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  1. Do you know what happened to RSSVE. The GitHub repository has been archived and I was really hoping to download it.
  2. Download the B5 textures and put them into your game data folder. Then when you load up ksp and you right click a spacex part you can change the texture
  3. Has the G limiter been fixed yet? I try to make my missions as accurate as possible. Thanks?
  4. I am using ksp 1.6.1 with realism overhaul and noticed the craft files are incompatible. I am having a little trouble attaching the delta iv heavy side separators
  5. I agree the design is amazing and the textures look nice. Right now I use Real Scale Boosters for the atlas rocket. But I use this mod for the delta rocket because its so nice
  6. Have you tried infernal robotics next? It a continuation of infernal robotics and may work better with the newer Versions of KSP
  7. I do not think there are any mods that do that. The atmosphere on kerbin ends at 70,000 meters. If you are playing with real solar system then the atmosphere ends at 140,000 meters
  8. Wow you guys are amazing. Yo estoy muy contento. The whole RO team puts in a lot of work and we all very much appreciate it. Thank you
  9. Any orientation will work when docking. If you mean what orientation it is in real life then I would not know Docking can be passive or active (Same with berthing) Berthing ports do not work with docking ports. Berthing is different from docking. In real life on the iss berthing happens when the spacecraft is captured by a robotic arm and is pulled into a port. Docking occurs under a ships own power (ie. Soyuz and progress) The way I remember it is that berthing requires some assistance while docking does not