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  1. I have an issue, I'm on 1.12.1 and Murph does not have the accretion disk or anything. It is just a black spherical object with no Black Hole defining features (it does not look how it should) I did do as the description said and got the newest Kopernicus Extended Continueder, but it still doesn't work
  2. Does anyone know if there is a Death Star planet pack? I think that'd compliment this nicely. Or at least some star wars planets.
  3. We actually can since OPM touches the stock system while GU does not. In my game I use 3 planet packs actually, I use OPM, Helvica, and GU all with no issues
  4. Just curious is Parallax support possible? I am not very experienced in KSP modding so I'm not sure if it is.
  5. Hello, I am currently experiencing a bug which hinders gameplay. And I know scatterer is the culprit because the bug involves one of its features. Whenever I have the ocean shaders on, the ocean instead disappears completely. This hinders gameplay because I cannot see the ocean so if I am launching a boat or landing in it, I don't know how far away it is. This also applies to regular gameplay so I know its not just a thing in the menu
  6. That just gave me an idea, what if there was a mod that was the tempus system during the present of the Kerbol system? (When the Kerbals still lived on Kerbin)
  7. Hello just curious, are there any plans to update After Kerbin and Before Kerbin to 1.8.1? I tested both in their current versions on 1.8.1 After Kerbin loads but the sun has no glow or rays, and Before Kerbin has no atmospheres and some planets have the wrong textures. (I was using EVE and Scatterer on both.) if you have no plans to update these that’s ok. I’m just curious if you did or not o-o
  8. The kerbals have been around for such a long time O-O
  9. Hello sorry to bother you but in my game Duna is completely blue, and I did as the Troubleshooting says, I re installed spectra. But it’s still blue even after reinstalling it. Are there any other solutions? I also tried reinstalling environmental visual enhancements and scatterer. Still blue
  10. Just curious will this mod be remade for KSP 2? Because I really like this mod and would love to colonize everything around Sarvin ^^
  11. Will before kerbin also be getting a 1.7.3 update?
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