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  1. My biggest plan for KSP 2 is try out Multiplayer with a few friends and see how similarly I can recreate a Elite Dangerous styled gameplay with Colonies, Stations where everyone has their own personal exploration ships, It would be pretty awesome
  2. Those are pretty good suggestions, also that second spaceship looks a lot like the Orca from elite dangerous haha
  3. Agreed, I heard on Next Gen Tech video that there are going be engines that will burn for months, years (so I assume that it won't be like a instant travel when going to other start systems and you are going to have to timelapse), if it is like that I believe that there'd also be cryogen pods to preserve kerbals and life support stuff (unless if there is some kind of recycler). But we will only know when the game releases xd.
  4. I wish there is Life support Cryogenic stasis Lua scripting language for modding Weaponry I plan making mods for it
  5. In the trailer, you can see on some planet's atmospheres, they are moving, principally on jool's scene, if you look closer. ( I think it's Jool ) I really hope that "dynamic" or animated atmospheres are a thing :p
  6. actually the only effect i would like to see is juuuuust a little bit of chromatic aberration, It looks realistic on some rocket photos and videos, idk, but I want it to be very realistic
  7. I wish there are all those effects in the game, but options to toggle for people who does not like them :))
  8. do you also have a exhaust position editor? Lol i have serious isses moving those to the riight spot
  9. I just made a engine, and everything works perfectly, but, the default ksp engine effects are too small for it, I couldn't figure a way to make a engine effect with part tools, also didn't find any tutorials... if theres any documentation or tutorial on that, i would be very thankful :p.
  10. Thank you, i think i get it, also i like your Planeroid lol
  11. Sorry , it is called DSN modifier , my game language was a bit different, but i still does not know what it means :p
  12. Hey, when I'm configuring career mode, there is antenna signal strength slider, I always leave it to 0.10, but it's still much, and there is another one called REP force modifier, but I could not find what exactly it means, does it have anything to do with antenna strength?
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