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  1. Damn, honestly, I was kind of waiting a few months to get back into my career when the Joolian system was revamped, as that's about where I'm up to. But I want everything to be pretty! I haven't actually landed on Tylo yet, for example. It might kill me but I think I'll have to wait for the NEXT update before I continue that save. But hey, I'll probably crack into the scenarios and have some fun with those! Still haven't seen the beautify'd Kerbin yet. Congrats on the release, Squad.
  2. Soon is now! On the other hand, now is soon...
  3. This update is hilarious, you all totally got me
  4. Hold that phone! I've just submitted my application. I think I'd be a great fit and would love to work alongside the team!
  5. There's never been a better time to construct Kerbin bases near those neat rivers!
  6. Oh! Oh!!! Me! I live in Seattle! I'm applying for this!
  7. Just out of quick curiosity, how much might this this mod's calculations and caching slow down load times (for the VAB or in general) on a midrange CPU? EDIT: Nevermind, this information is readily available through the timestamps in the KSP.log file. Thanks for the mod!
  8. I guess this is the best reasoning I've heard for at least a few screenshot crumbs. The ball's in your court, Star Theory!
  9. I'll field this one. When they came out with the announcement they got such an overwhelming amount of feedback from KSP veterans which both helped them solidify their priorities, and likely gave them a crapload of work to do in tweaking/redeveloping various aspects of the game, in order to make the best game possible. The above rejiggering takes a long time, and before it is done, there inherently isn't anything new to show. This is the period we are still in now, and it's not really surprising nor should be taken with alarm. They also just got the green light for several additional
  10. I felt a Kerbin revamp was coming since they added better grass textures just to KSC. I'm very excited about a Kerbin revamp possibility and understand why that might take a lil bit of time, along with the other revamps. I definitely feel that an ocean revamp miiight be coming along with it, at the same time that Laythe gets one. And if I'm going to round out my hopes, there's a chance they'd add some kind of stock cloud at that point too. SPECULATION: 1.9 is a revamp for most other celestial bodies, and 2.0 is the Kerbin/Laythe/Ocean/Cloud revamp. Something like that.
  11. I'll try it out and report back! UPDATE: Kopernicus isn't updated yet so I didn't install that, still got some sweet visuals launching from Kerbin and am glad to try this mod again. Eve didn't have a visible ocean when I got there but that could easily be a different mod conflict I haven't narrowed down yet. Still,
  12. Wow linuxgurugamer, you're like, a real-life superhero.
  13. Sounds like an unlucky run of bugs. The base game seems pretty stable to me, in 1.8.1 at least.
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