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  1. Brother, I hear you. I have spent over a year now playing KSP, most of it doing the career mode, and I do agree there is something missing. I would like to share a couple of points though, if I may. One, being realistic does not equal being fun. Sure, there is a lot of depth just in the financial management of a space program, not to mention keeping your employees orderly and motivated, buying materials and parts from other companies (NASA collaborates with highly specialised companies from all over the world as far as I know) and so on and so forth. However, KSP is about building rockets and flying them to places. As Pthigrivi said, such aspects of the game would serve as a distraction from the main goal of the game. I love the idea of being able to slightly improve the parts that have already been researched. I too came up with this notion when I was fantasizing about the possible improvements of the game. Something along the lines of improving the heat resistance of your nose cones by something like a 3 % margin, decreasing the weight of certain parts by a percent or two or increasing the structural strength and stability of specific parts ever so slightly. These changes could be very costly - both in funds and science - to provide some attractive end-game goals while not rendering the early game unplayable nor the late game overpowered and boring. Having these features locked until the whole tech tree is done might be also taken into consideration. Otherwise, the idea of faulty parts would IMHO cause more anger and frustration than joy of excessive realism. A "fog of solar system" - generally just the idea of not knowing exactly the parameters of the other celestial bodies - is not a bad one. However people who would appreciate this feature the most are I imagine pretty much just the veterans of the game who can tell you the average temperature 5000 m above Laythe's surface from the top of their heads (hyperbole, yay!) and to them such a concept would be pretty useless. Also, what it would mean in practice is just having to send one more unmanned space probe to the place before you start building your space hotel and casino there (looking at you, Matt Lowne!). I cannot decide if all the effort of introducing this new feature would actually pay off in actual fun. I am currently in a mid-game of my second career play through, and before I started, I decided to make things interesting. I use many mods; outer solar system to add some significant challenge for the end game, and the community tech tree to make the end game flights worth while. I use the life support mod (USI?) in conjunction with planetary base systems and deep freeze. I have plenty of new parts from OPT, Mk2 Expansion, Nuclear age by Porkjet and some other ones. What these mods have in common is they provide a ton of beautifully crafted and functional parts, while not being too overpowered (unlike for example Near Future Technologies, which is IMHO tremendously overpowered). I also took the liberty of adjusting the properties of some of the most powerful parts provided by mods, lowering their stats and make them much more balanced with the stock parts, and then I scattered these parts all over the rather large tech tree provided by CTT mod. I have turned the G-force limit on, given up the option to revert flight OR quickload the game in case I goof up. I can tell you, with all these changes, KSP feels like a completely different game as of now. TLDR; The career mode is not too bad, and if you know how to improve and rebalance it with mods, your experience can be as fresh as playing a completely new game.
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    SSTO Space Plane [Stock]

    Are those three screenshots not enough?
