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  1. Nope! It still saves the status of the helmets when exiting a pressurised pod - I forgot to fix my crew before launching a station module yesterday and when I put Val on EVA To recover her, she wasn’t wearing her helmet... I don’t know if it would auto put them on if she hadn’t been in atmosphere, I’ll test later.
  2. Yep that is the one! I should have done that myself... Thank you for helping to fuel my laziness!
  3. There is actually a video out in the wild (YouTube) of some crazy french chemists from back in the day dumping ClF3 into stuff for fun. Plexiglass explodes... No one is ever going to use ClF3 as a rocket oxidiser any accident you have - even a tiny leak goes from being an inconvenience with a normal oxidiser to being a catastrophic inferno which you can’t extinguish with ClF3. Also it can’t really be “safely” stored yes copper or steel containers which have been pretreated can contain it “safely” - but if the protective metal fluoride layer ever gets damaged (a small bump might do) you suddenly have an uncontrollable fire. Basically it always turns into an uncontrollable fire, it’s just a question of how long it takes. It is fantastically entertaining as a chemical but absolutely useless - though not quite a useless as the fantastically named FOOF (the sound it makes in contact with everything) - dioxygen difluoride. Source: have phd in chemistry and unhealthy interest in things normal chemists don’t want to work with.
  4. Yeah graphics today is about design choice - they can choose photorealism or a stylised approach and both are valid. Would a photorealistic world look good with Karbals? Probably not, you probably have to stylise a bit. Games that choose to go down the more cartoon route often do it for their own reasons rather than because they have to. I imagine KSP2 will be in between, more real looking than what we have currently but you aren’t going to think you’re looking at a real planet. Which is largely what we saw with the cinematic trailer, sharper and more real than KSP1, not quite what other games can produce. But it’s a design choice rather than a limitation.
  5. Be fair, it’s the art book that you can get with the game... But yeah the statement that a space elevator is near future tech is not right, we’re talking easily over a hundred years and I wouldn’t blink if you said 300 for that. It’s scifi tech. There is also no gameplay point to it! You will be able to construct stuff off kerbin including from space colonies, which means there is no practical reason for it.
  6. I had the same idea today! I managed to make a single piston engine with crankshaft to drive a small mass - using servos as clutches and bearings and a hinge as a pivot. The trick to making it somewhat stable with decoupling a support for the drive shaft, without that support it wobbles all over the place and that completely damps the drive you can get out the piston. More than 1 piston is certainly possible, but I tried two and the instability problems double, the bouncing causes the engine to flip directions - sometimes just one piston, and that causes issues. Here is the craft file and a video https://kerbalx.com/ezaroo/Crankshaft https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=vc67R3NXEYo