-1] Final insertion burn, where the satellite will stay, took place at around T+ 1h45min.
  15. The RO Fork doesn’t change any values. All that stuff is done in RealismOverhaul directly, like before. It’s just being maintained now by the KSP-RO Team, because it’s one of the vital mods in RO/RSS.