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  1. Ohhhhh, that'S a very cool mining rig actually! I love how you used wings as structural pylons.
  2. Reviving an old thread. I do find it quite intriguing to make funds by mining for various resources on other celestial bodies and bringing them home - that is outside of contracts. Being able to mine pretty much everything, or at least everything important, on Kerbin - and right on the runway, the need to take your mining rig to space becomes quite pointless and the whole concept feels a bit like a cheap exploit. Is there a mod or a way I could disable specific materials being mine-able on Kerbin? I'd like to keep the ore I need for refueling my long distance aircraft, but other expensive materials like uranite or rare metals used in and provided by various mods should be either absent or extremely rare on Kerbin.
  3. Hello and thank you for this tremendous mod! Other than being really cool and adding some neat parts and technologies, it's really handy when one uses a life support mod and wants to travel further than Minmus. Today I encountered a peculiar bug. Sent three space ships of the same type (and the same name) to places, and each ship had three kerbals on board that I froze. Now I was trying to unfreeze them, but the freezing modules pretend they were empty. When I open the in-flight deep freeze menu, all those kerbals are there, but they're not assigned to a vessel - the vessel name field is empty for them (as opposed to some other kerbals on a totally different ship - unique in name - that are thawable). The KSC deep freeze menu gives me the option to actually thaw the kerbals in question, but all it seems to do is withdraw 10k from my account with the kerbals still in limbo. I do not use and have never used the EC requirement to run the freezers, nor have I ever activated the max temperature limitations in the settings, so I know for a fact the frozen kerbals have not died. Has anybody encountered a similar issue? Is there a way out of it? Does it only happen when you use multiple vessels of the identical name and type? Thank you! EDIT: Correction! I have just now tried freezing and thawing in a different save and it turns out that duplicate vessels are completely irrelevant. The unthawable kerbals just appear to be a thing no matter what. I think I actually updated the mod to 1.7.2 since the last time DeepFreeze worked correctly. I have been playing on the game version 1.7.3 and all the freezing / thawing have been fine with the older mod version. Now I am even more intrigued!
  4. Hello! I am having a problem with some parts from KPBS. When I was running a previous version of this mod (1.45 I think), after updating the game to 1.7.3 the deployable parts ceased to deploy: the greenhouse, the habitat and science lab. Kerbals could get in, but their IVA was all clipped and glitched. Everything else worked fine. Now I downloaded the newest version of the KPBS mod (1.7.2), the deployable parts deploy again (yay!), but everything else stopped working. The recyclers don't recycle, the algae farm doesn't algae anymore and all the greenhouse modules from this mod decided to take a permanent vacation from all that food growing stuff. I'm using USI Life Support, which has been working brilliantly alongside KPBS' older version. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nope, I found the source of the problem and the solution before I finished writing. Versions of Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and USI Life Support have to match in order to be able to cooperate. My USI version was outdated, that's why the recyclers and greenhouses didn't work. Perhaps this will help other people who are as dumb as me. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the creators and maintainers of this mod. I use a bunch of part mods, but the parts provided by Kerbal Planetary Base Systems are definitely the most beautiful and fun parts to play with. <3
  5. I have so many thoughts and feelings right now, but I'm gonna boil them down to just four words: Guys, I love you.
  6. Hey, why isn't this mod getting more love? I installed it yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. The planets are stock quality, the black hole is super awesome and the wormholes are a really neat idea how to make it accessible even with stock parts. And it runs smoothly - no bugs, no crashes, no GPU overheating I tend to get from some other mods. A fantastic job, my man. Many thanks!
  7. OK, so having realised I have been performing my burns for other planets tremendously inefficiently, I decided to do some testing and compare various ways (mining included) to get from Kerbin to Jool. One of the options I heard was very efficient is to actually burn retrograde in the Sun's SoI, reach Eve and use her for a gravity slingshot. But... No matter how much I tried I haven't been successful in timing the transitions so that I would actually meet Jool, not just its orbit. I watched Scott Manley's video on the matter and I didn't catch any particular advice on the problem, only that he spent several frustrating hours before managing to do it right. My question is - do you go out of your way to perform gravity assists, like the one using Eve to get to Jool? And if so, is there a trick to it, or does one have to rely on luck / memorizing all the transfers?
