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  1. Well, I have a lot of other things customised, so it was faster that way Yeah, I know. I guess it's true that there are two types of people - those who backup, and those who will backup
  2. Deleting a section should require confirmation - I accidentaly clicked "delete" button and had to create "Randezvous" from scratch Also, changing size via GUI size selector buttons resets colour of all entries to default green.
  3. I did some testing, and radiators are actually working in atmosphere and it is noticable. I deorbited a command pod from 500km on a steep trajectory with radiators turned off and then with radiators on - and it overheated and exploded several kilometer closer to the ground with radiators active.
  4. It's not like radiators can be used instead of a proper heatshield or something, but they help a little. Their effect is noticeable (meaning things explode slightly later and sometimes they don't explode at all), but in most cases it doesn't really make a difference.
  5. Maybe you should make auroras a little less obvious and in different color? Red or orange?
  6. It would be nice to set that separately. I have KSP interface scaled up (120% I belive), but would like Principia windows to be smaller - they are already quite big, and now main window and flight plan with single maneuver take half of my 1920x1080 screen
  7. I sometimes put radiator panels on spaceplanes, they somewhat help with reentry heat.
  8. Hi, long time reader, first time poster here. This mod is great, but I have one big gripe with it: sliders. Would you consider adding something different than those sliders to adjust maneuver deltaV, time, etc.? Sliders look like a good idea at first, but I find them really cumbersome and it takes a lot of time to get what I want with them. Something like in Maneuver Node Evolved manual deltaV input window would be way easier and convenient to use.