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  1. Ignoring how insulting that comes across, SSPXr does have all the container parts you need, and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems has its own version of all the functional EL parts you need except the survey station (which takes the appearance of a hitchhiker anyways)
  2. A preview of the Kere revamp coming for the next update: (expect more craters when completed) Also a revamp of the alternative sunflare, which'll become the new default flare (the anamorphic beam one will still be available, just no longer default) The actual release is predicated on the next Scatterer update however, so don't expect 0.20 to come before then.
  3. I thought that meant binary - Elite:Dangerous system charts look very similar in their line thing and binaries are shown that way there
  4. Have you tried to save/load while near it? That looks like a texture glitch that happens in stock too, simply being amplified by the colors and size of the world. Save/load usually fixes that
  5. Released 0.19.1, just a minor fix. It now removes the Elea-Honua barycenter when Principia is detected, which should allow it to function properly again.
  6. One thing you can try is darker orbit colors for the asteroids and such - I've found that can help it not look as crowded
  7. Wow you're actually working on KSP2 directly? That's awesome
  8. Oh, don't worry, it's nothing against the quality of it or anything - I'd just rather be making them myself, and GG is so commonly used that it's hard to get your own unique aesthetic with it
  9. No I'm just not spending all of my free time on it. I usually take a bit of a break after I release an update and I've had a lot of other stuff on my plate
  10. Restock never came with Waterfall plumes as far as I'm aware, that was always WaterfallRestock
  11. After taking a bit of a hiatus from development, version 0.19 is out now! IMPORTANT: Now needs Kopernicus Expansion to function (Regional PQS specifically) 7 new minor bodies added, full changelog on the github release
  12. It's not really supposed to be either; it's kind of its own thing. And I don't particularly like GG, I don't plan on using it at any point
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