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  1. Have you tried infernal robotics next? It a continuation of infernal robotics and may work better with the newer Versions of KSP
  2. I do not think there are any mods that do that. The atmosphere on kerbin ends at 70,000 meters. If you are playing with real solar system then the atmosphere ends at 140,000 meters
  3. Wow you guys are amazing. Yo estoy muy contento. The whole RO team puts in a lot of work and we all very much appreciate it. Thank you
  4. Any orientation will work when docking. If you mean what orientation it is in real life then I would not know Docking can be passive or active (Same with berthing) Berthing ports do not work with docking ports. Berthing is different from docking. In real life on the iss berthing happens when the spacecraft is captured by a robotic arm and is pulled into a port. Docking occurs under a ships own power (ie. Soyuz and progress) The way I remember it is that berthing requires some assistance while docking does not
  5. I am using directX12 but when I load KSP it says "graphics api detected: direct3d9 And it says it is unsupported by textures unlimited
  6. I used to use KSP 1.4.5 and I would use mechjeb 2.8.3 with and had no problem. Now I use ksp 1.3.1 and tried to use mechjeb 2.8.3 but it would not work so I used mechjeb 2.7.0 and the interface for peg ascent guidacne is different. Is it possible to keep the same interface from mechjeb 2.8.3 on 2.7.0 because the one on 2.8.3 is so much better and easier to understand
  7. How do I get this to work on KSP 1.3.1 I am using launchers pack v5.3 and that works great with 1.3.1 Now I can not figure out how to get the block 5 textures to work. In ksp 1.3.1 you cannot switch textures on a part like in ksp 1.4 So what do i do
  8. Also, I noticed that there is still a tantares config. I have tried tantares and the configs files for it never worked in realism overhaul.
  9. Any ideas where I could find a RO configs for the space shuttle system by decq. Most of his mods are already supported by realism overhaul however his space shuttle isn’t
  10. The rocket flys fine when there is no payload attached. However, when I add the soyuz spacecraft the rocket starts flipping out of control after first stage seperation.
  11. The docking module from decqs version is different and more detailed any chance we could get that for this mod since it is no longer being developed.
  12. The docking module when extended turns white and the docking port is no longer visible
  13. Do the real plume configs work with real plume for real solar system and realism overhaul
  14. Whenever I fly the Soyuz-FG rocket it starts spinning out of control. I have the vernier engines on yet I can not control it. Edit: It works fine now
  15. Any way to use this mod without blizzy toolbar. Without the tool bar, the arrow icons don't show up. The toolbar adds an extra item to my stock toolbar that I do not like.
  16. I am serious about this and I would like to know all the information you have regarding this. The one problem with habtech2, however, is that it is not RO compatible. I was planning on making these parts using their realistic values.
  17. @NightsideTo be honest I have no idea what that is, but sure
  18. @hieywieyI will move it to the addon discussions immediately. @CobaltWolfI will keep that in mind when making this mod. @NightsideI am more interested in making hyper-realistic parts. I am currently writing up a project flyer that will state the goals of this project. The flyer will be able to answer any questions you have about this project.
  19. I will be making a new thread for the development of the project. I’ll put a link here when I do so! MIR DEVELOPMENT THREAD —> This thread was made to check for a demand on a Mir or ISS mod. Clearly mir has more demand given other mods already cover the ISS.