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  1. Gotta love those fission fragments and nuclear saltwater. Though, personally I'd describe a NSWR not as a constantly detonating nuclear bomb but as a constantly melting down nuclear reactor
  2. To be clear, that is all of the MPE bodies, not just the ones past Plock? Edit - ninja'd it seems
  3. I was looking into it some more, and it looks like you probably don't have to worry about Kerbalism 4.0; it adds its own replacement to the core heat system, so it'd be redundant to use both. Though, I guess users might want to disable Kerbalism's heat system in favor of SystemHeat, in which case it'll need to be able to run stably at high timewarps and in the background for Kerbalism to work with it (though that's not exactly the same as a compatibility patch since you probably don't need to interface with Kerbalism for that).
  4. Yep, and that LS mod is called Kerbalism. Which actually will probably become incompatible with this in its next update since it will do some stuff related to heat when it comes out. Obviously it's too early to ask for compatibility since that update doesn't even have a date yet and it might not even make sense to want both, but it is something to keep in mind.
  5. Can confirm, using kopex in 1.8, regional pqs will crash your game and emissive fx doesn't work from most camera angles. 1.9 is probably even worse
  6. Oh, I actually forgot KopEx even did footprints. I was more concerned with the regional PQS and EmissiveFX, which also broke in 1.8 (the former much worse than the latter)
  7. Oh, sure, obviously making the build fully stable comes first. I was just curious if you were open to it, say, once Kopernicus gets back to a maintenance level.
  8. Do you think it'd be possible to pick up Kopernicus Expansion Continued as well? That one's still stuck way back in 1.7 with only select features still functional.
  9. How about if it were a setting that could be toggled on radiators that made them treat the loop temperature as some proportion higher for determining cooling rates at the cost of some power and efficiency loss? That'd be what you'd ultimately need the expansion/compression for - cooling below ambient temp, and making it a radiator setting is simple and doesn't require adding parts or directionality or anything, and I think would end up closer to the desired result.
  10. You could do it like Kerbalism handles stuff like solar panels - assume the orientation relative to the sun is frozen once you start timewarping and the vessel is just automatically orienting itself. And blackbody equilibrium temperature is actually a pretty simple thing to calculate, and probably not too computationally heavy either (especially since there's no real reason to figure it out every frame; you won't be moving around *that* fast) Hmm, I'm not sure if that'd actually be simpler for users than a simple step up paired with a step down (and presumably some power consumption and maybe inefficiency), and I can see some ways that might have unintended behavior, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
  11. Looks promising. How does it handle being near a star? Is the temperature radiators cool to still the ambient space temperature, or some blackbody equilibrium with the light? And regarding refrigeration, I think it'd be neat to have compressors and expanders you can add to your lines (with some basic checking to make sure they're always paired up), maybe even as purely UI elements, so you can adequately cool parts on hot atmospheric planets. Not sure if that'd be too complex for people to handle though. One other thing, do the radiators handle both convection and radiation flux? If not they should, since that can make a fair bit of difference on planets with thin atmospheres (or high up in atmospheres).
  12. With the recent Kopernicus news, has there been any impact here? Or is it going to be implemented in a way that doesn't need Kopernicus / not been started yet anyways?
  13. I noticed that with Kerbalism, the RPWS antenna and magnetometer boom can only do science around bodies with magnetospheres, but magnetic survey contracts still generate around these bodies, as well as orbital survey contracts requesting that science. Is there a way around this, or should I just accept that I just won't have as many possible contracts available to pick from?
  14. Well, I for one don't seem to fall into either of the two camps of "oh, I thought the game was doomed but now I'm perfectly content" or "I don't believe you, take two is too evil for this to be true". Really, the thing that caught my eye here was your comment about z-pinch fusion devices, and want to know exactly what they're used in. Colonial reactor, onboard spacecraft reactor, or engine. If engine, which engine and what's its performance. If reactor, what kind of power to weight ratio does it get and how bulky is it. These are the things that interest me.
  15. Oh, good. No rush or anything, it's been several months and I have no problems waiting another several. Just was curious since the thread had been quiet.