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  1. Yes, it was, even there is a mod to add a radial hatch to it, still working: Mk1-Cabin-Hatch. And this explains why 1.5 size cabin have not a hatch - its prototype was old mk1 cabin.
  2. I have tested MK1 passenger cabin and found it fully functional, with crew hatch at both sides. Not in stock but I'm thinking no mods alter this part functionality.
  3. Until bugfix, try next: save, take contract, complete it via Alt+F12 "cheat menu", compare your current funds/rep/sci and those you have earlier, revert to saved, go action
  4. Although this contract did not show properly in Mission Control, it seems all specs displayed correctly in contract list in-fly (right edge button). So, it is possible to save game, get contract, jump to any ship and check contract specs, make a decision. However, this way you did not know contract complete bonuses.
  5. But Size 1.5 Crew cabin still have a door only graphical, no EVA menu on click on it, unlike MK3S1 and Size 2 Crew cabin modules. There is no logical reason for only painted, not working airlock door.
  6. I did not build it, a cabin is auto-generated by contract system. I did not know a cabin type until arrived close enough. It is one-piece craft. And I tested some cabins at Kerbin starting place - exactly from "Size 1.5 Crew cabin" impossible to exit, while others have airlock and kerbals successfully exit.
  7. I hit a bug with "Size 1.5 Crew cabin", while trying to rescue from orbit. The problem is, this part have no airlock to exit from, unlike other cabins. So, I arrived to lost in space but unable to rescue him.
  8. I can confirm this bug still persist in 1.7.0. Right this type of contract: build a station. Not all station contracts affected, so this is related to contract requirements. And one more thing - but very important: bug triggered only in non-english localization (i.e. Russian). Switching to English via Steam game properties allow to get contract specs, see example screenshot: