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  1. Small update here - I added some science reports for SSPXr
  2. Alright, so basically the balancing factor on the MPDTs is a heavy technology tax?
  3. I noticed what might be a bit of a balance issue a while back, when doing some math and thought I might brought it up here. It concerns the MPDTs, particularly the Colossus - it is extremely powerful, even in comparison to engines specifically designed to be incredibly powerful and in need of an external balancing factor. It has a higher Isp and higher TWR than even the Emancipator, which means even if you consider the required mass in nuclear reactors and the heavier tanks, it still is capable of providing more dV at any given TWR than the Emancipator, and can provide a higher total TWR
  4. Just don't use that patch then; it's like the hall effect xenon patch - just for those who don't want extra resources
  5. Yes, none of this is new information to me. It's just not relevant because it defeats the entire purpose of the patch, which is to make KA not require Cryo Tanks
  6. Yeah, but.. I think you're missing the point. I'm pretty sure the reason for the LF patch is so users don't need CryoTanks. I can see it for the ones that by default can take LF though, like the Nerv
  7. In the meantime, here's a look at Cerberus's new appearance. I decided to remix its old texture into something more like a gas giant 0.17 is also utilizing some new Scatterer features that are not yet available though, so its release is predicated on the release of the next Scatterer update. Should be a fairly decent sized update though, I'm hoping to get the rest of Prometheus to the same level as those couple localized regions I've done, in addition to this new Cerberus. Plus of course bug fixes and some other tweaks to go along.
  8. I'll look into that, it's probably a simple fade issue. Kere's a relatively recent addition compared to the others, and it hasn't been tested as thoroughly as other, more major bodies.
  9. Well, not saying anything about the possibility, but a while back I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation earlier based on what was posted in that website, and found that it would take aproximately two months to run on my laptop if it did indeed work. So, at the very least, you'll need to be able to have your computer on for several weeks straight, while probably also not using it at all.
  10. I vote a big one be named after Quetzalcoatlus. Sure, technically not a dinosaur, but pterosaur's close enough and it was the largest living thing known to ever fly.
  11. What you're looking for is waveLength in AtmosphereFromGround. Unfortunately, it's not the intuitive color you'd expect something formatted as a color to be. Atmospheres do not consist of a simple gradient of a color down to transparent, instead they consist of three such gradients overlaid. Each one is one of your three optical primaries (red, green, blue), and the corresponding color channels in your waveLength controls the position of this gradient. If you set it to 1, the gradient will be buried entirely underground and so not contribute at all. Set it to 0 and it's all the way up, but
  12. Alright, cool, I just heard from someone that the 1.875m heatshield just outright did nothing so I wanted to be safe
  13. Alright, cool, I just wanted to be sure since I heard someone say that they just straight-up didn't function as a heat shield and didn't want to lose yet another atmo probe
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