  8. As for me, I don't build replicas but rather my own designs. The priority list for me goes: 1) Performance (low part count) 2) Functionality (has to feel tight in flight) 3) Looks. I prefer SSTO spaceplanes, since, to me, there's nothing more beautiful than a leisurely cruise above and between Kerbin's mountains, visiting lakes and performing acrobatic tricks in a craft that just returned from Laythe. I try to avoid part clipping as much as I can, keep the part count to the minimum and always focus on the functionality - and you know what, sometimes the aesthetics just emerge as a pleasant bonus on top of all that.
  9. @Diddly Feelerino @Starwaster @Jognt Alright guys, some more testing have been done and some weird things discovered. (And if you want me to stop pinging you, just let me know. ) First, I was faffing around the incredibly laggy game on the surface of Duna. All of the mods I use installed. Turns out when I go on EVA and jetpack my way some 370 m away from the craft, lagging stops and FPS are back to smooth! And they remain smooth until I get back to around 200 m from the craft, where the lagging starts again. The craft in question is only made of 25 parts, but it does contain some Mk2Expansion mod parts. In second phase, I went pure stock, moving all the mod folders into a backup folder outside the KSP directory. The result: everything perfectly smooth, no FPS issues. Third, I proceeded to run the game with Kopernicus and Galaxies Unbound only. Smooth again, no FPS issues - not even on the surface feature ridden dunes of Duna. Fourth, I put all the mod folders back to KSP directory, reverting to my original modded game. Now I land on Duna again with stock parts only shuttle. Everything perfectly smooth, no FPS issues. Then I load up my original craft containing the Mk2Expansion parts and do the same. This time around, no lags, no FPS loss, nothing. I'm still wading through a heap of surface features all around me, but the game is as smooth as ever. Weird? Could simply the order in which the mod folders are put into GameData affect the performance? I am very sure I didn't lose or change any files along the way - now that I think about it with one exception: the ModuleManager.4.0.2.dll I had in my folder might have originated from another mod, and during the testing, when I was running the game only with Kopernicus and GU, I had to restore said file from freshly downloaded Kopernicus zip file. Perhaps this can help some other players as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a rather unrelated note, I also tested the ROCs fix provided by @Starwaster, to no avail. I got nothing but black screen; the same one I got from the Oceans fix by @Jognt. Looks like I will have to come to terms with the fact that whenever I decide to visit one of the Galaxies Unbound planets, my graphic card is gonna start slowly turning into plasma.
  10. Thank you, this definitely helped with the landing, but it's still far from ideal (and I do realise I do sound like an ungrateful mutt - sorry, that's not my intention at all!). The game is still laggy (low FPS) when you're landed. Besides, the amount of surface anomalies is just unbearable. I thought they were meant to be rare and the player has to search for them. But this way, no matter where you land, this is how many surface features I could count just from one screenshot: Is there a way to reduce the total number of surface features generated on every celestial body? I would easily go for like a thousandfold reduction, as that would not only improve the FPS, but also make the game waaaay more interesting. EDIT: Man, am I stupid. I totally forgot I recently turned the scatter on, albeit only to 2 %. Nevermind the screenshot then. Still, according to the console, there were 4 of those surface features, and that's still quite a lot.
  11. Sure thing. Here you go. If there's anything else I can do to help, just ping me.
  12. OK, I was trying out various things and it turns out that if I substitute Antimatter with SolidFuel, everything works as advertised. It is apparently the new resource that causes the problem. Speaking of which, how would I go about introducing new resource to the game? I edited the Squad's Resources.cfg and added Antimatter with all the respective parameters, but the game just ignored it a pretended the resource wasn't there.
  13. @Diddly Feelerino @Starwaster @Jognt Reporting back in case you're still interested. I created a new .cfg file in GameData/Kopernicus with this in it: The result when I tried to load my game:
  14. @Jognt Thank you for the comprehensive answer. Unfortunately, your solution doesn't seem to work for me. I took the code you posted (attached below to make sure that's actually the one), put it into a newly created .cfg file and placed that file right into the GameData/Kopernicus directory. All I got was a black loading screen whenever I tried loading my saves or creating a new game. I'm using the Galaxy Unbound mod by StarCrusher and he tinkered with the naming of the Sun, but I'm not at all convinced that would be a valid reason for the game not loading. As for the FPS drop on Duna, I do experience that too in saves that do not have ROC set to -1. When I was test-landing, the surface features covered the surface so densely I could see at least two of them no matter where I landed. Screenshots below: Let me know if there's anything I can help with.