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  1. fallen into the river
  2. It would, but it wouldn't be an enjoyable experiment. It's likely that ksp would crash on boot-up and even if it goes past the loading screen, the frame- rate would be horrible. Source: I tried jnsq on an imac with better specs, got 2 fps
  3. I would sit down and play Ksp for years until I can document all the bugs. After reporting all the bugs, I would realise that no one from squad exists anymore and that I would have to play the buggy mess forever. I would then detonate all of the nuclear bombs in the world, one by one. Soon, the world will be covered by ashes and I will be laughing like a mad scientist.
  4. What is the definition of science modules? Is it defined by crew capacity or science parts? Other than that, I am interested. I'll take Roscosmos if it's available.
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2815805/archaeologists-dig-up-gigantic-flying-killer-dinosaur-as-big-as-a-plane/ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. This one very unfortunate Starlink satellite gets pounded and ripped apart by a dinosaur. Hundreds of new space debris are created, increasing the risk for other satellites.
  7. @Harry Rhodan is Ryzen 5 a suitable cpu for KSP? I thought that intel cpus were better for single core gaming.
  8. Hi guys. I'm planning to build a new pc mainly to play KSP. My budget is ~1200 AUD and I want it to be able to run KSP with visual mods at at least 45fps. Does anyone know or can recommend any builds?
  9. I have an issue with spectra where the planets such as Kerbin, Duna and Eve looks yellow with white atmosphere. Mods: KSP Log: Any ideas on what causes this?
  10. Well you've caught me reposting my own meme
  11. He's away colonizing Dres. @The Dressian Exploder?
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