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  1. Given that some mod authors will take this opportunity for a code rework, I'm sure donations would also be appreciated during this time! (Disclaimer: Donations hold no expectation of accelerated updated timelines)
  2. Figured I'd check to see if anyone else has the same issue.
  3. Mods? Alt+F12 and see what is throwing up an exception. In my case I deleted Kerbal Engineer and I think Toolbar Controller and then it got me to the main menu... but the menu buttons wouldn't do anything. Alas...
  4. So, plenty of mods are probably good and broken now. Which ones have you noticed?
  5. Also as someone with a reckless regard for breaking functionality, BACK UP YOUR SAVES BEFORE UPDATING! Particularly the more modded it is.
  6. Imported my heavily modded save into 1.8 with reckless regard for "breaking functionality", deleted Kopernicus and now am stuck loading on something at the end I haven't seen before: "Verifying Expansion: Breaking Ground SquasExpansion/Serenity". Looks like a "ReflectionTypeLoadExceptiom" was thrown. Let the process of mod elimination begin!
  7. I expect an outsized amount of bug testing is required with a big Unity update like this.
  8. I was rendezvousing two vessels at Moho and they collided during the main relative velocity burn. I always figured that was too unlikely. I was WRONG.
  9. The winch and the clouds are the only non-stock things that really stick out to me. Who knows, in revamping the atmospheric bodies they may add clouds yet...!
  10. Just out of curiosity, what does "UseOnDemandBiomes" do and why is setting it to False a fix?
  11. Here's something I don't hear about too often. Take the the general coolness of taking off and landing on a runway., and combine it with the delta-v benefits of staging. It's naturally going to be more part-intensive and expensive than a regular launch, but I've been messing around with a three-stage plane and am wondering if anyone has any experience or general tips to share. The first stage of mine is a real monster, to accommodate getting into orbit the second interplanetary (but still flight capable) electric engine stage, with the final stage being a relatively normal jet. I don't have any solid plans on what to actually DO with it but I should be able to make one that could orbit anywhere, then of course the next step would be to make a juggernaut four-stager that can fly to Laythe, land, and return to the Kerbin runway. Oh, I should probably add a driller if it's already going to be pretty heavy...
  12. I'm sorry to report that Glenand from last page is now no longer with us... ever since the Kerbals mysteriously began craving vital nutrients, she ran out of time. Before she went, the genius actually created a burst antenna from jetpack coolant to send one last message... "Earn this!"
  13. Welp, it finally happened. Glenand Kerman was doing a typical "rescue-spacewalk" when she ran out of EVA fuel. Being adrift in space is, of course, the worst-case scenario for an effectively immortal Kerbal. There's virtually nothing to smash into, so they are eternal prisoners of the vastness of the universe. All she can do is pray for the one quintillionth of a chance that she'll fall into a sun.
  14. Ooof, I hate end of fiscal year releases. That's not a great sign, actually. Hope they get more time.