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  1. Is this mod compatible with 1.10? or is it in the process of being updated to 1.10 so we can use it at the same level as your shuttle orbiter kit?
  2. It appears I have run into another bug! (although I assume its realchutes fault, or might be mine for upgrading to realchute 1.10..) Whenever I try to use the parachute on the docking port with integrated parachute, on descent the parachute doesn't deploy at all, no drogue chutes no nothin before it sends my kerbals to a fiery death. (I have in deployed on the IVA, and on the external camera, I also tried spamming deploy chute close to the ground at about 3000-4000 meters up) I will try to provide a gif whenever I can get one without the aftermath getting in the way. (Edit: found out
  3. I can’t seem to properly install this with RPM adopted, it gives me a JSI and vesselviewer folder and I don’t know what to do with it.. I put the vesselviewer folder in and that broke all my monitors so I couldn’t use them for some reason.. (don’t have logs yet, will get them soon.)
  4. Is it possible to view the docking port cameras on RPM monitors? I’ve been itching to do that for some time now (to make IVA docking in the MK1-3 pod and other pods easier.
  5. Err.. I cannot seem to put the the service module fairing plates on.. it always looks very wonky and they don't seem to detach when I detach from the adapter.. (it always goes on like this for some reason..) EDIT: I forgot to add that they don't detach when I use the adapter to detach from the rocket.
  6. Is it possible to run this on a 32-bit version of KSP without large visual issues? (on an iMac, currently just trying to make the best looking KSP game I can run.)
  7. Err.. does this mod work for 1.10 by any means? I've been itching for a new Kopernicus release.. (I got RPM working for the first time in years earlier) And does anyone know some compatible planet packs? (not too large packs mind you, I don't wanna start TOO big!)
  8. I have all of the dependencies and everything installed proper, although I won't be able to back to my main computer for a bit (a day at least, I could provide a screenshot of my gamedata list when I get back)
  9. Does EVE happen to work on 1.9.1 on an iMac? (I am unsure of the bit type but I can always check if need be) I've checked ingame and there appears to be no clouds unless I happen to install AVP or any of these other mods, but I've been looking for a solution without these mods.
  10. Hello, I have been having issues in 1.9.1 with all the parts not appearing all at once, I have been trying to get all of this to work, but certain crew parts are not appearing, the mk3 piece with the opening front is appearing, but everything else is not, such as the other cockpits and stairs and other crew pieces, the engines are also appearing just fine, but I have been itching to mess about with all of the parts for a while now, any fixes coming up for these missing bits and pieces?
  11. Quest question, when is Kopernicus 1.9.1 estimated to release? I'm fine with waiting I'm just curious
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