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  1. You may want to have a look at SPE, which is already well integrated into RO
  2. Log files for 1.8.0+ can be found in: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log Also be sure if downloaded on GitHub always (if not anywhere specifically written down) download the release not the master. Thinking more about that issue, im thinking that you have some problem with RealismOverhaul, ROEngines doesn’t house the thrust/fuel configs. RO does that.
  3. As @Nightside said you’re probably missing a dependency, my guess is you’re missing ROLib. Also a log file can be very helpful in stuff like this.
  4. Which fork of Procedural Parts are you using? The Tidal Stream Branch or the RO Fork? If you're not using the RO Fork, please update to that. As Tidal Stream said: You can download the RO-Fork here:
  5. Sorry, I’ve should have been more clear, I mean that only !tankType has to be used, not the other two one. Yes, just delete the one that RF-Stock already configures. This is marked incompatible to get around possible plume duplicates
  6. Looking at the config of MarkIVSpaceplane, it just looks like the !tankType has to be deleted (see MKIVFuelTanks.cfg), thank you for the configs, will test & include them in next update. The Coatl Aerospace Configs are still a leftover from Raptors831 Stockalike-RealFuels and were last updated 3 years ago, so there is a high chance there will be more stuff that isn't configured. It's now on my To-Do list and may be included in the next update too. Thanks for reporting this. Yes you can use @MODULE[ModuleRCSFX],* (the ',' indicates that you want to target a specific ModuleRCSFX (index), they go numerically up and start at 0; the '*' is a wildcard which means you allow everything in this) Also in the next update there will be this change to RCS configs, which means that all RCS thrusters that still have MonoPropellant as a resourceName will get replaced by this. If a mod already has a own config (not in RealFuels-Stock) than these patch updates should go to the mod that includes that, but in this case neither MarkIVSpaceplane nor Coatl Aerospace has configs in their downloads, so both of them can go to RealFuels-Stock directly.
  7. @Bellabong, wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much. Just some Notes on here: Are there engines and tankes that change the mesh completely to represent other engines/tanks? Im only away of Paintjobs through B9PartSwitch (that just change the texture) and PartUpgrades through B9PartSwitch, that change Isp & Thrust (which is useless with RF, so with a MM Patch you could delete all PartUpgrades Nodes), but i may be very wrong here, im sadly not a BDB user, would be nice if you could correct me on this. EDIT: Okay, just checked ingame, yes there seems to be tanks that change length with a B9PartSwitchModule. Only way i can think of is just disabling these extra option for now or use the B9PartSwitch fuelSwitcher instead of the MFT modules, but for now i think just disabling these extra options is the best way until this can fixed in other ways. Regarding the B9PartSwitchModules, the engineSwitcher ones can be deleted (which don't change the mesh, but do change the stats of the engine to represent other engines, which can be done with RealFuels ModuleEngineConfigs, not to be mixed/confused with PartUpgrades, they only lift the Isp and Thrust, which can be done by RealFuels Tech Levels) So something like this: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[moduleID[engineSwitch]]]:After[BLUEDOG_DB] { !MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[moduleID[engineSwitch]] } With all this i don't see any others problem regarding B9PartSwitch in combination with RealFuels. (Going to hit up blowfish, for the PR sometime). And again: Thank you so much for doing this.
  8. It's not longer necessary to download this runway fix anymore, it was integrated into the RSS download directly. However the runway fix only fixes the collider not the model itself, so you'll still see those segmented holes.
