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  1. Right click on the parts(experiments) should show which angle is ok(in VAB or SPH). About current angle not sure..
  2. Thanks!) This is the angle between your craft and the sun. That is, if you draw a line from craft to the planet and from the sun to the planet you get an angle, just this angle is taken into account. It seems to be so ...
  3. Hi. Also issue with contract "conduct orbital survey around sun(or kerbal)". There is some experiments which need to be done in planetary space. A space around sun is not planetary space, and contract could not to be done. I hope that i correctly explained problem.. Ah. I forgot, that these experiments from dmagic orbital science.. do i need write that in its topic?
  4. Just tried with USI Core. Here is a screenshot. The USICore reactor works fine. It has a "start reactor" button. And in the pod there is no button.
  5. I just tested a clean ksp with this pack. And there is no reactor .... Installed: USITools, Community resource pack, Firespitter and USI Exploration Pack. Well and Module Manager. It turns out I still did not install something...
  6. Hi! I have a question about "Otter submersible pod". In this part there is no reactor in the presence of kerbalism or I have not installed something? Dependencies?
  7. Hi. I have problem with anomalies. Its always unknown on the map, even i explore it with kerbal. Its normal?
  8. Hi. Have some problem. I launched a spaceplane into orbit, separated the probe, switched to the probe, performed the maneuver, and switched back to the spaceplane. And after that the game showed it. It says here: Error loading machine The device is not loaded due to lack of details: KJRAutoStrutHelper. Thank you. UPD: I switched straight from the flight through the map. If you first switch to Space Center, and then to the spaceplane, nothing happens. Everything works well.
  9. Hi! Great pack. How to get the same picture? Or is it some kind of filter? Particularly interesting are these details.
  10. Hey. I want to try this mod. There is a question: will it work with Global Construction? Or just Extraplanetary Launchpads?
  11. Yes, i know. Sreenshot was taken immediately after transfer an experiment to the lab.
  12. Hi! I tried. Here is a screenshot ... And I suddenly realized that in the stock lab there is no button to start an experiment or something like that. Only Start Labtime. I hope everything is visible.
  13. I would not want to distract from the mother ship .. but if you really look, just in case, these experiments require LabTime. Should Kray supercomputer only produce this? Or something else also produces LabTime? P.S. MOLE didn't help me. I decided to just ignore it as advised by JadeOfMaar.