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  1. I gain flight experience, although only to the post-integration reliability. Not sure whether that is intended. I think the command pod explosions are intentional--critical failures always result in a failed part. Still quite a pain--I once had 3 of 4 fully-integrated flights end with a catastrophic command pod failure during takeoff. I just revert those--there is *nothing* you can do about them, and they happen pretty frequently. My biggest problem is that frequently integration fails (typically simultaneously in all bays) for no apparent reason--often coupled with using KRASH, but nothing definitive.
  2. Which capsules are you using? Early capsules were not equipped with airlocks or designed with the ability to vent and repressurize, and RP now reflects that by disallowing exiting them off the surface.
  3. Did you rename /GameDataTrajectories/Plugin/Trajectories16.bin to Trajectories17.bin? (If not, this is the third time it's been mentioned on this page alone; *please* read the last few pages of a mod's thread before asking support questions.)
  4. Why is the upgraded thrust of the WB-2/WB-3 so high? With both upgrades the WB-2 has the same thrust as the Poodle at less than half the mass, strictly dominating both it and the Cheetah. I've been playing with their thrust turned down to 100/110/120 and 90/100/110, respectively, but at that they still dominate the Cheetah (and leave the space between the Terrier and Cheetah quite crowded).