  9. The features include Everything accessible by tweaking A broad range of shapes including cylinders, truncated cones, filleted cylinders, bezier cones. New part shapes are easy to develop and plug in, so cuboid / pill shaped / whatever else you want shaped will be able to be created. Most stuff configurable in the config file, including resources and fill ratios, tech levels, available shapes Diverse support for career mode - tank shapes, dimensions, and contents all limited by researched tech All supplied parts are carefully designed to be as 'stock alike' as possible in their tech level requirements - You can't create a monster tank before you've discovered basic rocketry for example. Other mod support - tanks for RealFuels, Kethane, Extraplanetary Launchpads, and TAC. Heat shields for Deadly Reentry. (thanks to OtherBarry) Plays nicely with Ferram Aerospace Research Multiple textures available for part surfaces. These are fully compatible with StretchySRB textures. A Module - TankContentSwitcher that can be applied to existing tanks (with say module manager) and allow their contents to be tweaked. Tweak any tank in the VAB into a Liquid fuel only or oxidizer tank.
  10. This is a WIP Project, no download yet.
  11. That's actually something I haven't thought of yet. I'll take a lock at that for the next update.
  12. Never encountered this, can you share an image of the bugged UI? Also could you please share your player.log, you can find it at: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log. You can upload this file to any file-sharing services (Google Drive, Dropbox...)
  13. It can be fixed, it's just not worth it. In 1.10.0, KSP now expects the fairing base to be named "Mesh" in the Model file. The KSP Devs already announced that they will revert this change.
  14. Quick question, can you elaborate on "Redone the plugin from scratch". Does that mean you rewrote/re-coded the whole plugin from start to end? Or does that mean you recompiled it against the source code of Grigetio/pizzaoverhead?
  15. New Update! While the commit list isn't very long in this update, this update "fixes" the balancing issues, that mostly affected stock users. v5.0.0 New: * Include Parts from 1.10 Update Updated: * Fix too low mass on MK1-3 Pod * Rebalancing Misc * Fix Near Future Launch Vehicles B9PartSwitch Tanks Warnings * Basemass/Drymass now dependent on volume * Added Xenon Tank Conversion As always, available on GitHub, SpaceDock & CKAN
  16. Did this a long time ago, but it should be something along this: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngine*]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleEngine*] { %useEngineResponseTime = True %engineAccelerationSpeed = 10.0 } } Increasing %engineAccelerationSpeed makes it ignite faster, a value of 10 should make it pretty instant.
  17. Go to the RealFuels folder, open the RealSettings.cfg and set simulateUllage to false.
  18. Both are on GitHub: RSS 18.1.2 & RSS Textures 18.2
  19. 1.10 will not have any significant performance updates. But to answer your question, I’m pretty sure there will be an upgrade to 1.10 sometime. Just give them time. It will be ready when it’s ready, for now stick to 1.8.1.
  20. There is/was just a Taerobee config in the RealPlume folder, but nothing in RealFuels folders, it was probably just buried in another config. I didn’t searched for it yet, to exclude it from that. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.
  21. Yes, this is my goal. Right now it's a bit of a mess, some parts are some not. I already have a rough idea where approximately all parts should be placed, so that they can be better played with stock scale, but also be played with 2.5x - 3.2x without any drawbacks.
  22. As @woeller said BDB isn't implemented and supported by this mod yet, the configs that BDB provides are way outdated and will throw B9PartSwitchError messages on startup. Updating the BDB configs and implementing them into RealFuels-Stock is on my ToDo List, but not top priority. Yes, Engines will weight less with RealFuels-Stock installed, as soon as you set useRealisticMass to false, a multiplier will just get added and it will not return to it's stock value. As i said a post earlier i'm currently rebalancing a lot of stuff (this is top priority for now) to get away from this useRealisticMass Setting.
  23. Yes, this was an issue on my side here, fixed in the master branch on GitHub & will be included in the next release. Thank you for reporting. I'm doing some rebalancing lately to better account for stock scale users. I don't want to be dependent on the useRealisticMass Setting in RealFuels anymore, so expect some update soon on this.
  24. RealFuels has an additional plugin (TestFlightRF.dll) that only gets loaded if you have TestFlight (A mod that adds random engine failures, which is highly optional. It's not a dependency) installed, hence you get that log message that says that this .dll isn't going to be loaded. It's more of a "notification" than an error. So, yeah you can also ignore that.