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  1. Thanks again! sorry im new in the forum...
  2. Yeah XD, see the changelog
  3. @MadArkael@Jognt@Tekaoh dont touch anything! they already fixed it! in 1.7.2 the mod will work as always
  4. oh great! where I can see the changelog? oh love they already fixed, loveing awesome!! now my autistic part can feel better
  5. oh, I see. There is already a post about this?
  6. I reinstalled my game and started a new game. As far as I remember, you could fill the value bar of each experiment in each biome, you only had to repeat 3 or 4 times the experiment you wanted to complete. But now I can not complete the bar of any experiment (excpet 4) The first time doing all the experiments in the launchpad: After 3 times: After LITERALLY 10 TIMES doing the experiments: how you can get that little science? I already tried it in a game in easy and normal, in career mode and science mode, does not affect in anything. I delivered all the experiments, I did not transmit anything, and always with a level 5 scientist. I have both expansions. I would like to know if it is my problem or everyone has this problem, or if there is something that I should do and I not know. beforehand thanks very much for your help guys.
  7. someone tried use this mod in 1.7.x?
  8. someone try this in 1.7.x?
  9. I did the installation steps, but I only see one launch pad and two or three add-ons for that launch pad. I have to download the other ones separately?