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  1. I also suspected that the R&D upgrades responsible for reducing the weight of photon sails aren't working properly, so I just bought the 'Orbital Assembly' tech and checked the weight of the solar cell sail before and after - it's 1 ton in both cases.
  2. I'm testing the solar cell sail on the launchpad, as it's not clear from the description how much charge it generates. The part window says it's generating power (3ish EC/s, I think just from the doors) but it doesn't actually seem to be counting; it should be enough to keep my probe core powered, but I'm still losing EC at the standard rate for the core. Edit: I just did a test with the sail upside down, and it does charge the craft now. But for some reason, when the doors are pointed up and the sail pointed down (and thus getting no sun), it reports a tiny amount of EC/s but never applies it AFAICT.
  3. I'm now trying to compare Lithium Air batteries to the EC2501 Capacitator. Where can I find the conversion rate between KilowattHour and EC? Or Megajoule and EC?
  4. I'm trying to provide battery backup for a station carrying a large amount of LH2 in inflatable tanks. I thought maybe I'd try some of the new-fangled Lithium Air batteries and NFE Capacitors. After some experimentation on the launchpad, I'm really confused. Are these strictly manual devices? It seems like capacitors only discharge when you press a button, and Lithium Air batteries only convert their KilowattHour resource to Electric Charge when a slider is moved to the correct position. And both of them also require manual intervention to recharge? I'm not clear what these are for, really. Maybe some future tech that requires a lot of manual prep to charge up? They don't seem to behave like real-world batteries and capacitors, that's for sure.
  5. I'm noticing that some clicks still fall through in PreciseNode. Specifically, while in the map screen editing a node, if I click with the left mouse button too quickly, it thinks I am double-clicking behind the window and deactivates my target.
  6. This bug still exists in 1.7, but your addon still works. It just rescued a giant mining base on Minmus that suddenly decided to launch itself into orbit after quickloading. So thanks!