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  1. The mun launch site is for the Console edition if you have the history and parts pack. If you are on PC you should check your mods. Also in career and science modes you need to unlock mining before it becomes available.
  2. This was my first dive bomb into Kerbol. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aoo6szyB84IXhiqIXsgLJ4P3RRKn?e=WyKonN
  3. It's still there just checked. Press start after beginning/loading a game, then click settings and its the fifth one up from the bottom.
  4. This feels weird to ask but where are the Ducted fan blades that should go with the shrouds? Other than that gripe I'm loving the update.
  5. Considering we still haven't gotten the ducted fans on console yet sometime between next year and never.
  6. The CH-J3 Fly-by-wire avionics hub is the only part that fits your criteria.
  7. If not much delta V is required I'll get out and push. Though I do have a personal rule of each kerbal can only get out and push once. So if it takes more ∆v than that its rescue time.
  8. If you're speaking of @Hotel26's craft it looks like you take off and land with the vertically mounted engine. Then you switch to the aerospike on the back for your other maneuvers.
  9. Personally I'd love a double wide MK3 cargobay for rover transport.
  10. Considering they haven't said anything since Sept. 25 I believe a problem was found with one of the builds.
  11. Here's Stumpy with 27480m. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aoo6szyB84IXgVFL8WzwPWHimaWg
  12. Out of curiosity which build number are we getting on consoles?
  13. Probably use Orion drives as landing legs. Think about it the Orion drive has to survive nuclear blasts regularly so its impact tolerance must be insane.
  14. With Duna I find aerocapture to be easy and efficient as there is little to no risk of overheating that I've encountered. For Kerbin I aerobrake when coming from the Mun or Minmus the rest I generally burn for. Eve I mostly burn for.
  15. If you haven't already I'd start with auto strutting each wing segment to its grandparent part. If I remember correctly you need to go into settings and turn on advanced tweakables. Also it is highly recommended not to use rigid attachment with wings as they need some flex or they are likely to break.
  16. The wait between console updates because the anticipation of being able to improve a good number of my designs.
  17. To add onto @Reinhart Mk.1 's if you haven't done so already stick a flag or something at the end of the runway that can be targeted and use it as an ILS.
  18. I started to use these after the flags that I was using for ILS kept getting knocked over and destroyed by the exhaust of my larger crafts.
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