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  1. hii~ First, excelent work with the parts, all of them are amazing, i love this mod. im actually using and i love how the ships looks like. but i have a little bug? all the parts made for passengers (except cockpits) dont let me do the missions of tourism in career mode. if you have to take some kerbals to the moon, and you place them in the passengers parts, its like you are doing nothing, the missions doesnt want to complete. https://ibb.co/8gTG6SC
  2. yes, the here and now window is very useful, but you cannot plan how many experiments you will need to have the 100%, or if you can trasmit the experiment without loose science. and your tool is amazing! I remember seeing some similar tables to fill in manually, googling for list of experiments, but this is more autistic and comfortable . I thank god I found Xscience, I could not sleep if I knew that I have 0.1 missing from an experiment somewhere in the universe.
  3. tu ingles esta bien. Your english is just fine, and maybe better than mine. I recomend you make a spreadsheet like this, its very useful to know what to do and how I know... its in spanish, but maybe you can understand it. the green ones you can transmit the science at home vía antenna without loose it. the blue ones need to be reinitilizated by a scientist, and the red ones, you have to do it in every biome if you want all the juicy science. "1" means that you can make that experiment 1 time and you will have all the science, "6" means that you will have to repeat the experiment to have all the science (no necessarily 6 times, but 6 is the max times that you can repeat an experiment everywhere). if you want it I can translate it...
  4. doesnt exist a standalone version? supposedly restock have this, but it wouldn't be working.
  5. but I already have restock, (and plus too) why they see like that?
  6. Seems to work in 1.12.2, but after some time the navball resets to default and the mod dont respond (you have to return to VAB and then back again at the vehicle to fix it, but the mod crash again)
  7. this VTOL motors should see like this? seems to work but... https://ibb.co/dLsTFML https://ibb.co/PC27CDG https://ibb.co/L9TnTCz
  8. Damn... I had reinstalled all the mods that I use, and to test that the parts work well and are there, I always use a sandbox game to check everything. Anyway, i didn't remember the mod was disabled in a sandbox game (although the last time I had downloaded this mod, it also had no dependencies) sorry for make wasting your time, and thanks for helping me! it works perfectly
  9. Have a real life and job... sounds like a horrible fate. Sorry i didn't want you to feel pressured. I love this mod very much, and out of 15 that I use it is the only one that does not work, which does not let me sleep. but take your time!
  10. it´s going all right? is there a problem with the mod? or did I install something wrong?
  11. ah, I forgot remove it, sure that thing came with some other mod. I reinstalled the game just in case. https://ibb.co/Yk1YkbR https://ibb.co/f8VTxxN https://www.dropbox.com/s/2idq2b97zo74e4y/Player.log?dl=0
  12. sorry >.< https://www.dropbox.com/s/zm7wrvlpdp14i4b/Player.log?dl=0
  13. its not working for me T.T version (without mods, I only installed the dependencies) maybe i did something wrong? https://ibb.co/X2JyMmz https://ibb.co/LNypMzg
  14. I know you guys are working hard as always in every update, but PLEASE, you cant do mini updates, part for part, instead of do a BIG update that take months to do?
  15. @Manul I did it! seems easy now. when I finish the project, where I put the files to see it in game? other cuestion, you can´t change the texts of the buttons, panels, etc? sorry for bothering, and thank you guys for the help! ^.^
  16. @MOARdV @Manul thanks!, I thought the unity program were paid, I was a little discouraged the program does not look very friendly with newcomers. I think that make a IVA will take more effort than I thought
  17. where did my decouplers go?! they dissapear when I install this mod. anyone have the same issue?
  18. correction: I modified the mod without want, changing other mods, but it seems to work fine in 1.9 (Except for the icon in the mod toolbar)
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