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  1. @taniwha Thank you so much for the update! It's now working with KAS! Awesome Job!
  2. Just curious, is there any kind of command module currently attached to the base and is there a sufficient comm net? If you are on the far side of Minmus and there is no direct line of site to Kerbin or a comm relay, then you won't be able to activate anything. I only know this by experience. I landed part of my first base with a pilot on board, then tried to land an unmanned module, I found I couldn't control it to land until I set up a comm relay network.
  3. Love this mod! Great parts! Working on designing my Duna colony.
  4. Been planning out my Duna colony. Using Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, TAC-LS, Simple Construction (Extraplanetary Launchpads).
  5. Useful link, but I'm not sure the self-sustaining chart is accurate. I found water on the Mun. So I think (hope) my colony will be self-sustaining. Maybe a newer update of the game added water? I don't have a mod that specifically added it.
  6. You have to use a JS-1 with a Resource Transfer stations. You can then either transfer fuel with the KAS gui or set them to docked mode so they act as 1 craft.
  7. Epic space station @Jett_Quasar!
  8. I do hope EL gets updated. I have a Mun colony where I want to start using EL. But it has KAS sockets all over. Great mod, KAS is. Allowed me to re-purpose parts of my rocket to be refueling stations, and connect my mobile base to the colony for resource transfers.
  9. As an illustration for the issue @bunjatec is referring to. EL's UI breaks when your the craft you are using to build has KAS items on it. If you detach and re-attach all KAS items it works again.
  10. Tedfry Kerman was doing an EVA, working on repairs to the C.O.O.P.E.R Space Station, during an eclipse: So they shut the stations lights off for a selfie;
  11. I just installed Simple Construction (which as parts of EL with it) and I noticed some new parts. How does the K&K Recycler work? Can a Kerbal pick an item up (with KAS/KIS) and drop it in the recycler?
  12. Great! Looks like someone already reported the issue on github. I added a comment with this video. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update.
  13. Hopping Reindeer rover! Great Design!
  14. FYI I posted this in the EL thread too, but it seems there is an issue with EL and KAS. In the video you will see me testing a base with Simple Construction. When the KAS Joint Sockets (or other KAS parts) are attached to the base the UI for EL stops working after selecting a craft. Then if I remove and reattach the KAS part it works:
  15. By any chance does the ship you are trying to construct with have KAS parts? I was trying to figure out why an existing base had the UI problem, but a new test base didn't. Looks like KAS might be breaking it somehow. I was using Simple Construction which uses EL. Here is a test video.: EDIT: I looks like if you detach and re-attach all KAS items (Joint Sockets, Resource Transfer stations) it works again...