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  1. That kinda looks like the small Orion fuel tank from Artemis Construction Kit with a Restock engine plate with BDB's Saturn parachutes added to it. I could be wrong, but im almost certain about it Edit: There also seems to be a Restock heatshield and a decoupler attached to it, probably for recovery
  2. @GoldForestI would like to chose the JEM remote manipulator system (JEMRMS) for the Kibo module. Thank you for letting me chose!
  3. Damn, they sure won't get to space with a glorified bottle rocket lol The only really pratical way they could actually use steam as propellant would be through some sorts of nuclear thermal engine (and i don't think they are getting fissile uranium in any way)
  4. They have a supposed mythilogy (Moho in it is basically hell). And have a weird case of frequent death by shock (See Rockomax Hub par description). They don't seem to care enough to go out on full on war, but seem to care about being outsmarted (See Mk3 Cargobays description) and whenever Eeloo is a planet or not (enough to start big fights about it) Gosh, i hope we get more of this bizarre, funky and extremely funny society they live in.
  5. Isn't "clean orbit" used to mean that "said object's mass is over 50% or so larger than anything else that crosses or follows said orbit?" If that's the case, then yes, Earth if placed in Pluto's orbit will be a dwarf planet (thanks to Neptune). But if Pluto was placed in Earth's orbit (without the Moon in it, of course), then it could probably be a planet. I dunno about you, but that seems about right to me. So, no, Pluto isn't a planet, but it is a dwarf planet. I don't see why it should be anything else.
  6. can't wait to beat the "first supersonic boat " record! (spoiler: I wont)
  7. Factorio's mod manager handles mods pretty well in my experience, with lots of configurability and even huge ammounts of mods end up being very stable (well... comparable to KSP1 at least) So i would love something like that! Something that doesn't depend on Steam and only on the game itself and the mod base.
  8. All mods by Nertea, like the Near Future suite follows the same style Bluedog Design Bureau is a great part mod that adds some historical american rockets Any mod by Beale (example being Tantares) is pretty close Any mod by EStreetRockets (example being Rocket Motor Menagerie) is also very very good Any mod by Benjee10 (example being Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit) is (again) very very good Those are the ones that i remember (there are many!)
  9. Granted! It is the Sun! And it rapidly suffered a massive fission reaction, killing everyone! I with i could bring some stories to life.
  10. Basically, waterfall doesn't use particles at all, it uses a mesh of textures ,i believe, that keeps "flowing" to simulate the rocket exaust. If you take a look at the images of the waterfall album you might notice that there's almost none to none particles in the exaust at all.
  11. and then in the last seconds, the narrator counts down sounds like the Saturn V launches and the rocket finally lifts off the pad!
  12. So... Kerbals are robots... Interesting....
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