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  1. I love that top one, it feels like a circular house with a patio all around it. I might find myself clipping an airlock or something into there
  2. Oh, I never noticed that update I guess. Yeah, sounds like a bug then
  3. It is intended, you're supposed to use kerbals on EVA. Might be a setting in the mod to disable that, but I'm not sure
  4. Oh, yeah, I was thinking just like the other containers in SSPXr. Fuel would be weird to store in that kind of container
  5. Just fyi, when you use insert image from url, if you want the image to show in your post you need to add the file extension (.png, .jpg, etc) to the end of it
  6. Nertea does not do Kerbalism compatibility though - all the compatibility you see is on Kerbalism's end. And the latter thing is what I was asking; if it functioned akin to the actual SSPXr container parts
  7. That doesn't mean it *actually* stores anything ingame. It could just mean that's what they're meant to be visually, or maybe are inventory containers rather than resource containers
  8. Good, I was going to mention, this part is really flat and while having a flatter part is good, if they were all that flat it'd be annoying to build anything normal-shaped with them
  9. Ah, yes, that's the result of the second thing I mentioned: Getting HDR into KSP (which is not normally HDR) means using post processing mods like TUFX, and unfortunately basically every config for them uses several effects and grossly overexxagerates them.
  10. Hmm, not sure what you're referring to with the smearing. The effects of not having an HDR monitor would be more a washing out
  11. HDR means High Dynamic Range. Basically deeper blacks and brighter whites; higher contrast all around, and richer color. It's not necessarily supposed to look any specific way in particular; the appearance there is probably a result of a) of not having the monitor as you guessed, and b) the post-processing filter used to add HDR to the game (note the background is also affected, and the precise language used: HDR support, as in, works with it if you have it, rather than adding it)
  12. Ooh, I just updated and noticed that you now have a patch to make the RD-70x analogues tripropellant bimodal. I've already been running my own custom patch for this, but now that it's got an official one (which probably also has effects for the second mode unlike mine), I'll definitely be switching over. Just need to rework the tanks on my two rockets using it a bit
  13. It shouldn't be, my laptop has an i5-8250U and an MX150 and notice no lag from engines at all
  14. My engines appear to be producing lower thrust when I'm timewarping, is this a known issue with 1.11? At 1000x they're down to only 15% thrust (fuel and power consumption follows so it's not impacting Isp; basically just throttling down), and I double checked that I have enough power to run them.
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