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  1. Negative. He's too bus crawling in space. @Gargamel?
  2. KSP is a very demanding game. Sure, the game's very smooth on a high spec gaming pc, but on a potato computer, KSP is VERY laggy. It's not even laggy, it's beyond low fps. My frame rate drops to 10 even if I place ONE part in the VAB. and I have the newest Macbook air. So is it possible to reduce this lag? All I want to do is build stations in the VAB and the spaceplane hangar, not fly them. Is it possible to delete files to reduce the lag in the VAB? Is there a mod that does that? Thanks for reading this.
  3. Like @Geonovast said, an engine with high ISP is what you need to look for. If you have the making history expansion, the skiff engine or the wolfhound engine is a good option. If you do not have the DLC, just use the poodle or terrier engine.
  4. Uh. No. Let's not go there. I have friends who are weebs, but I'm not a weeb. TUBM is not from the solar system.
  5. I think they are parts from Bluedog Design Bureau They make old NASA mission parts and some modern ones. You might want to look into it if you like the look of it!
  6. 88(+) Back-up have arrived! Me: spends the day without going to the forum. Me when I go on to the forum at the end of the day: Receives 12 notification B R U H
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