  3. Being an aficionado of SSTO space planes, I took a lot of time designing my perfect space-roaming jet plane. After months of refinements, I think Phoenix Lambda might just be the one. Pros: -> Very stable in flight with tanks both full and empty. Easy to maneuver and simply fun to fly. No unnecessary drag generated by the SAS having to keep pitching up. -> Given its size and mass, its drag is minimal. Everything that can be put into a cargo bay has been put into a cargo bay. On Kerbin, this puppy can glide at an angle of just 10° to 15° without losing speed. -> Gets easily into orbit with some 2800 m/s delta v left. Just pitch up to 10°, activate the Nervs at around 15,000 meters and press 1 to switch rapiers to their closed cycle mode when they hit thrust of 100 kN and lower. Wait till your apoapsis reaches 70,000, then hit 1 again to kill the rapiers. Done. You're in orbit. -> No parachutes, no air brakes, no ladders. Due to the design of the craft, it doesn't need any. Phoenix can land on Duna using just its wings and the Vernor engines mounted from the bottom. If you need to get back to the cabin from an EVA and cannot use your jet pack, simply retract your front wheel and the craft will kneel for you to climb onto its nose. -> High stability on the ground. The craft is equipped with one landing gear in the front for steering and four rear landing gears ensuring it will survive even some of the most violent landings. It is also equipped with small side gears for extra stability. Phoenix can drive on a difficult terrain at speeds up to 80 m/s on Kerbin, 30 m/s on Duna and 20 m/s on Mun. Who needs rovers anymore? -> The rear forked wings, other than looking cool and enhancing in flight stability, also serve as landing struts for bodies without atmosphere. Due to their position, the craft will always end up on its wheels with no assistance from the pilot. No more space planes stuck on their backs. -> Two drills and a small ISRU on board. Mining is lame, I know, but the freedom of choice where to go next is addictive. Phoenix landed on Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Dres, Laythe, Val and Pol in a single mission, before safely returning to Kerbin. With full tanks, it boasts some 4,000 m/s of delta v in vacuum. -> Seats for 6 kerbals and a wide spectrum of science collecting devices. Nothing like ferrying tourists around while gathering science. -> Docking port included for easy interaction with other vessels. -> Phoenix Lambda can even carry some smaller, aerodynamically friendly load mounted on its back (preferably just above its CoM) into orbit. Cons: -> Fairly long burns due to low thrust / weight ratio. Those Nervs are no Mainsails... -> No landing on Tylo and no getting back from Eve. Moho is also pretty much out of reach due to the limited delta v of the craft. Download Craft
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    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Sir, if I had any self-control, I would be studying and not playing KSP.
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    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Today I ran into a minor issue with the supplies timer, a very similar one to iGGnitE's. The timer consists of the time left before you run out of supplies and the time you can survive without any supplies at all (starving stage). The latter gets reset to the default value every time my kerbalnaut goes on EVA and returns on board. I have been trying to think of a suitable explanation, but no matter how I turn this around, forgetting about your need to eat on EVA just doesn't make sense to me, and what's worse, it can be easily exploited. I am trying to set some hard rules to the game for myself before I embark on the more challenging missions and going on EVA with your crew every 15 days just to avoid dying of starvation, although annoying, would be probably way too tempting for me not to exploit. So, is there is a fix for this? I myself can only think of changing the set "starvation" time from 15 days to only a few seconds, rendering the EVA unlimited "snacking" impossible, but that does seem a bit too harsh.
  6. Old, but still relevant topic. While I agree with the initial complaint to some degree, it has to be said (again) that the difficulty of the career mode is set to be challenging but not off-putting for a NEW player. People who spent hundreds of hours playing the game cannot be surprised that the game is not particularly challenging. I am currently at the "mid-game" of playing the career for the second time, but this time I decided to be hard on myself. What this means? I use a plethora of mods, all of which add more variety but no significant advantages to the game. All the parts added by mods, especially the engines, have been meticulously tested and tweaked to balance things out and suit my idea of challenge. This time I have also decided to go with the USI life support mod which should make interplanetary travel much more interesting (starving kerbals are killed, so no goofing around), and also got the research tree mod that significantly adds to the number of technology nodes, thus effectively increasing the amount of science required to unlock everything at least tenfold. I use the outer planets mod which adds new planets and moons, some of them ten times the distance from the Sun as Jool. I have turned on the G-force limit for Kerbals, somewhat reduced the abundance of ore and other materials, I have turned off the option to revert flights and also decided to only use quicksave / quickload in cases of bugs and crashes (haven't had any so far), meaning that whenever I goof and kill my kerbals just because I am a dum-dum, I just roll with it. I have been playing this way for a couple of days now, the highest of my achievements being getting to Minmus with a remote controlled probe. In the meantime I permanently killed four pilots including Jeb and Valentina, destroyed dozens of expensive vehicles in test flights and stood on a verge of bankruptcy. I have learned to utilise the abort button (which I never did before), I have learned to put a parachute and a decoupling device onto every module and every cockpit, I have learned to carefully plan even the most banal of missions. And you know what? I feel good about myself for getting where I got so far, and I'm also really excited about the future interplanetary flights. I haven't even used all the options to make my game more difficult. You could still set huge penalties to failing missions or even declining them, you could lower the gains from successfully finished contracts and set your ore abundance to zero, rendering all mining useless. All you have to decide is how much pain the game's gonna be. The possibilities are there. The one thing I do agree with is the lack of a bigger reward at the end or on the most distant planets. I would not mind a storytelling version of the game, as a fourth addition to sandbox, science and career. Something along the lines of Matt Lowne's Green Harvest, but this time you and your Kerbals would play the main part. And the grand finale of the story would await you on the most distant planet or moon. In the end though, as in most open world or sandbox games, the journey is the goal. If you find the game lacking of goals, you have to make them yourself.
