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  1. First of all, Kopernics a dependency of all planet packs (including Real Solar System) must be updated. The latest version of Kopernicus is currently for KSP1.7.3. (Kopernicus is version locked, so it won't work in 1.8.x.) Nobody knows when Kopernicus will be released for 1.8.x. So you have to wait, they're already working on it. As soon as Kopernicus gets its update you should be able to switch to 1.8.x without any problems. Photon Sailor is compatible with 1.7.3. You can find old/new versions of FT's Photon Sailor here:
  2. After many failed missions due to engine failures, i actually did it today... a soft lunar landing [RSS/RO/RP-1]
  3. Today i flew a "lunar impact" mission [RSS/RO/RP-1] MECO, Stage Seperation and Second Engines Startups: What a beautiful view!:
  4. Okay, now im very confused, what do you mean with you lost all of your engines. Dont they show up in the VAB? If so, did you change something that was not the case before? (e.g. deleted a mod) Please give us a more detailed description of your (new?) Problem.
  5. Did you try to take another tank, not just the one from your screenshot? (I personally use Procedural Parts or ROTanks for my fuel tanks) If no tank has an "Autofill" button, are you sure that you have installed RealFuels correctly? It would be also very helpful if you can provide us with a image of your GameData folder
  6. No, that's 1.7.3, a few mods I've been using have not been updated to 1.8 yet.
  7. Manually, but with the help of trajectories, shows pretty accurate where my impact point will be.
  8. So today i managed to land my Falcon 9 right on the center of a drone ship
  9. I recently made a Real Fuels Stockalike configuration for the SSTULabs Part Pack, with adjusted mass, thrust, ullage, ignitions. Its not the perfect one, so please tell me, if you find any mistakes, or numbers that doesnt make sense to you! Download: After download just put the Stockalike_SSTU.cfg in the RealFuels-Stockalike Folder (Gamedata\RealFuels-Stockalike)
  10. Found my mistake, have swapped the textures unnoticed. Sorry!
  11. The moon looks a bit strange with a 2.5x Rescale! Mod, i get this strange mosaic pattern. Tried 4k Textures and 8k Textures