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  1. The primary Terminus system could be placed in a continuous chain from Calefact to Esker without moving anything more than about half a percent (Revenant-Tempest 5:2 and Achlys-Cerberus 7:3), and the Eterna system's resonances are currently probably unstable (on long timescales beyond what can be tested) due to being a holdover from a previous version when the planets were in a different order.
  2. Wow, it's been a while since last update. Life's been in the way of things, but, I'm starting to get close to having the next update ready. I figured I should give people some fair warning though: you probably don't want to have anything in transit when updating (once I have it out, hopefully in the next couple weeks, but no guarantees), as most of the planets will be moved. This shouldn't have a very big impact on dV costs, as most of the movements are under 1% change in sma; what will be changing will be placing planets into a resonance chain, and adjusting the mean anomalies to fit the laplace criterion. This also shouldn't adversely affect the stability with Principia; if anything it should be improved. There will also be a couple new bodies, and a handful of other things
  3. A lot of the same sentiment here. I got bit by burnout pretty bad, but in the end I'm glad to have participated, and glad some of my more recent work since Corelian will be visible outside of the development pages, even if it could have been better with more time lol
  4. Yeah basically the reason that exists is that Scatterer thinks the settings config is a sunflare, and so spams the log with errors about not being able to find the body it goes on (causing performance issues and making the log hard to read). And so I had to give it a body to attach an invisible sunflare to in order to fix it
  5. I haven't modified them, but in testing it appears they generate in the general vicinity of Dres, just a bit outside of its SOI so they're orbiting Corelian on similar paths
  6. From what I've seen from earlier tests Blackrack did a while back, its somewhere on the order of twice the impact of normal EVE, iirc
  7. I know I'm a bit late but I think that's about it: the contrast and the sorta uniformish spotty clumpiness it has. I think more variation in the scale of structures would help a lot, as well as perhaps some tweaks to the Scatterer integration to blend a little better (perhaps have a little more of the haze come from higher in the atmo?)
  8. Layer thickness will be customizable so you can probably make one that's super thin. Also I think the old system will also be retained for backwards-compatibility and low graphics settings
  9. Take the StrangeNewWorlds folder inside of the GameData folder in the download, and put that inside of the GameData folder contained in your root Kerbal Space Program folder. Installing its dependencies should work similarly
  10. That's fair, maybe I'll just dig through the code to find the api myself, since I frankly have no clue what half the things I use actually do
  11. Also curious, will you be making a wiki like for Scatterer? I've had a pretty hard time trying to figure out how to make configs through reverse-engineering, and a major rework like this seems like a good opportunity
  12. Ah I actually think I do get what you mean, I'd probably have to read the code to see the actual specifics but I've some experience with modulating noise wrt terrain generation and I think I know what you're referring to here. You mention a remap, I presume you keep some intermediate alpha for soft edges. So something like when I do this in gimp I would presume (but probably with a different noise source and with more than just five seconds of effort)? And what I meant was I was thinking maybe the clouds were something akin to a voronoi with seed points that were columns the height of the deck, and the curve determined the spread from them, but you've got something better it would appear. It sounds like the curve then does multiply the values in the map, before being passed to the remap? Also, new question, how will colors be handled? Will they be in the same map as the density (with density in alpha presumably), or what?
  13. Curious, how exactly will this float curve work? Like, what actually is output by the curve to be turned into that by the renderer? My first instinct is it's a multiplier to the intensity in the placement map (which I assume is now more of a density than an opacity), but I'm not quite sure how that'd get reliable results like that. So is it more like, the clouds are generated from columnar seeds, and the curve defines the width of each "nodule"? Just looking to get a deeper understanding of how these're made so I know what I can look forward to people being able to do (not that I have much understanding of how to make base EVE configs to begin with; I'm more curious about the engine internals and possibilities here)
  14. Well, relatively at least - there's still tritium coming out of that (though that's much less of a concern than the alternative), and the actual fusion reaction within the exhaust itself produces massive neutron fluxes that'll turn anything remotely near your engine into radioactive waste itself. Really, the main advantage is that its fuel doesn't want to become a nuclear bomb at the first opportunity. With a NSWR you've gotta fill the tanks with control rods and any leak is catastrophic, while with a LSWR there's no such need. It's also slightly higher Isp due to lower molecular weight exhaust. Downsides are primarily the extra weight of the separate nuclear reactor you already mentioned, but also slightly lower thrust and more expensive duel (lithium-6 deuteride). Basically, it's still just as liable to lay waste to everything around it but the ship itself will be safer, and it also acts a bit like a hydrolox to the NSWR's kerolox
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