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  1. @linuxgurugamer i found why the script trigger didn`t show up: The file with the module had no file ending (it was simply called "AGExt/kOSVoidAction" instead of "AGExt/kOSVoidAction.cs") and therefore not compiled into the dll. If i rename the file, add it in VS Studio and compile it myself, the script trigger works as intended. Should i make a pull request for that? (And if yes, fork your repo, or push a new branch directly to your repo?) For the problem with the disabled buttons, this still happens, but i have no idea where to start lokking at this. I f you have an idea, let me know and i have a look at it (but i promise nothing, this is my first time modifying KSP dlls).
  2. Yes, same thing with the locked buttons without kOS. (Obviously the Script Trigger is not supposed to appear without kOS). Log: (1).txt?dl=0
  3. Hi, @linuxgurugamer i can replicate the bug with the disabled buttons. Im running: KSP 1.7.0+Making History Action Groups ReExtended 2.3.4 Click Through Blocker Toolbar Controller ModuleManager 4.0.2 kOS Log: I started a new sandbox game, entered VAB, placed a kOS processor (doesn't seem to matter what parts i use) and switched to action groups with the stock button, showing me the AGX menu and disables most other buttons. Then looked for the Script Trigger in the action group menu that should be there for kOS and did not find it. Then clicked the AGX button, which switched everything to the stock action group menu. After that i left KSP. I actually migth have to seperate bugs, the disabled buttons and the missing Script Trigger (which is more problematic for me, because i want to use this for my kOS scripts). I might be able to set up a debugging enviroment, if i find an explanation on how i do so, and give you more info about what is happening exactly, if you can point me in the right direction (i have some experience in c# programming, but not in KSP context).