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  1. Calling 911 because Take two purchased Ksp and it is becoming better"cough" "cough" Also calling 911 because now i'm going to get banned from the forum. (Guess why?)
  2. Ah ...... Shoot. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I'm an idiot.
  3. Well, a. I don't have a payload thing b. I 'm not sure it'll work without being in the command pod. But, still, thanks. Probably next time. Ah. I tried it again by reading it carefully(cause my brain is as big as kerbal's) , and I think I did it! I'm such an idiot. Thank you for that alt f12 thing. I'm pretty sure that it willbe useful for this and many other missons. Happy KSP's 8th Birthday!!!!
  4. Hi I'm a noob wandering around the forum and this is my opinion as a KSP player. This is my idea about KSP 2.0. I generally agree with your idea, and here it is. 1. I believe that the KSP's physics engine is not the best. The physics engine is probably the main reason fo crashes, krakens and slow loading times. If squad creates or changes the KSP physics engine by 2.0, it would be an extreme benefit to both us and Squad. 2. More interesting stuff. Most of your opinions about changing is related with how KSP feels like a half-made game. It's a great game, but it could've been bet
  5. Ok. just an another KSP noob here, asking questions... So, I have a mid 2011 imac with 16gb RAM, 3.4 ghz i7, AMD Radeon 1024MB . and High Siera, And i've been wondering, would this mod work on my mac well? I mean, fortnite doesn't support this imac......... Yeah, I just don't wanna crash my imac because i had a few kernle errors or whatever a lot of times (like..... 10 times a day?), and everytime that happens, my imac restarts. Bad thing when you're playing KSP. Anyway, your mod looks amazing! Pretty sure that this should be a part of KSP. Also, this convinced few of my friends to b
  6. I landed on the Mun for the first time but my ship fell over while I was on a EVA with Jeb. I am suspecting a Kraken attack or the landing gears. So yeah, I stranded Jeb in my first go.
  7. Wow. So we have to make a dragster? Cool. Are SRBs allowed? And if we have both probe and a command pod, will it count as both?
  8. Oh. That is actually a good idea. Maybe I shall bump poor Jeb to a 2t space ship hehe^.^ Well, I read it, and it's kinda complicated, and I don't think I'm bothered to do that. Also, I've tried doing alt + f9, and it only showed 3(which all are bad). So, yeah, Iguess I'll make a rescue thingy if that buping strategy doesn't work.
  9. Hello everyone! It's been some time since my last post and some stuff happened during that time. After I got KSP, I decided that I should go to the Mun ASAP. It's been a couple of weeks, and I got into Mun orbit and landed my mk1 rocket and my kerbnaut on the mun. I was happy at first, but then things went kraken-wrong. So right after I landed on Mun after some unsuccesful tries(engines exploding and kerbonaut crashing), I got my brave Jebediah to have an EVA and practice jetpack skills. But a few seconds later I went out, my little mk1 ship FELL DOWN suddeny without a reason. At first, I
  10. So... I shouldn't buy the DLC until I go to the Mun (and return). Do you mean in a sandbox or in science/career mode? But even though I go to the Mun and return (it's gonna take a while), my parents are likely to have forgotten it. So I think I'll buy it now and use it later. Then have a nice day of crashing stuff into KSC!
  11. So the robotics isn't bad but isn't the best, right? Even though the robotics are bad, we can still wait for the update(s) or so I hope. And.... yeah it's actually $AUS 20 instead of 15. Sorry everyone ^.^. I think I will blame my dumb brain and the stupid $AUS to $US. Oh. Did you read my first post? And you remember it? Thank you! Also, thank you for the tip. But fortunately for me, I had a deal with my parents (actually it was dad, but let's ignore it) that they will buy me the new DLC (I didn't specify how many ) when it comes out. Therefore, I don't need to worry
  12. Thank you for your opinion FRank_G. I'm considering it even more now.
  13. Hello, everyone in the forum. I am a person who got KSP not long ago (a week ago) and I'm really enjoying it. But after the DLC came out, I'm wondering: is it worth it? I went to steam and looked at some reviews, and few of them say that the robotics are bad as hell (worse than mods?), the features don't appear in old saves, the deployed sciences take a lot of time and the features are too small and lacking numbers. But generally, the reviews are saying that they are pretty good. So these are my options right now: DONT buy the DLC Or Ask my parents to buy me one (they promised m
  14. Ok, everyone. I think I didn't clearly clarify my situation. So here goes a fact check 1. I want KSP 2. I asked my parents and they said yes 3. They didn't get me KSP 4. I asked my dad 5. He seems like he's still considering or forgotten it So, yeah. I still don't know my mom didn't get me KSP. And I agree with many people here, who thought this would not end up good, especially me. Thank you for concerning for me, but I don't really think I would get in trouble with my parents. It is true that parents would not be happy that they got a game off the internet, but
  15. Thank you for the instructions, but I actually got KSP demo (legally of course ^.^). But the problem is that more I play the demo, the more I want KSP. SO, yeah, just waiting for the sale
  16. Yeah, but it's kinda different from that. SO my parents will not let me play games UNTIL I finish my homework, study or be nice to people. If I have a fight with my siblings, boom! No gaming this week! As the result of that policy, my average gaming time per week is ........ 1~2 hours. And that's when they're happy. When they're not happy, they make excuses like "It's too late", "Your brother didn't finish your homework" or even worse "Nope.", even though it's 9 or 10, ( I sleep at 11, 12), my brother can do it later or almost finished it and I'm pretty sure I did something good this week. So
  17. I agree that this community is awesome. Probably it is one of the best. Again, thank you for the offer. I feel much better that much better people like you guys are helping me. Thank you.
  18. Thanks for the advice! I will try it. But my parents are sort of anti-gaming for an unknown reason, and I did tell them that KSP is not just a game. But still, it wouldn't hurt to give it another go. And thank you very much for the offer! I always heard that KSP community is awesome, but I didn't expect this. I can't tell you how happy I am.
  19. Hi everyone. I'm [snip] craving KSP. So I did the obvious thing: I asked my parents. Fortunately, my birthday was only a couple of weeks away, and my mom, who was in a good mood, said yes and that she will consider it with dad. After that, the days and weeks went away, and here came my birthday. Now, I wanted KSP more than ever. BUT my parents didn't buy me KSP. Or anything. I was pretty depressed. It wasn't like I didn't tell them. I told them what I wanted, and they said yes! Now it's been 3 weeks after my birthday, and I still crazily want KSP. FOr 3 weeks, I've read KSP tutorials, watche
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