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  1. Just curious will this mod be remade for KSP 2? Because I really like this mod and would love to colonize everything around Sarvin ^^
  2. Will before kerbin also be getting a 1.7.3 update?
  3. Hi sorry to bother you but I have a question about compatibility. Would this mod also work with the outer kerbin mod? That mod adds an extra moon and sub moon to kerbin on the edge of its SOI. I feel that if this mod doesn’t change kerbins SOI it would work. I just want to confirm if this changes kerbins SOI or not
  4. Sorry for bothering you. I didn’t know to get to the launchsites I needed to check the space plane hanger. I checked and I have them
  5. I need some help with this mod. I installed Kerbal konstructs and module manager and I have making history but when I load Kerbal Space Program I don’t get the water launch sites
  6. Do you think you could add rings to Urlum that are on their side like Uranus in real life? Sorry if they are already in. I haven’t played this in a while
  7. I have a mod compatibility idea. I don’t know if this could even work because I’m that experienced with modding but is it possible to add outer planets compatibility so if you head to the dead kerbol system and you have the outer planets mod installed you can find dead versions of sarnus Urlum Neidon plock And their moons?
  8. Do you think you could add some stuff to some of the planets/moons to go with the breaking ground DLC?