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  1. If i can trust Steam (and myself) i'm about to complete 2000 hours on my game!
  2. Push the 1000 parts stability to its limits, make the biggest most self sufficient ship that i can
  3. I think it would take out a lot of fun from the game, sure its realistic, but realism doesnt means its fun. I mean, that's why I Play KSP in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Although at first it seems like a very useless gimmick, i think in multiplayer it would be very nice! Also, seeing your giant base through the eyes of Jeb might be really impressive!
  5. Finally loading your modded game without it crashing for no actual good reason
  6. I think they are looking into it, maybe not in release, or maybe it will be in release. Sorry, my guesses are practically as good as yours
  7. Those are the most memes I've ever saw about KSP in years!
  8. I remember the devs saying that engines like the mammoth wont be there, because they reworked engine plates i think.
  9. Nah they are peacefull Unless you ask if Eeloo is a planet or not
  10. I think floating colonies might be nescessary for gathering resources in gas giants like Jool. Floating colonies and underwater colonies seem very possible even if they dont have especific parts for them. Only underground that seems out of scope for now.
  11. Omg, we found weak kerbals!
  12. I think it was 2017, i remember Making History was launched when i started playing
  13. Most of the time expendable BIG rockets (so big i tend to make new """"engines"""" using fairings), for me, it's go big or go home!
  14. wait, aren't the big pods able of controlling a probe? Like the Mark 1-3? (i think that's what's called, can't remember)
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