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  1. Hello there! Those are some nice bikes! And quite usefull too i'd say, I might try taking one to Minmus!
  2. You should download the mod "Heat Control", it adds many usefull radiators, wich System Heat is balanced around
  3. The same way i play KSP, by adding as many mods that i can add before the game crashes, and then see what i can do with it!
  4. Rango Armadillo plane ins't real, it cant hur-
  5. I'd say that the "Twitch" and the "Spider" are the ones with the lowest ISP in Vaccum. In Atmo, if we remove the "Special Engines" ("NERV" and "Dawn"), the i'd say it's either the "Terrier" or the "Poodle"
  6. I never installed it, so i dont really know, sorry!
  7. You have to install a config for them to gimbal in a traditional way, normaly they are configured so they act like deployable lift surfaces.
  8. Maybe choose a shallower path through the atmosphere, or use modified Flags as Heat Shields!
  9. It's more of a "Copy" button, then you select an area you want to recolor and press "Load Color", like in a "Paste" button, if doing this doesn't work, then i don't know how to help
  10. Sorry if this has been already asked, but is it normal for RR TankSwitchForSquad to disable Cryo Tanks Liquid Hydrogen boilof? If so, is there a way to prevent this?
  11. Although not supported, textures that haven't been touched by the 1.12 update (most fuel tanks, wings, engines or structural pieces) should work fine.
  12. You might be getting somewhere... Kraken Science could be a real term!
  13. Today i realized a random thought i had while playing my modded KSP install: Could i modify something in CryoTanks so all tanks can store MonoPropellant? And so i went through a not really epic journey, learning how CryoTanks work (and breaking it sometimes...) until i finally figured out! After everything was working, i decided to test a launch vehicle with a MonoProp only upper stage! And so, the MainLiner Mk1 (yes, very creative name) launches! Obligatory Waterfall advertisement: Boosters out, rotated 90 deegres and accelerating the upper stage as much as i can! Upper Stage separation is a success! Completing the Orbit... and done! Fully fueled, the upper stage has about 7000m/s of DeltaV! And since it uses MonoPropellant, you can easily add RCS into it (although we have LFO+OX RCS, i dont really like them...). All other tanks (0.625, 1.25, 2.5 and so on) can be fueled with MonoProp too, they also hold more than the standart RCS tank, making them overpowered in comparisson with the standart ones, but i dont really mind, since i never liked the game balance on those. I hope this post has been interesting for you! Thank you so much for reading!
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