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  1. Redjoker is 100% correct. If you program your Teensy to act like a standard joystick with the fader as a throttle, KSP will have no problem with it. This plugin is unnecessary if all you want it a new input device, but if you want to get clever with your controls, like using toggle switches or even getting data from KSP and presenting it on a display built into the controller, then the hardware plugin is perfect. Please update us on your progress. There are a lot of us working on dedicated control devices.
  2. Keep at it, Rich. I'd hate to see such a great plugin die because of an update, especially since I pan to use it with some custom hardware.
  3. Right now, when you place your mouse over your craft's path, it just shows you a little dot where you can make a maneuver node. It would be helpful if it also showed you a little more information, such as your projected altitude and speed at that point. In addition, if you have a target selected it could show your target's position on its own path, so if you are pointing to one hour ahead, it would show where your target will be in one hour.
  4. Seems simple enough, but I don't know if maneuver nodes really calculate for efficiency. It would tell you how to burn to keep your apoapsis below a certain altitude though.
  5. Say I have a rocket with poor acceleration. It has staged its primary lifting stage and is in a sub-orbital trajectory with an 85km apoapsis. My intent is to keep the apoapsis at 85km. Is it more efficient to start my circularization burn as soon as I reach 70km and steer below the horizon to keep my apoapsis from rising, or burn later and risk passing the apoapsis during circularization, possibly requiring me to steer higher? Obviously a circularization stage with a higher acceleration is ideal, but in this case, I'm just wondering what the most efficient option would be.
  6. I hadn't noticed, but I guess I should go back and take another look. That would be nice, for sure.
  7. This is just really .... looking. I hope you continue to develop and refine it.
  8. Yeah, I scored an 80, so, not sure how to answer the poll.
  9. It was specifically stated that experience players are less likely to experience the secret feature, not more likely.
  10. I'm still hanging on to the hope that we get a moon like Titan. Man, that would be fun to explore.
  11. I need to get home so I can gve this a shot. This is my kind of challenge.
  12. Yup, happened on Minmus very recently. Kerbal fell to the ground (lightly) and I got a black screen instantly. My altimeter read all zeroes though. Map screen was blank too. I had to Alt-F4.