  7. Heya! First of all a big thank you for this wonderful mod. I cannot even imagine my space planes without the parts from OPT anymore. A great piece of work. For people I have seen complaining about the overpowered engines (and I cannot blame them, the engines really are super powerful!), I might have some suggestions. I went to the config files and tweaked some of the properties to make them a bit more balanced with the stock engines. The HAE High Altitude engine got its ISP lowered to 3600 (so that my favourite Whiplash still has at least one advantage over it) and its mass almost doubled (I was thinking it's almost twice the size of rapiers, so why should it be the same weight?). ARI Scoop engines got their mass almost trippled, so that the stock aerospike can still compete with them on lighter vessels, and the infamously powerful Dark Drive engine (and I am really proud of this one) got power hungry. I made the Dark Drive engine drain electric charge at a rate of 200 EC per second (the ratio is something like 0.9 LF / 1.1 Ox / 50 EC in the config file). This creates a really interesting challenge of providing required electricity for the engine and gives a very important role to all the nuclear reactors found in various other mods (I personally use Planet Base Systems and MK2 Expansion mods both of which feature nuclear reactors). All of the reactors are fairly heavy and require powerful cooling, while the most efficient radiators cannot be used when in flight in a an atmosphere. Having a huge pile of batteries and many many gigantor solar panels is the lighter (and cheaper) alternative, that on the other hand doesn't allow for longer continuous burns without recharging. This little change made my end-game so much more fun and I highly recommend doing something similar to anyone who finds the engines a bit too powerful for their taste. On a completely unrelated note, I think I have found a bug: the drone cores provided by the mod seem to ignore their attachment when it come to calculating the drag. No matter where or how I attached them, they seem to generate the same amount of drag as if put in the very front of the aircraft, slowing it down tremendously. I might be using an older version of OPT, so if this has been fixed recently, sorry for bringing it up. EDIT: I just discovered your OPT Reconfig. You beat me to it.
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    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I want to extend my gratitude to the maker(s) and maintainers of this mod as it is one of my favourite mods in the game, the added parts fit seamlessly into the stock game design, and it overall makes the game so much more interesting and challenging on its own, and gives purpose to some other amazing mods like Planetary Base mod or the Deep Freeze mod (and many others no doubt). So thank you all.
  9. Definitely hyped! Just a silly question that might or might not have been asked and answered already in this loooong thread: Do I have to be running the newest 1.7 version of the game to be able to run the DLC? I am currently on 1.45 for the purpose of being able to use some of the older mods. Thanks!
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    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Hey. I have been playing around with the mod and discovered some minor issues: 1) The ESTOC engines fire the smoke trail backwards, that is to the front. (Or might that be a wrong installation on my part?) 2) The Banshee engines have a strange drag behaviour: when closing the cover, the drag drops for the time of the animation, but once fully closed, the drag jumps up back to the same value as it was when open. These are really minor problems though, and the main reason I am writing is to thank you for this wonderful mod. I literally just made my first account here (this being my very first post) to let you know how amazing this mod is and how amazing you are for still maintaining it. Definitely one of my favourite mods out there.