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  1. Oh so nice! Now I can make awesome window ports in my builds!
  2. Same here! No matter what I try! It stops my KSP stream on Twitch.tv/Justadutchguy and getting to film my ISS for the twitter challenge. What is going on!? This is the worst! On both the 1070 GTX and 970 GTX ! https://streamable.com/na7037 Checked everything on my pc both hard&Software. And its so low on their fix list I don't understand? The Immersion is totally gone and I can't stream it on my channel in this state. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25992
  3. Very happy with this folks. Those blades will make helo's a thing for me now. the revamped parts are very welcome. The bleed valves are going to be implemented in ways you won't expect. And the Kerbin update is welcome too. Even though clouds will be the holy grail really.
  4. So Ive been so looking forward to this DLC. The possibilities in my historic re-enactments in KSP are absolutely Epic.So in a quick recap Hinges, possible hydrolics new suits, new science and rover probe arm, rollers or bearings possible cargo pod and KAS system? For me it means a stable canarm and Prop planes (Finally a TU-95 Recon) and (Lifter)Helicopters. I never was much of a krakentech guy and this will be so much better for the Parts count! So I am in 110%! Thx Squad!
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